The Sabbath Hymn and Tune Book: for the service of song in the house of the Lord

Editor: Lowell Mason, Edwards A. Park, Austin Phelps
Publisher: Mason Brothers, New York, 1859
Language: English
Notes: Numbers denote page numbers
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
17aAll people that on earth do dwellTHE OLD HUNDREDTHPage Scan
17bWith one consent, let all the earthPage Scan
17cYe nations round the earth, rejoicePage Scan
18aHow lovely are thy dwelling fairBINGHAMPage Scan
18bWith reverence let the saints appearPage Scan
18cGod is our refuge and our strengthPage Scan
19aO God, my heart is fully bentCANTERBURYPage Scan
19bYe hosts of heaven, ye mighty onesPage Scan
19cO praise the Lord, for he is goodPage Scan
19dO how I love thy holy lawPage Scan
20aSweet is the work, my God my KingHURONPage Scan
20bMillions within thy courts have metPage Scan
21aPraise to him who built the hillsROCKINGHAMPage Scan
21bDescend from heaven, immortal Dove!Page Scan
22aSweet is the work, O LordFIELDPage Scan
22bHow charming is the placePage Scan
22cWe lift our hearts to theePage Scan
22dWelcome, sweet day of restPage Scan
23aTo praise our Shepherd's careOLMUTZPage Scan
23bGreat is the Lord our GodPage Scan
24aWelcome, delightful mornFLEET STREETPage Scan
24bAwake, ye saints, awake and hailPage Scan
24cAngels, assist to singPage Scan
25aYe tribes of Adam joinLENOXPage Scan
25bJoin all the glorious namesPage Scan
26aHow did my heart rejoice to hearLANSINGPage Scan
26bLet all the lands with shouts of joyPage Scan
26cSing the almighty power of GodPage Scan
27aAm I a soldier of the crossSTEPHENSPage Scan
27bNow joyful strains we lift on highPage Scan
27cO for a shout of sacred joyPage Scan
28aTo thy temple I repairRAYPage Scan
28bHallelujah, raise, O raisePage Scan
28cThou who dwellest enthroned abovePage Scan
28dNow begin the heavenly themePage Scan
29aHail the night, all hail the mornNUREMBURGPage Scan
29bGlory to the Father give, GodPage Scan
29cFount of everlasting lovePage Scan
30aThee, we adore, eternal Lord!THE OLD HUNDRETHPage Scan
30bBe thou exalted, O my GodPage Scan
30cFrom all that dwell below the skiesPage Scan
30dCome, O my soulPage Scan
31aJehovah reigns he dwells in lightHULLPage Scan
31bWhat secret place, what distant starPage Scan
31cO God, beneath thy guiding handPage Scan
31dGreat God, we sing that mighty handPage Scan
32aGlad was my heart to hearDEALPage Scan
32bOh, bless the Lord, my soul!Page Scan
32cOh, bless the Lord, my soul!Page Scan
33aTo God the only wiseST. THOMASPage Scan
33bCome, we who love the LordPage Scan
33cThy name, almighty LordPage Scan
34aThis is the day the Lord hath madeHOWARDPage Scan
34bAgain the Lord of life and lightPage Scan
34cTo our Redeemer's glorious namePage Scan
34dA glory gilds the sacred pagePage Scan
35aI'm not ashamed to own my LordJOHNVILLEPage Scan
35bAwake my soul, stretch every nervePage Scan
35cSalvation, O the joyful soundPage Scan
35dHow honored is the sacred placePage Scan
36aThe festal morn, my God, is comeGRETNAPage Scan
36bI sing of God, the world he madePage Scan
36cO love divine, how sweet thou artPage Scan
37aOh, could I speak the matchless worthARIELPage Scan
37bThy mighty working, mighty GodPage Scan
38aWith joy we hail the sacred dayALPHEUSPage Scan
38bThe Lord of glory is my Light, And myPage Scan
38cLord, in the morning thou shalt hearPage Scan
38dThou art the Way, to thee alonePage Scan
39aCome to the ark, come to the arkDEDHAMPage Scan
39bWalk in the light, so shalt thou knowPage Scan
39cHappy the home, when God is therePage Scan
40aGive thanks to God most highOSMONDPage Scan
40bShall hymns of grateful lovePage Scan
40cCome every pious heartPage Scan
41aO holy, holy, holy Lord creation's sovereignWILTONPage Scan
41bThe Lord Jehovah reignsPage Scan
42aFar from my thoughts, vain world, be goneHEBRONPage Scan
42bGreat God indulge my humble claimPage Scan
42cSun of my soul, thou Saviour dearPage Scan
42dThus far the Lord hath led me onPage Scan
43aThe Lord, how wondrous are his waysARNONPage Scan
43bGod of my life, through all my daysPage Scan
43cOur Helper, God, we bless thy namePage Scan
44aBlest morning, whose young, dawning raysPALMERPage Scan
44bO thou to whom all creatures bowPage Scan
44cO Lord, how infinite thy lovePage Scan
44dDear Lord, and will thy pardoning lovePage Scan
45aLong as I live I'll bless thy nameST. MARTINSPage Scan
45bFirm as the earth thy gospel standsPage Scan
45cO thou whose own vast temple standsPage Scan
45dO Lord, our fathers oft have toldPage Scan
46aHow pleased and blest was IDALSTONPage Scan
46bThe Lord Jehovah reignsPage Scan
46cHow pleasant 'tis to seePage Scan
47aBegin, my soul, the exalted layGANGESPage Scan
47bFear not, O little flock, the foePage Scan
48aCome let our voices join to raiseWATTSPage Scan
48bPraise ye the Lord, my heart shall joinPage Scan
48cGive thanks to God, he reigns abovePage Scan

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