A Selection of Hymns and Spiritual Songs: in two parts, part I. containing the hymns; part II. containing the songs...(3rd ed. corr. and enl. by author)

Editor: William Parkinson, A. M.
Publisher: John Tiebout, New York, 1817
Denomination: Baptist
Language: English
Notes: Several pages are missing from the page scan.
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H.IEternal God! Almighty causePage Scan
H.IIGreat Former of this various framePage Scan
H.IIIThy names, how infinite they bePage Scan
H.IVKeep silence all created thingsPage Scan
H.VWhat is our God, or what his namePage Scan
H.VIRise, rise, my soul, and leave the groundPage Scan
H.VIILord, we are blind, we mortals blindPage Scan
H.VIIIEternal Wisdom, thee we praisePage Scan
H.IXGod moves in a mysterious wayPage Scan
H.XGreat God of providence! thy waysPage Scan
H.XIHow are thy servants bless'd, O LordPage Scan
H.XIIThy way, O God, is in the seaPage Scan
H.XIIILord, how mysterious are thy waysPage Scan
H.XIVLord, we adore thy vast designsPage Scan
H.XVAdam our father and our headPage Scan
H.XVIArise my tenderest thoughts, arisePage Scan
H.XVIIHow precious is the book divinePage Scan
H.XVIIIWhen Israel through the desert pass'dPage Scan
H.XIXLet avarice from shore to shorePage Scan
H.XXRaise, thoughtless sinner, raise thine eyePage Scan
H.XXIHere, Lord, my soul convicted standsPage Scan
H.XXIINo strength of nature can sufficePage Scan
H.XXIIICurst be the man, for ever curstPage Scan
H.XXIVIsrael in ancient daysPage Scan
H.XXVOn Sion, his own holy mountPage Scan
H.XXVIBlow you the trumpet, blowPage Scan
H.XXVIILoud let the tuneful trumpet soundPage Scan
H.XXVIIIWhat wisdom, majesty and gracePage Scan
H.XXIXWhat shall the dying sinner doPage Scan
H.XXXShall Atheists dare insult the crossPage Scan
H.XXXIWho shall condemn to endless flamesPage Scan
H.XXXIIO my distrustful heartPage Scan
H.XXXIIISov'reign of all the worlds on highPage Scan
H.XXXIVMy God, the covenant of thy love
H.XXXVO Lord my God, whose sov'reign love
H.XXXVIEnslav'd by sin and bound in chainsPage Scan
H.XXXVII'Tis finished, so the Saviour criedPage Scan
H.XXXVIIIHail! mighty Jesus, how divinePage Scan
H.XXXIXOnce as the Saviour pass'd alongPage Scan
H.XLWhen some kind shepherd from his foldPage Scan
H.XLIAs on the cross the Saviour hungPage Scan
H.XLIITo God, my saviour and my kingPage Scan
H.XLIIIGrace! 'tis a charming sound!Page Scan
H.XLIVTo distant realms let monarchs spread
H.XLVDear Saviour we are thine
H.XLVIWhen sins and fears prevailing rise
H.XLVIIWherewith, O Lord, shall I draw nearPage Scan
H.XLVIIIJesus, thy blood and righteousnessPage Scan
H.XLIXGreat God of wonders! all thy waysPage Scan
H.LHow oft, alas! this wretched heartPage Scan
H.LIForgiveness! 'tis a joyful soundPage Scan
H.LIIMy sorrows like a flood
H.LIIIMy Saviour, let me hear thy voice
H.LIVWhat mean these jealousies and fearsPage Scan
H.LVSalvation through our dying GodPage Scan
H.LVISalvation! O melodious soundPage Scan
H.LVIIMy rising soul, with strong desiresPage Scan
H.LVIIIO for a closer walk with GodPage Scan
H.LIXO that I knew the secret placePage Scan
H.LXFrom all that's mortal, all that's vainPage Scan
H.LXILord, hast thou made me know thy ways?Page Scan
H.LXIIJesus, my Saviour and my GodPage Scan
H.LXIII"Come sinners," saith the mighty GodPage Scan
H.LXIVYe dying sons of menPage Scan
H.LXVThe Saviour calls--ye mourners hearPage Scan
H.LXVIWhen by the tempter's wiles betray'dPage Scan
H.LXVIIAfflicted saint, to Christ draw nearPage Scan
H.LXVIIIAnd art thou with us, gracious LordPage Scan
H.LXIXKind are the words that Jesus speaksPage Scan
H.LXXMy God, how cheerful is the soundPage Scan
H.LXXIYe little flock, whom Jesus feedsPage Scan
H.LXXIIMortals, awake, with angels joinPage Scan
H.LXXIIIWhen at this distance, Lord, we tracePage Scan
H.LXXIVYe that pass by, behold the manPage Scan
H.LXXVStretch'd on the cross the Saviour diesPage Scan
H.LXXVIYonder--amazing sight!--I seePage Scan
H.LXXVIIYe trembling souls, who still declinePage Scan
H.LXXVIIIWhen on the cross my Lord I seePage Scan
H.LXXIXGod's nature and his name we readPage Scan
H.LXXXYes, the Redeemer rosePage Scan
H.LXXXIWhen I the holy grave surveyPage Scan
H.LXXXIIYe humble souls, that seek the LordPage Scan
H.LXXXIIIOur Lord is risen from the deadPage Scan
H.LXXXIVHe lives, the great Redeemer livesPage Scan
H.LXXXVAwake, sweet gratitude, and singPage Scan
H.LXXXVINow let our cheerful eyes surveyPage Scan
H.LXXXVIISaviour of men, and Lord of lovePage Scan
H.LXXXVIIINow let us raise our cheerful strainsPage Scan
H.LXXXIXThe deluge at th'Almighty's callPage Scan
H.XCWhere is my God? does he retirePage Scan
H.XCIWhen Isra'l's grieving tribes complain'dPage Scan
H.XCIIDepraved minds on ashes feedPage Scan
H.XCIIIJesus, the heavenly lover, gavePage Scan
H.XCIVYe worlds of light, that roll so nearPage Scan
H.XCVLord, dost thou show a corner-stonePage Scan
H.XCVIInfinite excellence is thinePage Scan
H.XCVIIAwake, our souls, and bless his namePage Scan
H.XCVIIIJesus the Lord, our souls adorePage Scan
H.XCIXThere is a fountain fill'd with bloodPage Scan
H.CPoor, weak, and worthless though I amPage Scan

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