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"From young and old, with every breath, Let prayer and praise arise, Life be "the daily offering,"--Death, "The evening sacrifice."

HYMN LXXV., p. 81.


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1Holy, Holy, Holy LordText
2In the beginning, God said BeText
3Praise the High, the Holy OneText
4The God of nature and of graceText
5Hail, all hail, the King of kingsText
6There is a God, all Nature criesText
7The glorious universe aroundText
8What is the thing of greatest priceText
9Thus saith the high and lofty OneText
10God, in the high and holy placeText
11God the Creator blessedText
12Heralds of creation! cryText
13One human pair, and only oneText
14The days of Paradise were fewText
15Thy glory, Lord, the heavens declareText
16To Adam thus Jehovah spakeText
17Bright and joyful is the mornText
18Spirit of power and might, beholdText
19In vain the preacher cried, RepentText
20A world of sinners once was drownedText
21When men once more were multipliedText
22Creator, Redeemer, and Spirit of TruthText
23Return, my soul, unto thy restText
24Behold the Book, whose leaves displayText
25Words of eternal life to meText
26What is the World?Text
27Thy law is perfect, Lord of lightText
28The Word of God, the Word of truthText
29To us the voice of Wisdom criesText
30O God, unseen, but not unknownText
31With men impossibleText
32A child of man, a child of GodText
33A child is born, the birth proclaimText
34The Name, the Name o'er every nameText
35Angels, the firstborn sons of lightText
36Let not the strong, the, rich, the wiseText
37To Thee in whom we live and moveText
38Come, ye that fear the LordText
39Where'er the Patriarch pitched his tentText
40The Lord is my ShepherdText
41The Lord is King: upon His throneText
42Searcher of hearts, to Thee are knownText
43The Christian warriorText
44Not by the brazen trumpet's voiceText
45Thank and praise Jehovah's nameText
46Lord, Thou hast been Thy people's restText
47O my soul! with all thy powersText
48Go where a foot hath never trodText
49He climbed the mountain; and beholdText
50When on Sinai's top I seeText
51People of the living GodText
52The scene arround me disappearsText
53Like Mary, when the angel cameText
54Green pastures and clear streamsText
55Thus far on life's perplexing pathText
56Spring up, O well, sweet fountain, springText
57Come to Calvary's holy mountainText
58The world in condemnation layText
59When war on earth suspendedText
60Go to dark GethsemaneText
61The morning dawns upon the placeText
62Prayer is the soul's sincere desireText
63Our heavenly Father, hear our prayerText
64What shall we ask of God in prayer?Text
65Lord, teach us how to pray arightText
66O God! Thou art my God aloneText
67Ask, and ye shall receiveText
68Thou, God, art a consuming fireText
69With wandering Jacob, let us sayText
70Almighty God, in humble prayerText
71High Priest for sinners, Jesus, LordText
72O for the wisdom from aboveText
73How shall a contrite spirit prayText
74Patient prayer has power with GodText
75Bow every knee at Jesus' nameText
76Why thus, my soul, cast down?Text
77Lord, let my prayer like incense riseText
78O! What a privilege to kneelText
79Come to the Morning PrayerText
80In the morning hear my voiceText
81While many cry in nature's nightText
82Out of the depths of woeText
83Jesus, our best-beloved friendText
84Power from on high, O God, impartText
85One prayer I have, all prayers in oneText
86Stand up, and bless the LordText
87All ye gentiles, praise the LordText
88Come and behold the works of GodText
89Come let us sing the song of songsText
90Songs of praise the angels sangText
91Give glory to the LordText
92All Thy works, with one accordText
93O God, we praise Thee, and we ownText
94Hark, the song of JubileeText
95This is the day the Lord hath madeText
96As the hart, with eager looksText
97How shall we come before the Lord?Text
98Assembled in Thy house of prayerText
99Command thy blessing from aboveText
100Glad was my heart to hearText

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