Our Praise in Song: a collection of hymns and sacred melodies, adapted for use by Sunday schools, Endeavor societies, Epworth Leagues, evangelists, pastors, choristers, etc.

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103Sweetly now are angels singingPage Scan
104Oh, for a vision of Jesus!Page Scan
105Oh, 'tis sweet to live for JesusPage Scan
106When Christ, the Son of God, arosePage Scan
107When faints the heart beneath the heavy burdenPage Scan
108Do you seek the golden cityPage Scan
109'Tis thy own voice, in tender pity fallingPage Scan
110"If ye love me," saith the SaviourPage Scan
111I know 'tis the voice of my Saviour that whispersPage Scan
112In all my thoughts, in all my waysPage Scan
113Give thy life to Jesus, Tell him all thy carePage Scan
114The fold was warm, the Shepherd kindPage Scan
115Jesus, my hope, my refugePage Scan
116When our shattered bark is rockingPage Scan
117I cannot drift beyond thy lovePage Scan
118We come in his name, our Redeemer and LordPage Scan
119Trav'ler, turn, O turn thee backwardPage Scan
120I am walking with my Saviour, I am walking in his pathPage Scan
121Thou art my refuge, dear SaviourPage Scan
122Tho' dark the night and clouds look blackPage Scan
123Have you, my dear brother, been rescued from sin?Page Scan
124Long ago, at the eventidePage Scan
125Wash me, O Lamb of GodPage Scan
126Take me, Saviour, keep me near theePage Scan
127Rise, O my soul, to higher joys awakingPage Scan
128We know it is true that wealth comes to fewPage Scan
129When out from Egypt's bondagePage Scan
130At last, my King and SaviourPage Scan
131We live to serve the MasterPage Scan
132There is a light that shines for ayePage Scan
133By the cross we conquer and have victoryPage Scan
134They will come to us no morePage Scan
135Sing praise to God, our highest praisePage Scan
136Choose you this day, O careless heartPage Scan
137The Master commandeth his servantsPage Scan
138There's pow'r in the gospel, the same blessed gospelPage Scan
139Rouse, ye Christian workers, be ye up and doingPage Scan
140When the port of heaven opens to a world redeemed from sinPage Scan
141Salvation! O the joyful sound!Page Scan
142Tho' the pathway seemeth dark and dreary[Tho' the pathway seemeth dark and dreary]Page Scan
143I'm happy, I'm happy as a mortal can bePage Scan
144Ah, many years my burdened heartPage Scan
145My soul sings glory all the wayPage Scan
146I am walking today in the sweet Beulah landPage Scan
147Who will follow Jesus, Standing for the rightPage Scan
148O come, O come! for staunch and strongPage Scan
149Have you learned to sing the blessed songPage Scan
150God is my salvation, Wherefore should I fear?Page Scan
151Precious Saviour, keep me close to theePage Scan
152Still out of Christ, when so oft he has called youPage Scan
153There's a life on the heights, O ChristianPage Scan
154As Jacob, when weary sought rest by the wayPage Scan
155Go as an humble disciplePage Scan
156Oh, sigh not in sorrow for the joys that will not stayPage Scan
157Though numbered with the sin-defiledTextPage Scan
158There's no comfort in the pleasures of earthPage Scan
159Blessed refuge of the soulPage Scan
160I lift the floodgate of my soulPage Scan
161While saints and angels cry aloudPage Scan
162From that dear cross where Jesus diedPage Scan
163From my sin and danger Jesus savesPage Scan
164I glory in the cross of ChristPage Scan
165Sing with me in joyful measurePage Scan
166My heart has been sighing, O Jesus, for theePage Scan
167Come to Jesus, bring thy burdensPage Scan
168Thronging about him the people pressedPage Scan
169Use me, O my gracious SaviourPage Scan
170Out in the breakers are perishing soulsPage Scan
171Sweet land of rest, for thee I sigh!Page Scan
172Whence Jesus came I cannot tellPage Scan
173Alas! and did my Saviour bleed?Page Scan
174"In all thy ways acknowledge him"Page Scan
175Why not today? Why still delay?Page Scan
176O, the winds were hushed, and the night grew fairPage Scan
177Oh, what wilt thou do when the night cometh onPage Scan
178Onward, rejoicing, Marching in the lightPage Scan
179When you start for the land of heavenly restPage Scan
180When my warfare is accomplishedPage Scan
181I was a wayward, wand'ring childPage Scan
182Wonderful story of love: Tell it to me againPage Scan
183Blessed words of truth and beautyPage Scan
184Stop, sinner, stop, you have wandered astrayPage Scan
185Oft hast thou heard a voice that saidPage Scan
186Weary in spirit, whene'er I standPage Scan
187Like a shepherd, tender, truePage Scan
188My Saviour has purchased redemption for mePage Scan
189I once was blind, but now I seePage Scan
190Come while the Saviour invites youPage Scan
191Let us go and possess the landPage Scan
192Our Lamb is slain, the Paschal LambPage Scan
193There is a bond of union sweetPage Scan
194On Jordan's stormy banks I standPage Scan
195Living to save the lostPage Scan
196I love thee, I love thee, I love thee, my LordPage Scan
197Just as I am, without one pleaPage Scan
198O mourner in Zion, how blessed art thouPage Scan
199Oh, bless the Lord, my soulPage Scan
200My body, mind, and spirit, LordPage Scan
201In the Lord is our hopePage Scan
202Come to Jesus, wand'rer, comePage Scan

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