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"From young and old, with every breath, Let prayer and praise arise, Life be "the daily offering,"--Death, "The evening sacrifice."

HYMN LXXV., p. 81.


[no entity: &] 346 348 BROADWAY.

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101God in his temple let us meetText
102Again, on this rejoicing dayText
103Father of Jesus Christ our LordText
104With reverence and with godly fearText
105How amiable, how fairText
106All hearts are open to Thy viewText
107God is in His holy templeText
108Here young and old, here great and smallText
109Not to the Mount that burn'd with fireText
110The peace of God surpassing thoughtText
111Son of the living God, displayText
112While these commands endureText
113My House shall be an House of PrayerText
114Come to the throne of GraceText
115To Thy Temple I repairText
116Joyful in Thy House of PrayerText
117All hearts to Thee are open hereText
118Another day, a day of graceText
119Come, let us go to heavenText
120Millions within Thy courts have metText
121One thing, with all my soul's desireText
122To me to live, let it be ChristText
123I love the Lord; He lent an earText
124We know the condescending graceText
125He saved others, scorners criedText
126And did the Son of God appearText
127Come see the place where Jesus layText
128Morning of the Sabbath dayText
129According to thy gracious wordText
130Communion of my Saviour's bloodText
131On the first Christian Sabbath eveText
132Let me go, the day is breakingText
133Lift up your heads, ye gates! and wideText
134Praise the Lord through every nationText
135Once more to Bethany,Text
136Lord God, the Holy GhostText
137Could I command with voice or penText
138Of him the sacred record saithText
139Thus saith the Lord, My Church, to theeText
140Our Heavenly Father! hearText
141Praise ye the Lord, from pole to poleText
142Lord of all power and mightText
143The lighthouse founded on a rockText
144The one thing needful be our choiceText
145Call Jehovah thy salvationText
146Father of lights from whom aloneText
147A race on earth, a race we runText
148My Son, give me thine heartText
149When those who feared the Lord of oldText
150Come in, thou blessed of the LordText
151Head of Thy Church, her glorious HeadText
152Union of faith, and hope, and loveText
153Come on, companions of our wayText
154Free, though in chains, the mountains standText
155The grace of Jesus Christ our LordText
156Work while it is to-dayText
157Palms of glory, raiment brightText
158Fight the good fight; lay holdText
159Lord! give us ears to hearText
160What is our life?Text
161To-day the Lord Our Shepherd leadsText
162Our Saviour's words are Watch and Pray:Text
163The Lord will grace and glory giveText
164Faith, Hope, and CharityText
165Father! reveal Thy Son in meText
166Dust and ashes, sin and guiltText
167Humbly, my God, with Thee I walkText
168Upon Thine altar, Lord, I layText
169Thine eye, Lord God, alone can seeText
170Lord, when we search the human heartText
171I left the God of truth and lightText
172God! be merciful to meText
173Mercy alone can meet my caseText
174The mountains shall departText
175I will love the Lord; for HeText
176Hear me, O Lord! in my distressText
177O that I knew where I might findText
178Lift Up thine eyes, afflicted soulText
179Father! Thy will, not mine, be doneText
180Body and soul to Thee I giveText
181In spirit when I took my flightText
182I cannot call affliction sweetText
183Thousands, O Lord of Hosts! this dayText
184Him wilt Thou keep in perfect peaceText
185In time of tribulationText
186Father of eternal graceText
187Lord, for ever at Thy sideText
188Sweet is Thy mercy, O my GodText
189God is my strong salvationText
190Yea, I will extol TheeText
191Lovest thou Me? I hear my Saviour sayText
192I take the journey of a dayText
193In the hour of trialText
194Blessed be Thy nameText
195He that overcomes through meText
196Hid in the rock-cleft, let me standText
197Though the fig-tree's blossom failText
198The wind that brake the rocks, and rentText
199How beautiful the sightText
200Sing we the song of those who standText

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