The Spiritual Harp

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d1A dream sublime of a sunny clime
d2A loved one gone, a loved one gone
d3A new religion shakes the earth
d4A pool of water pure as dew
d5A traveler on the road
d6Along the river of time I glide
d7An emerald bank of woodland bowers
d8And shall we know the loved ones there
d9Angels bright are drawing near
d10Angels bright, charges with light
d11Angels O break the error night
d12Anthem of liberty, solemn and grand
d13Arise, O man, the morning light
d14As on my couch in calm repose I lay
d15As the sweet bird that sings
d16Away with false fashion, so calm and so chill
d17Be glad, be glad, for nature around
d18Be happy, be happy, for bright is the earth
d19Beautiful faces, they that wear
d20Beautiful home of life and light
d21Before us heaven invites the way
d22Beside the toilsome way
d23Bird of the brighter land
d24Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love
d25Bright days of which the angels sing
d26Bright Star of hope, thy rise we hail
d27Brother, art thou poor and lowly
d28Brothers, will you slight the message
d29Build him a monument, high as the skies
d30Call it not dark, the inner spirit sense
d31Can we forget the gloomy time
d32Check at their fountain head
d33Come all ye loved to wisdom's mountain
d34Come, gentle spirits, to us now
d35Come, holy thoughts, so lily pure
d36Come in, my partners in distress
d37Come let us join in singing
d38Come to me, thoughts [dreams] of heaven
d39Come to the woods, come to the woods
d40Crowned of God, by holy angels
d41Day will return with a fresher boon
d42Death is the fading of a cloud
d43Do good, do good, there's ever a way
d44Do not wound the heart that loves thee
d45Each gentle word is a bird of love
d46Each tiny leaf unfolds a scroll
d47Equal rights, equal rights
d48Every day hath toil and trouble, Every heart
d49Every night, when the stars come out
d50Faint and weary are earth's children
d51Fair science bright, from realms of light
d52Far out, where sky and ocean run
d53Fear not, O friends, the wintry storms of life
d54Floating on the breath of evening
d55Forms that have passed away
d56From golden sun-lands of paternal bands
d57From morn till evening's purple tinge
d58From us pass daily these we fondly love
d59Gentle twilight, softly stealing
d60Glory to God, and peace to men
d61Go forth among the poor
d62Go thou and search the archives
d63God in each nature folds
d64God of the granite and the rose
d65Good night, good night, all our labor
d66Good night, good night, the weary hear it
d67Hark, I hear the angels calling
d68Have ye heard of the beautiful realm
d69He leads us by paths we did [do] not know
d70He liveth long who liveth well
d71He who seeks the truth and trembles
d72Hear ye not now the voice of God
d73Heart trusting heart, hand joining hand
d74Heaven, mighty ocean, heave
d75Heirs of the morning, receive the light
d76Ho, all ye that bloom in the morning of life
d77Ho ye exemplars bold
d78Home above, home above, From this world
d79Home's not merely four square walls
d80Hope's rainbow in life's crystal dome
d81How cheering the thought, that the angels of God
d82How happy, in the days of youth
d83How many lonely hours we see
d84How to be happy, Go ask the flower
d85Hush, I cannot bear to see thee
d86Hushaby, baby, already repose
d87Hushed be the battle's fearful roar
d88I am not old, though years have cast
d89I am waiting, only waiting
d90I cannot always trace the way
d91I come, I come from my spirit home
d92I come, I come from the spirit world
d93I feel it float from Eden's plane
d94I have a Father in the spirit land
d95I have some friends before me gone
d96I hear thee speak of the better land
d97I stand on memory's golden shore
d98I will steer my bark
d99If we knew the cares and crosses
d100I'm a lonely traveler here

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