The Primitive Baptist Hymnal: a choice collection of hymns and tunes of early and late composition

Editor: M. J. Sears, T. B. Ausmus
Publisher: John T. Smith & Co., St. Louis, Mo., 1881
Denomination: Primitive Baptists
Language: English
Notes: The hymnal skips #495 and #496 and has an unnumbered hymn before #496 and at the end.
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1Before Jehovah's awful throneOLD HUNDREDPage Scan
2Lord, we are blind, we mortals blindOLD HUNDREDPage Scan
3Jehovah reigns his throne is highHEBRONPage Scan
4There is a God, all nature speaksPage Scan
5What is our God, or what his namePage Scan
6The spacious firmament on highCEPHASPage Scan
7O God, the Light of all that livePage Scan
8To God the Father, God the SonPage Scan
9Great God, how infinite art thouMEARPage Scan
10Our God, our help in ages pastPage Scan
11Let others boast how strong they beARLINGTONPage Scan
12While verdant hill and blooming valePage Scan
13God moves in a mysterious wayPage Scan
14Thy way, O God! is in the seaBALERMAPage Scan
15Keep silence, all created thingsPage Scan
16Not unto us, but thee alonePage Scan
17How precious is the book divineORTONVILLEPage Scan
18Ye little flock, whom Jesus feedsPage Scan
19Blest are the souls that hear and knowPage Scan
20O how I love thy holy lawPage Scan
21The heavens declare thy glory, LordLOUVANPage Scan
22I love the sacred book of GodPage Scan
23Behold a sinner, dearest LordPage Scan
24The law commands, and makes us knowWINCHESTERPage Scan
25Come dearest Lord, who reignst abovePage Scan
26Proclaim my gospel saith the LordPage Scan
27Say now, ye lovely social bandSOCIAL BANDPage Scan
28How oft have sin and Satan strovePage Scan
29In vain men talk of living faithPage Scan
30aJust as I am, without one pleaWOODWORTHPage Scan
30bJust as thou art, without one traceWOODWORTHPage Scan
31Sweet is the work, my God, my KingPage Scan
32Election is a truth divinePage Scan
33Sons we are, thro' God's electionI WILL ARISEPage Scan
34Christ and his cross is all our themeTAPPANPage Scan
35The Lord, descending from abovePage Scan
36Our God! how firm his promise standsPage Scan
37Let God the Father, and the SonPage Scan
38Not all the outward forms on earthNORTH FIELDPage Scan
39But few among the carnal wisePage Scan
40Sinners, this solemn truth regardPage Scan
41Jesus hath suffered once for sinSHERBURNEPage Scan
42Vain are the hopes the sons of menPage Scan
43Not the malicious or profanePage Scan
44To Father, Son, and Holy GhostPage Scan
45How long beneath the law I layPage Scan
46Christ is the way to heavenly blissTextPage Scan
47Beneath the sacred throne of GodPage Scan
48Awaked by Sinai's awful soundPage Scan
49This life's a dream, an empty showTRANSPORTPage Scan
50Who shall the Lord's elect condemnPage Scan
51So let our lips and lives expressPage Scan
52Grace! 'tis a charming soundKENTUCKYPage Scan
53Religion's form is vainPage Scan
54I am, saith Christ, the wayPage Scan
55Like sheep we went astrayBRIDGETOWNPage Scan
56Sweet joy with grief is mixedPage Scan
57When overwhelmed with griefPage Scan
58No more, my God, I boast no moreUXBRIDGEPage Scan
59Sinners, away from Sinai flyPage Scan
60When on the cross my Saviour diedPage Scan
61Jesus my Love, my chief delightPage Scan
62Show pity Lord, O Lord, forgiveDEVOTIONPage Scan
63Lord, what a heaven of saving gracePage Scan
64Praise God, from whom all blessings flowPage Scan
65There is a fountain filled with bloodCLEANSING FOUNTAINPage Scan
66Come, let us join our cheerful songsPage Scan
67Once more we come before our GodPage Scan
68Once more, my soul, the rising dayCONSOLATIONPage Scan
69Jesus, I love thy charming namePage Scan
70O that I knew the secret placePage Scan
71Behold what wondrous graceGOLDEN HILLPage Scan
72Did Christ o'er sinners weepPage Scan
73Awake, and sing the songPage Scan
74Dear Saviour we are thineBOYLSTONPage Scan
75Did Jesus weep for me?Page Scan
76Not all the blood of beastsPage Scan
77Sing to the Lord, ye heav'nly hostsDUNLAP CREEKPage Scan
78Behold the sure foundation stonePage Scan
79Awake, our souls, and bless his namePage Scan
80To Father, Son, and Holy GhostPage Scan
81Father, whate'er of earthly blissNAOMIPage Scan
82Hope of our hearts, O Lord, appearPage Scan
83When Jesus hung upon the treePage Scan
84Awake, my soul, to joyful laysLOVING-KINDNESSPage Scan
85Jesus, and shall it ever beFEDERAL STREETPage Scan
86'Tis finished, so the Saviour criedPage Scan
87He dies! the Friend of sinners dies!Page Scan
88My hope is built on nothing lessTHE SOLID ROCKPage Scan
89Thou hidden source of calm reposePage Scan
90Your harps, ye trembling saintsIDUMEAPage Scan
91Destruction's dangerous roadPage Scan
92Salvation, O the joyful soundTWENTY-FOURTHPage Scan
93Salvation! O melodious soundPage Scan
94Salvation, through our dying HeadPage Scan
95All hail the power of Jesus' nameCORONATIONPage Scan
96Jesus, I sing thy matchless gracePage Scan
97Oh! for a thousand tongues to singPage Scan
98Ye nations round the earth, rejoiceWELLSPage Scan
99Eternal Sovereign, Lord of allPage Scan

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