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"From young and old, with every breath, Let prayer and praise arise, Life be "the daily offering,"--Death, "The evening sacrifice."

HYMN LXXV., p. 81.


[no entity: &] 346 348 BROADWAY.

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201Sing a new song unto the LordText
202Now in holy convocationText
203Moments and minutes, hours and daysText
204Less than the least of allText
205The tender mercies of our LordText
206Food, raiment, dwelling, health and friendsText
207Be known to us in breaking breadText
208What secret hand, at morning-lightText
209The blessing of a night's reposeText
210My God, beneath Thy watching eyeText
211Full speed along the world's highwayText
212In a land of strange delightText
213Thee, in the watches of the nightText
214O where shall rest be foundText
215Few, few and evil are thy daysText
216A hundred years ago, not oneText
217A child, a youth, a manText
218Nothing into this world we broughtText
219On our span-long pilgrimageText
220Lord, I have put my trust in TheeText
221The end of all things is at handText
222To-day is added to our timeText
223Time grows not old with length of yearsText
224At every motion of our breathText
225Weep no more, Zion, dry thy streaming tearsText
226Where are the dead?Text
227Heaven is a place of rest from sinText
228While through this changing world we roamText
229There is a river pure and brightText
230Though I walk the downward shadeText
231Mercy and goodness, O my GodText
232The sting of death is sinText
233How many generations deadText
234For ever with the LordText
235When the overwhelming watersText
236The days and years of time are fledText
237What are these in bright arrayText
238Eternity! EternityText
239Angels from the realms of gloryText
240Children of Zion, know your KingText
241Daughter of Zion, from the dustText
242Strangers, whence came ye to the WestText
243To me, though neither voice nor soundText
244Now weigh the anchor, hoist the sailText
245Peace, that passeth understandingText
246Is this the day that gave me birth?Text
247Brother and friend, with heart and voiceText
248O Thou, in whom we live and moveText
249The sun clear-shining after showersText
250Sleep, weary world, and take thy restText
251Once more, to pay our annual vowsText
252One song of praise, one voice of prayerText
253Send out Thy light and truth, O GodText
254Home, kindred, friends, and country, theseText
255Sow in the morn thy seedText
256The heathen perishText
257O Spirit of the living GodText
258A grain of corn an infant's handText
259In a garden, man was placedText
260Let there be light: thus spake the WordText
261Arise and shine, your light is comeText
262Our Master, Jesus, reign'd aboveText
263Fair shines the morning starText
264Oh! Valiant-for-the-TruthText
265Lift up your heads, ye gates of brassText
266Fall down ye nations, and adoreText
267Hail to the Lord's AnointedText
268Will e'er that sabbath-morning riseText
269O be joyful, every nationText
270The King of Glory we proclaimText
271Thine arm, O Lord, of oldText
272The God of your forefathers praiseText
273All hail! our Church's Elder dearText
274The sunbeams, infinitely smallText
275Proclaim the year of JubileeText
276To God most awful and most highText
277Flowers grow in sweet societiesText
278We lift our eyes, our hands, to TheeText
279The God of harvest praiseText
280Is summer ended, harvest pastText
281O take away this evil heartText
282Lift up your eyes, look roundText
283As from the winter skyText
284A year, another year is fledText
285Our soul shall magnify the LordText
286When, like a stranger on our sphereText
287Father of light, and life, and loveText
288When Israel, press'd by Pharaoh, stoodText
289Let the land mourn through all its coastsText
290It is the Lord! Behold His handText
291Walking on the winged windText
292Sing Hallelujah; singText
293Heaven as a tent Thine hand displayedText
294The ground on which this day we standText
295Not in Jerusalem aloneText
296A sure and tried foundation stoneText
297Not here, as to the prophet's eyeText
298Father of glory, God of graceText
299Behold yon bright arrayText
300This stone to Thee in faith we layText

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