The New Canadian Hymnal: a collection of hymns and music for Sunday schools, young people's societies, prayer & praise meetings, family circles

Editor: J. M. Sherlock
Publisher: William Briggs, Toronto, Ont., 1916
Denomination: Methodist churches of Canada
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
397In the hour of trialPENITENCEPage Scan
398A few more years shall rollLEOMINSTERPage Scan
399Safe in the arms of Jesus[Safe in the arms of Jesus]Page Scan
400God of my life, thro' all my daysEUCHARISTPage Scan
401Glory to God on high!MOSCOWPage Scan
402Shepherd Divine, our wants relieveCOMFORTPage Scan
403aI think - when I read that sweet story of oldDAVENANTPage Scan
403bI think - when I read that sweet story of oldSALAMISPage Scan
404Hear the pennies droppingCADMANPage Scan
405Jesus bids us shine with a pure, clear light[Jesus bids us shine with a pure, clear light]Page Scan
406Jesus wants me for a sunbeamSUNBEAMPage Scan
407The little flowers came from the groundSNOWDROPSPage Scan
408God will take care of you[God will take care of you]Page Scan
409God has said, "Forever blessed"VESPER HYMNPage Scan
410When mothers of Salem their children brought to JesusSALEMPage Scan
411News for little children!MIDLANEPage Scan
412There's a friend for little childrenIN MEMORIAMPage Scan
413Listen to the voice of JesusWALTHAM STREETPage Scan
414[Father, make us loving]Page Scan
415A little seed lay fast asleepNESTLETONPage Scan
416By cool Siloam's shady rillSILOAMPage Scan
417Children, loud hosannas singingREGENT SQUAREPage Scan
419All things beautiful and fairNUREMBERGPage Scan
420Children of JerusalemINFANT PRAISESPage Scan
421Let us all give thanks and prayCHIMESPage Scan
422Little children, wake and listenNEWTON FERNSPage Scan
423Away in a manger, no crib for a bed[Away in a manger, no crib for a bed]Page Scan
424Jesus, from thy throne on highLEBBAEUSPage Scan
425Little drops of waterRHODESPage Scan
426God sees the little sparrow fallPROVIDENCEPage Scan
427Can a little child like meTHANKSGIVINGPage Scan
428God sends the tiny snowflakesSNOWFLAKESPage Scan
429I am so glad that our Father in heaven[I am so glad that our Father in heaven]Page Scan
431Shepherd of tender youthOLIVETPage Scan
432When he cometh, when he cometh[When he cometh, when he cometh]Page Scan
433Great God, and wilt thou condescendMORNING HYMNPage Scan
434aGentle Jesus, meek and mildSIMPLICITYPage Scan
434bGentle Jesus, meek and mildA CHILD'S PRAYERPage Scan
435O come in childhood's sunny hour and seek today thy Saviour's faceIN EARLY YOUTHPage Scan
436Search me, O God, and know my heartTEACH ME THY WILLPage Scan
437A little kingdom I possessALCOTTPage Scan
438Saviour, like a Shepherd lead us[Saviour, like a Shepherd lead us]Page Scan
439Saviour, while my heart is tenderCORNELLPage Scan
440Life is opening out before youCOURAGEPage Scan
441Remember thy Creator[Remember thy Creator]Page Scan
442Oh, happy is the child who hearsST. PETERPage Scan
443When, his salvation bringingMISSIONARY HYMNPage Scan
444The wise may bring their learningELLONPage Scan
445See Israel's gentle Shepherd standSALVATIONPage Scan
446Jesus loves me, this I knowBRADBURYPage Scan
447Jesus loves the little childrenBEAMSLEYPage Scan
448Glory to the Father giveFATHER, BLESSPage Scan
449I am Jesu's little friendTROMSOPage Scan
450Father, bless our school to-day[Father, bless our school to-day]Page Scan
451I love to hear the story[I love to hear the story]Page Scan
452Gracious Saviour, gentle ShepherdDIJONPage Scan
453Jesus feels so sorryG, DOUBLE O, D - GOODPage Scan
454Happy the child whose youngest yearsAZMONPage Scan
455Father, we thank thee for the nightONSLOWPage Scan
456Gentle, holy JesusRHODESPage Scan
457CHANTPage Scan
458Father, hear us as we prayST. MARYTextPage Scan
459Once a little babyMERRIALPage Scan
460Now the daylight goes awayVESPERSPage Scan
461Birds are singing, woods are ringing[Birds are singing, woods are ringing]Page Scan
462GOOD-BYEPage Scan

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