The Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs of the Old and New-Testament: faithfully translated into English metre: for the use, edification, and comfort of the saints...especially in New-England (25th ed)

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Publisher: Daniel Henchman and Thomas Hancock, Boston, 1742
Language: English
Notes: Psalms (P) are numbered sequentially. Hymns in the supplement are numbered by page number. There are tunes (T) in the back of the hymnal.
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
346aThe Lamb is worthy that was slainTextPage Scan
346bTo him who sitteth on the throneTextPage Scan
346cTo our most glorious God on highTextPage Scan
346dAmen, glory and blessing beTextPage Scan
346eO Lord, Almighty God, thy worksTextPage Scan
T1aBELLA or XXIV PSALMScorePage ScanAudio
T1bCANTERBURYScorePage ScanAudio
T1cCAMBRIDGEScorePage ScanAudio
T1dCOMMANDMENTScorePage ScanAudio
T2aST DAVID'SScorePage ScanAudio
T2bEXETERScorePage ScanAudio
T2cGLOCESTERScorePage ScanAudio
T2dST JAMES'SScorePage ScanAudio
T3aISLE OF WIGHTScorePage ScanAudio
T3bLONDONScorePage ScanAudio
T3cLONDON NEWScorePage ScanAudio
T3dMARTYRSScorePage ScanAudio
T4aST MARY'SScorePage ScanAudio
T4bMANCHESTERScorePage ScanAudio
T4cNORWICHScorePage ScanAudio
T4dNORTHHAMPTONScorePage ScanAudio
T5aPORTSMOUTHScorePage ScanAudio
T5bPETERBOROUGHScorePage ScanAudio
T6aSOUTHWELScorePage ScanAudio
T6bSABBATH HYMNScorePage ScanAudio
T6cSTANDISHScorePage ScanAudio
T6dBRUNSWICKPage ScanAudio
T7aWESTMINSTERScorePage ScanAudio
T7bWINDSORScorePage ScanAudio
T7cWORCESTERScorePage ScanAudio
T7dYORKScorePage ScanAudio
T8a85 PSALMScorePage ScanAudio
T8b100 PSALMScorePage Scan
T8c100 PSALM NEWPage ScanAudio
T9a119 PSALMScorePage ScanAudio
T9b148 PSALMScorePage ScanAudio
T10a68 PSALMScorePage ScanAudio
T10b81 PSALMScorePage ScanAudio
T11a113 PSALMScorePage ScanAudio
T11b18 PSALMScorePage ScanAudio
T12aMEARScorePage ScanAudio
T12bHEREFORDScorePage ScanAudio
T12c149 PSALMScorePage ScanAudio

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