The Song Book of the Salvation Army

Publisher: Territorial Headquarters, New York, N.Y., 1953
Denomination: Salvation Army
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d901What can wash away my sin [sins] [stain]
d902What could your Redeemer do
d903What is our calling's glorious hope
d904What is the love of Jesus to thee
d905What mean this eager, anxious throng
d906What now is my [our] object and aim
d907What shall I do my God to love
d908What shall I render to my God
d909What shall we offer [to] our [good] Lord
d910What various hindrances we meet
d911When all my [the] labors and trials are o'er
d912When from sin's dark hold thy love has won me
d913When he cometh, when he cometh to make
d914When, his salvation bringing [sending]
d915When I can read my title clear
d916When I survey the wondrous cross
d917When Jesus from Calvary called me
d918When Jesus looked o'er Galilee
d919When Jesus was born in the manger
d920When mothers of Salem their children brought to Jesus
d921When my heart was so hard
d922When our heads are bowed with woe
d923When peace, like a river, attendeth my way
d924When shall I come unto the healing waters
d925When shall these conflicts cease
d926When shall thy love constrain and force me to thy breast
d927When the harvest is past and the summer is o'er
d928When the roll is called in heaven and the host shall muster there
d929When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound and
d930When thy mortal life is fled
d931When upon life's billows you are tempest tossed
d932When we cannot see our way Let us [We should] trust and still obey
d933When we gather at last over Jordan
d934When we walk with the Lord In the light of his Word
d935When wise men came seeking
d936When you feel weakest, dangers surround
d937When you find the cross is heavy
d938Whene'er we meet, you [we] always say
d939Where are now those doubts that hindered
d940While here before thy cross I kneel
d941While passing a garden, I paused [lingered] [listened] to hear
d942While shepherds watch [watched] their flocks by night
d943Who are these [those] arrayed in white
d944Who are those with colors waving
d945Who comes to me, the Savior said
d946Who is he in yonder stall
d947Who is on the Lord's side, who will serve
d948Who, when sunk in deep despair
d949Who, who are these [they] beside [beyond] the chilly wave
d950Who'll be the next to follow Jesus, who'll be the next
d951Who'll fight for the Lord everywhere
d952Whosoever heareth, shout, shout the sound
d953Why are you doubting and fearing
d954Why should I be a slave to sin
d955Why should I wait, I cannot flee
d956Why should life a weary journey seem
d957With a sorrow for sin let [must] repentance begin
d958With all my sins and guilt
d959With broken heart and contrite sigh
d960With joy of heart I now can sing
d961With my faint, weary soul
d962With my heart so full of sadness
d963With panting heart that dares to seek
d964With stains of sin upon me
d965With steady pace, the pilgrim moves
d966Within my heart, O Lord, fulfill
d967Wonderful story of love; tell it to me again
d968Would Jesus have the [a] sinner die
d969Would you be free from the [your] burden of sin
d970Would you know why I love Jesus
d971Ye longing souls, lift up your heads
d972Ye ransomed souls draw near
d973Ye valiant soldiers of the cross
d974Ye [You] servants of God [Christ] your Master proclaim
d975Yes, there flows a wondrous river
d976Yet once again, by God's abundant mercy
d977Yield not to temptation, for yielding is sin
d978You may sing of the joys over Jordan
d979You must have your sins forgiven
d980Your garments must be white as snow

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