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1699[I Will Exalt You, God, My King]
1704[I Will Sing]
1705[I Will Sing]
1706[I Will Sing]
1707[I Will Sing of My Redeemer]
1709[I Will Sing Unto the Lord]
1710[I Will Sing, I Will Sing]
1712[I'd Give You Water if I Could]
1714[I'll Sing a New Hymn To My God]
1715[I'm Glad I'm One of Them]
1720[I've Eaten Honey from the Comb]
1723[If Anyone Is in Christ]
1729[If Christ Is Charged with Madness]
1730[If God Does Not Build Up Our House]
1731[If God Has Chosen A Nation]
1736[If I Can Speak]
1738[If I Spoke Every Tongue]
1739[If I Take the Wings of the Morning]
1740[If My People's Hearts Are Humbled]
1742[If today you hear his voice]
1743[If today you hear his voice]
1745[If We Are Raised to Life in Christ]
1747[If We Confess Our Sins]
1749[If We Love One Another]
1751[If You Are Encouraged]
1753[If You Bring Your Gift]
1762[In All Things God Works for the Good]
1763[In Bethlehem a Newborn Boy]
1764[In Bethlehem a Newborn Boy]
1773[In Days of Old On Sinai]
1776[In deep distress]
1778[In Everything Give Thanks]
1779[In God the Father's Plan]
1780[In God's Own Time]
1781[In Him We Live]
1782[In His Presence]
1787[In Life or Death, Lord Jesus Christ ]
1788[In loving partnership]
1790[In Memory of Her]
1791[In My Distress I Sought the Lord]
1792[In My Hour of Grief Or Need]
1796[In Remembrance of Me]
1798[In that Land Which We Call Holy]
1799[In the Beginning]
1802[In the beginning: God]
1807[In the Dark of Easter Morning]
1808[In the Dark of Easter Morning]
1811[In the Day of Need]
1815[In the Lord My Heart Is Strong]
1818[In the Name of Christ Rejoicing]
1820[In the Same Night]
1822[In Token That Thou Shalt Not Fear]
1825[In You No Beauty]
1826[In You, O Lord, I Find My Refuge]
1832[Into the Temple]
1834[Is This the World Where Giving Sight]
1838[Island Dwellers, Hear My Story]
1839[Israel's Shepherd, Hear Our Prayer]
1841[It Is Good]
1842[It Is Good]
1843[It Is Good to Give Thanks]
1845[It Is So Good to Give Thanks and Praises to the Lord]
1848[It Was a Time of Miracles]
1849[It Was No Empty Dreamer]
1851[It Was On Sunday Morning]
1852[Jairus' Daughter]
1854[Jehovah Is Our Shepherd Still]
1856[Jerusalem! How Glad I Was]
1861[Jesus A Child His Work Begun]
1862[Jesus a New Commandment Has Given]
1863[Jesus and the Fig Tree]
1876[Jesus Christ, Whose Passion Claims Us]
1877[Jesus Describes a Forceful Woman]
1878[Jesus Heard with Deep Compassion]
1887[Jesus of Nazareth Knew Who He Was]
1890[Jesus Sets Us Free]
1892[Jesus Shall Take the Highest Honor]
1893[Jesus the Liberator]
1898[Jesus Was Passing Through Jericho]
1899[Jesus Whose Glory, Name and Praise]
1904[Jesus, Alpha and Omega]
1906[Jesus, Child of Mary Born]
1909[Jesus, Fasting in the Wilderness]
1913[Jesus, Hope of Every Nation]
1914[Jesus, I Am Resting, Resting]
1915[Jesus, I Know You Came]
1930[Jesus, Most Generous Lord]
1939[Jesus, Redeemer, Mary's child]
1943[Jesus, Savior, Holy Child]
1957[Jesus, Visiting the Temple]
1958[Jesus, Walk With the Lion]
1962[Jesus, You are the Radiance]
1974[Jordan's Waters Part in Two]
1977[Joshua Generation]
1978[Journey Round the Edge of Promise]
1982[Judging Among Divine Pretenders]
1986[Justice is a Child of Mercy]
1987[Justified By Grace Through Faith]
1988[Justified Freely]
1993[Keep on Keepin' On]

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