The Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs of the Old and New-Testament: faithfully translated into English metre: for the use, edification, and comfort of the saints...especially in New-England (25th ed)

Publisher: Daniel Henchman and Thomas Hancock, Boston, 1742
Language: English
Notes: Psalms (P) are numbered sequentially. Hymns in the supplement are numbered by page number. There are tunes (T) in the back of the hymnal.
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PIO blessed man that walks not inTextPage Scan
PIIWhy rage the heathen furiouslyTextPage Scan
PIIIO Lord, my foes how great are they?TextPage Scan
PIVGod of my justice, when I callTextPage Scan
PVaO Lord, give ear to what I sayTextPage Scan
PVbJehovah to my words give earTextPage Scan
PVIaLord, in thy wrath rebuke me notTextPage Scan
PVIbJehovah, O rebuke me notTextPage Scan
PVIIO Lord my God, I do reposeTextPage Scan
PVIIIO Lord our Lord, in all the earthTextPage Scan
PIXLord, I'll thee praise, with all my heartTextPage Scan
PXWhy stand'st thou Lord far off? why hid'stTextPage Scan
PXII in the Lord do put my trustTextPage Scan
PXIISave O Jehovah now becauseTextPage Scan
PXIIIJehovah, O how long wilt thouTextPage Scan
PXIVThe fool in's heart saith, there's no GodTextPage Scan
PXVO Lord, who's he within thy tentTextPage Scan
PXVIO Mighty God, preserve thou meTextPage Scan
PXVIIJehovah hearken to the rightTextPage Scan
PXVIIII'll dearly love thee, Lord, my strengthTextPage Scan
PXIXDeclare abroad the heavens doTextPage Scan
PXXI' th' day of sore afflictionTextPage Scan
PXXIJehovah in thy strengthTextPage Scan
PXXIIMy God, my God, wherefore hast thouTextPage Scan
PXXIIIThe Lord to me a Shepherd isTextPage Scan
PXXIVThe earth Jehovah's isTextPage Scan
PXXVI lift my soul to thee, O LordTextPage Scan
PXXVIJudge me, O Lord, for walk I doTextPage Scan
PXXVIIThe Lord my light is, and my healthTextPage Scan
PXXVIIIJehovah unto thee I cryTextPage Scan
PXXIXO ye the sons of mighty onesTextPage Scan
PXXXLord, I will thee extol on highTextPage Scan
PXXXIIn thee, O Lord, I put my trustTextPage Scan
PXXXIIO blessed is the man to whomTextPage Scan
PXXXIIIYe just in God rejoiceTextPage Scan
PXXXIVI will the Lord in seasons allTextPage Scan
PXXXVPlead Lord with them that with me pleadTextPage Scan
PXXXVIThe trespass of the wicked oneTextPage Scan
PXXXVIIFret not thy self because of themTextPage Scan
PXXXVIIIIn wrath, Lord do not me chastiseTextPage Scan
PXXXIXI said I will look to my waysTextPage Scan
PXLWith expectation for the LordTextPage Scan
PXLIO bless'd is he that wisely dothTextPage Scan
PXLIILike as the panting hart doth brayTextPage Scan
PXLIIIJudge me, O God, and plead my causeTextPage Scan
PXLIVWe with our ears have heard, O GodTextPage Scan
PXLVMy heart good matter boileth forthTextPage Scan
PXLVIGod is our refuge, strength, and shieldTextPage Scan
PXLVIIClap hands all people, shout for joyTextPage Scan
PXLVIIIGreat is Jehovah, greatly he TextPage Scan
PXLIXHear this all people, and give earTextPage Scan
PLThe mighty God, Jehovah spakeTextPage Scan
PLIaO God, have mercy upon meTextPage Scan
PLIbHave mercy upon me, O GodTextPage Scan
PLIIO man of might, wherefore dost thouTextPage Scan
PLIIIThe fool in's heart saith, There's no GodTextPage Scan
PLIVSave thou me by thy name O GodTextPage Scan
PLVO God, do thou give earTextPage Scan
PLVIO God upon me mercy haveTextPage Scan
PLVIIO God to me be mercifulTextPage Scan
PLVIIIDo ye, O congregationTextPage Scan
PLIXMy God from them deliver meTextPage Scan
PLXO God, thou hast rejected usTextPage Scan
PLXIGive ear, O God, unto my cryTextPage Scan
PLXIITruly my waiting soul reliesTextPage Scan
PLXIIIO God thou art my God, I willTextPage Scan
PLXIVO God, when I my prayer makeTextPage Scan
PLXVSilence to thee the praise, O GodTextPage Scan
PLXVIO all the earth unto the LordTextPage Scan
PLXVIIGod gracious be to us, and giveTextPage Scan
PLXVIIILet God arise, his enemiesTextPage Scan
PLXIXThe waters in unto my soulTextPage Scan
PLXXO God, to rescue meTextPage Scan
PLXXIJehovah I for safety doTextPage Scan
PLXXIIO God, thy judgments give the KingTextPage Scan
PLXXIIISure God is good to IsraelTextPage Scan
PLXXIVO God why hast thou cast us off?TextPage Scan
PLXXVWe give thanks unto Thee, O GodTextPage Scan
PLXXVIIn Judah God is known, his nameTextPage Scan
PLXXVIIMy voice was to the mighty GodTextPage Scan
PLXXVIIIGive listening ear unto my lawTextPage Scan
PLXXIXO God, the heathen entered haveTextPage Scan
PLXXXThou that leadest JosephTextPage Scan
PLXXXIUnto the mighty God our strengthTextPage Scan
PLXXXIIThe mighty God doth stand withinTextPage Scan
PLXXXIIIO God do thou not silence keepTextPage Scan
PLXXXIVHow amiable, Lord of hostsTextPage Scan
PLXXXVaO Lord, thou favored hast thy landTextPage Scan
PLXXXVbO Lord thou favour'd hast thy land TextPage Scan
PLXXXVIaBow down, O Lord, thine earTextPage Scan
PLXXXVIbLord bow thine ear, hear me becauseTextPage Scan
PLXXXVIIHis ground works in the holy hillsTextPage Scan
PLXXXVIIILord God of my salvationTextPage Scan
PLXXXIXThe mercies of Jehovah singTextPage Scan
PXCThou Lord our stay hast beenTextPage Scan
PXCIHe that within the secrecyTextPage Scan
PXCIIUnto Jehovah thanks to giveTextPage Scan
PXCIIIJehovah reigns he cloathed isTextPage Scan
PXCIVLord God to whom doth appertainTextPage Scan
PXCVO come let us unto the LordTextPage Scan

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