Jubilate Deo, a Book of Hymns and Tunes for Young and Old

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d301The morning hangs its signal
d302The night is the mother of the day
d303The rose is for a day the lily fades away
d304The rose is queen among the flowers
d305The shadows of the evening hours
d306The soldier keeps his wakeful watch
d307The spacious firmament on high
d308The uplifted eye and bended knee
d309The voice of old by Jordan's flood
d310The world may change from old to new
d311There are lonely hearts to cherish
d312There are those, who, bending supple knees
d313There lives a voice within me
d314There's a strife we all must wage
d315There's a wideness in God's mercy
d316There's nothing bright above, below
d317These things shall be, a loftier race
d318They who seek the throne of grace
d319Think gently of the erring one
d320Thirsting for a living spring
d321Thou art [Thou'rt] with me, O my Father
d322Thou grace divine, encircling all
d323Thou hidden love of God, whose height
d324Thou, long disowned, reviled, oppressed
d325Thou Lord of hosts, whose guiding hand
d326Thou whose almighty word Chaos and darkness heard
d327Thou whose benignant eye In mercy looks on all
d328Through the changing seasons of the changing year
d329Through the love of God [Christ] [Jesus] our Father [Savior]
d330Thy kingdom come, on bended knee
d331To thee I have devoted my heart, my thought, my hand
d332To thee, O God, we offer our joyful songs
d333Walk in the light, so shalt thou [and you shall] know
d334We are building every day, in a good or evil way
d335We are thy people, we thy care, Our souls and all our
d336We limit not the truth of God
d337We plough [plow] the fields and scatter
d338We pray no more, made lowly wise
d339We the weak ones, we the sinners
d340We were made for better things
d341We wonder and adore God's workings to explore
d342Weary of all this wordy strife
d343Welcome, welcome is the greeting
d344Were men to one another
d345What is this that stirs within
d346What shall I frame my life to gain
d347What thou wilt, O Father, give
d348When across the inward thought
d349When all thy [your] mercies, O my [our] God [gracious Lord]
d350When courage fails, and faith burns low
d351When for me [us] the silent oar
d352When morning gilds the skies
d353When my Love to Christ [God] grows weak
d354When the world around us throws
d355When thy heart [with joy] o'erflowing Sings a thankful prayer
d356Where is your God they say
d357Where men on mounts of vision
d358While thee I [we] seek, protecting power
d359Who drives the horses of the sun
d360Why come not spirits from the realms of glory
d361With the sweet word of peace
d362Without haste, [and] without rest
d363Workman [workmen] of God O lose not heart
d364Yes, for me, for me He careth

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