Light in the Valley: a new work of great merit for the Sunday school, revivals, Christian Endeavor, Epworth League, young people's society, and all forward movement along the line of battle...

Editor: George C. Hugg
Publisher: George C. Hugg, Philadelphia, 1898
Language: English
Notes: These hymns are numbered by the page numbers.
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111Savior, give, O give me restPage Scan
112There is a life of bliss divine That all may taste and all may findPage Scan
113Though when walking down life's valleyPage Scan
114When I awake in that [the] sweet morn of mornsPage Scan
115My Savior, I would sing his praisePage Scan
116From day to day, along your wayPage Scan
117Lord, give me [us] light to do Thy workPage Scan
118I stood face to face with a sorrowPage Scan
119Savior, I come to Thee, on Thee I callPage Scan
120There is a land so dear to mePage Scan
121In the midst of temptation In the thick of the fightPage Scan
122Once deep conviction the Lord on me did rollPage Scan
123Trusting in my Savior every dayPage Scan
124The testing time is very nearPage Scan
125I was once lost in sin and impure withinPage Scan
126Upon the cross our Savior died, on Calvary's browPage Scan
127The great Physicians came to mePage Scan
128A hand all bruised and bleedingPage Scan
129Once upon the tide I driftedPage Scan
130Weary and laden with sinPage Scan
131Go with Christ's own loving spiritPage Scan
132Lord, hear us today, O turn not awayPage Scan
133Awake, my tongue, thy tribute bringPage Scan
134Onward, Christian army, 'tis the Lord's commandPage Scan
135Each time I read the BiblePage Scan
136When Isr'l's hosts were marching across the burning sandPage Scan
137Golden moments now are passingPage Scan
138A royal guest stands at the doorPage Scan
139Are you dwelling in the valleyPage Scan
140Callest thou thus, O MasterPage Scan
141I want to be faithful to JesusPage Scan
142Do you know that Christ is listening?Page Scan
143Ere mountains reared their forms sublimePage Scan
144O to be there, where the songs of gloryPage Scan
145There's a blessing for me, when my Savior I seePage Scan
146At the bar of God you will have to standPage Scan
147All hail the power of Jesus' name, Let angels prostrate fallPage Scan
148I will follow thee, my Savior, Though the daysPage Scan
149When this poor heart is burdened with griefPage Scan
150There is work to do for JesusPage Scan
152In the shadow of thy wings O dear RedeemerPage Scan
153When clouds, dark as midnight, hang over my headPage Scan
154Dost thou know at thy bolted heart's door tonightPage Scan
155When the tempter's coils are round theePage Scan
156Scattering precious seed by the waysidePage Scan
157Sing to the Lord Jehovah's namePage Scan
158There's a land, we are toldPage Scan
159How honored is the placePage Scan
160There's a train that runs from the earth to the skyPage Scan
161As when the [a] weary traveler gainsPage Scan
162Trust in the loving JesusPage Scan
163When the shades of evening gather and the sun hasPage Scan
164Since I made the Lord my choicePage Scan
165Sovereign mercy a sinner may claimPage Scan
166Fear not, to tread life's roadPage Scan
167When Christ, our Savior, was here on earthPage Scan
168I am coming home, dear SaviorPage Scan
169Out of the darkness of sorrow and painPage Scan
170Have you found the peace that passeth understandingPage Scan
171When all thy [your] mercies, O my [our] God [gracious Lord]Page Scan
172With uncovered head wea re standing todayPage Scan
173How great the power that hold us fastPage Scan
174O sinner, come list to this wonderful storyPage Scan
175Just as I am, without one pleaPage Scan
176We're marching forward brave and strongPage Scan
177Choose my path, O blessed SaviorPage Scan
178How sweet that Bible storyPage Scan
179My spirit on Thy care, blest Savior, I reclinePage Scan
180Like a silver boat the moon glides freePage Scan
181Jesus, Savior, pilot mePage Scan
182Give us, Lord, thy Holy SpiritPage Scan
183Elijah once stood prayingPage Scan
184Today all o'er the world one seesPage Scan
185Father, whate'er of earthly blissPage Scan
186Come, blessed Savior, with Pentecostal powerPage Scan
187Do life's storms above thee rollPage Scan
188O the music sweet of heaven I hearPage Scan
189In the fullness of his mercyPage Scan
190Sinner, on life's stormy oceanPage Scan
191There's a wideness in God's mercyPage Scan
192Beyond the stars our loved ones waitPage Scan
193When I see life's golden sunsetPage Scan
194O those beautiful, beautiful handsPage Scan
195When upon life's rolling ocean fraught with danger is the tripPage Scan
196We hail thee, glorious summerPage Scan
197Savior, blessed Savior, listen while we singPage Scan
197bBrighter still and brighterPage Scan
198Caroling clear in the morning sunlightPage Scan
199Crown his head with endless blessingPage Scan
200Let us bring our offeringsPage Scan
201O Father, lead us gently by the handPage Scan
202Now let us sing the song againPage Scan
203Sweet bells, ring on your Christmas songPage Scan
204Sing, O sing the blessed storyPage Scan
206Hark, the herald angels sing, glory to the newborn KingPage Scan
208O lovely star in heaven so brightPage Scan
209Hark, the bells are ringing, Sweet and lowPage Scan
210The buds and flowers to life are wakingPage Scan
212Lowly entombed he layPage Scan
213Loudly, loudly, Easter bells are ringingPage Scan

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