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This database of scripture songs serves as an index of worship songs by scripture reference. More than 280 sources of scripture songs are indexed, most of them modern hymnals and songbooks—over 3000 hymns and scripture songs in all.

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1630[I Have Kept the Faith]
1632[I Hear Angels]
1633[I Hear Creation Groaning]
1639[I hunger and I thirst]
1643[I Know What Faith Is Yours]
1646[I Lift My Eyes to See]
1648[I Lift My Eyes Up to the Hills]
1649[I Lift Up My Eyes]
1650[I Lift Up My Eyes to You]
1651[I Lift Up My Eyes to You]
1652[I Look Not Back]
1654[I Love My Great Lord]
1655[I Love the Lord, For He Has Heart My Plea]
1658[I Love You, O Lord, You Alone]
1659[I Met a Man Who Had Two Coats]
1660[I Met the Good Shepherd]
1662[I Never Asked for Sight]
1663[I Never Looked For Jesus]
1665[I Pray that the Eyes of Your Heart]
1667[I Remember Jesus' House]
1668[I Rest Beneath God's Sheltering Wings]
1670[I Saw the Poor Ones Bring Their Child]
1671[I See a New Heaven]
1672[I See the Lord]
1677[I Thank You, Father]
1678[I Thank You, Lord, With All My Heart]
1679[I To the Hills Lift Up My Eyes]
1680[I Trust the Lord for Safety]
1682[I Want to Be Ready]
1684[I was glad]
1685[I Was Glad]
1686[I was glad when they said to me]
1687[I Went, Lord, to the Temple]
1689[I Will Arise]
1690[I Will Bless the Lord]
1691[I will bless the Lord]
1692[I Will Bless the Lord At All Times]
1693[I will bless the Lord at all times]
1694[I will bless your name forever]
1696[I Will Build My Church]
1699[I Will Exalt You, God, My King]
1701[I will praise your name forever]
1704[I Will Sing]
1705[I Will Sing]
1706[I Will Sing]
1707[I Will Sing of My Redeemer]
1709[I Will Sing Unto the Lord]
1710[I Will Sing, I Will Sing]
1712[I'd Give You Water if I Could]
1714[I'll Sing a New Hymn To My God]
1715[I'm Glad I'm One of Them]
1720[I've Eaten Honey from the Comb]
1721[I've Got the Joy]
1723[If Anyone Is in Christ]
1729[If Christ Is Charged with Madness]
1730[If God Does Not Build Up Our House]
1731[If God Has Chosen A Nation]
1733[If God Is for Us]
1734[If God Is for Us]
1735[If God Is for Us]
1736[If I Can Speak]
1738[If I Spoke Every Tongue]
1739[If I Take the Wings of the Morning]
1740[If My People's Hearts Are Humbled]
1742[If today you hear his voice]
1743[If today you hear his voice]
1745[If We Are Raised to Life in Christ]
1747[If We Confess Our Sins]
1749[If We Love One Another]
1751[If You Are Encouraged]
1753[If You Bring Your Gift]
1762[In All Things God Works for the Good]
1763[In Bethlehem a Newborn Boy]
1764[In Bethlehem a Newborn Boy]
1773[In Days of Old On Sinai]
1776[In deep distress]
1778[In Everything Give Thanks]
1779[In God the Father's Plan]
1780[In God's Own Time]
1781[In Him We Live]
1782[In His Presence]
1783[In Judgment, Lord, Arise]
1787[In Life or Death, Lord Jesus Christ ]
1788[In loving partnership]
1790[In Memory of Her]
1791[In My Distress I Sought the Lord]
1792[In My Hour of Grief Or Need]
1796[In Remembrance of Me]
1798[In that Land Which We Call Holy]
1799[In the Beginning]
1802[In the beginning: God]
1807[In the Dark of Easter Morning]
1808[In the Dark of Easter Morning]
1811[In the Day of Need]
1815[In the Lord My Heart Is Strong]
1818[In the Name of Christ Rejoicing]
1820[In the Same Night]
1822[In Token That Thou Shalt Not Fear]
1825[In You No Beauty]
1826[In You, O Lord, I Find My Refuge]

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