The New Hosanna: A book of Songs and Hymns for The Sunday-school and The Home

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101Father, lead me day by day[Father, lead me day by day]Page Scan
102Take my life, and let it be[Take my life, and let it be]Page Scan
103Gentle Jesus, meek and mild[Gentle Jesus, meek and mild]Page Scan
104While the twilight radiance lingers[While the twilight radiance lingers]Page Scan
105O Paradise! O Paradise![O Paradise! O Paradise!]Page Scan
106Saviour, who Thy flock art feeding[Saviour, who Thy flock art feeding]Page Scan
107Summer suns are glowing[Summer suns are glowing]Page Scan
108Hushed was the evening hymn[Hushed was the evening hymn]Page Scan
109He grew in stature as a flower growing[He grew in stature as a flower growing]Page Scan
110O true and tender vine[O true and tender vine]Page Scan
111Upward where the stars are burning[Upward where the stars are burning]Page Scan
112God of mercy, God of grace[God of mercy, God of grace]Page Scan
113Thine forever! God of love[Thine forever! God of love]Page Scan
114Hail to the Lord anointed[Hail to the Lord anointed]Page Scan
115Now to heav'n our pray'r ascending[Now to heav'n our pray'r ascending]Page Scan
116O mother dear, Jerusalem![O mother dear, Jerusalem!]Page Scan
117O Jesus, Lord and Saviour[O Jesus, Lord and Saviour]Page Scan
118Trust the Eternal when the shadows gather[Trust the Eternal when the shadows gather]Page Scan
119Yes, God is good: in earth and sky[Yes, God is good: in earth and sky]Page Scan
120Dear Saviour, stretch Thy loving arms[Dear Saviour, stretch Thy loving arms]Page Scan
121Let the children sing of Jesus[Let the children sing of Jesus]Page Scan
122This is the day of light[This is the day of light]Page Scan
123Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear me[Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear me]Page Scan
124When His salvation bringing[When His salvation bringing]Page Scan
125Now rest, ye pilgrim host[Now rest, ye pilgrim host]Page Scan
126O bread to the pilgrims given[O bread to the pilgrims given]Page Scan
127Who trusts in God, a strong abode[Who trusts in God, a strong abode]Page Scan
128Forward! be our watchword[Forward! be our watchword]Page Scan
129Roll out, O song to God![Roll out, O song to God!]Page Scan
130The God of heav'n is pleased to see[The God of heav'n is pleased to see]Page Scan
131Blessed Jesus, ere we part[Blessed Jesus, ere we part]Page Scan
132Come, pure hearts, in sweetest measures[Come, pure hearts, in sweetest measures]Page Scan
133Come, my soul, thy suit prepare[Come, my soul, thy suit prepare]Page Scan
134Father, to us Thy children humbly kneeling[Father, to us Thy children humbly kneeling]Page Scan
135To Jesus Christ our Lord[To Jesus Christ our Lord]Page Scan
136Saviour, source of ev'ry blessing[Saviour, source of ev'ry blessing]Page Scan
137All things so bright and beautiful[All things so bright and beautiful]Page Scan
138The alder by the river[The alder by the river]Page Scan
139Summer days once more are coming[Summer days once more are coming]Page Scan
140All things beautiful and fair[All things beautiful and fair]Page Scan
141See the lilies, how they grow[See the lilies, how they grow]Page Scan
142How dearly God must love us[How dearly God must love us]Page Scan
143To God we lift our joyful songs[To God we lift our joyful songs]Page Scan
144From the holy heaven, where the angels dwell[From the holy heaven, where the angels dwell]Page Scan
145From the bright blue heavens, with the angels mild[From the bright blue heavens, with the angels mild]Page Scan
146When the little children sleep[When the little children sleep]Page Scan
147Jesus, Thy great pow'r we know[Jesus, Thy great pow'r we know]Page Scan
148See the shining dewdrops[See the shining dewdrops]Page Scan
149Make me, Lord, obedient, mild[Make me, Lord, obedient, mild]Page Scan
150Saviour, teach me, day by day[Saviour, teach me, day by day]Page Scan
151God is always near me[God is always near me]Page Scan

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