Sunny Songs for Little Folks No.l

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d1And is it true as I am told
d2Away in a [the] Manger
d3Bring the children all to Jesus
d4Daffodil, bright daffodil
d5Dear little bird, on the apple bush
d6Dear little honey bees
d7Every little bird that sings
d8Father, we thank thee [you] for the night
d9Flitter, flitter sunbeams tiny
d10Give, little sunbeams, golden bright
d11God sees the little sparrow fall
d12Hear the pennies dropping, Listen while they fall
d13Hear the shining drops of rain
d14I am so glad that our [my] Father [Savior] in heaven
d15I think, when I read that [the] sweet story of old
d16I'm only a little Christian
d17In the clear, cool water
d18In the sky above us
d19In the vineyard of the Lord
d20Into a [the] tent where a gypsy boy lay
d21I've two little hands to work for Jesus
d22Jesus loves even the little ones
d23Jesus loves me, this I know, For the Bible
d24Jesus, tender shepherd, hear us
d25Kind words can never die, Cherished and blest
d26Let the little children sing
d27Like the snowflakes fair and white
d28Lily bells are swinging
d29Little bird, pray can you tell me
d30Little drops of water, little grains of sand
d31Little eyes, little eyes Softly close in worship now
d32Little fishermen are we Out upon life's troubled sea
d33Little hands can scatter roses
d34Little hands may scatter seeds of faith
d35Never come late to the Sunday school
d36Now the day is over, Night is drawing nigh
d37O tell us, who is the children's Friend
d38O to set the world rejoicing every day
d39O what can little hands do to please the King of heaven
d40Once again has come my birthday
d41Roses in the garden, daisies by the way
d42Said little ships on the tossing waves
d43Shining bright, shining bright
d44The Bible says Jesus loved children
d45Ting-a-ling, ting-a-ling, listen
d46'Twas long ago the Savior
d47We are building every day, at our work
d48We are little Christians
d49We are little soldiers training
d50We would be little sunbeams bright
d51Welcome, sunny springtime
d52We're the rainy day brigade
d53What can the children do for Jesus
d54When he cometh, when he cometh to make
d55When morning gilds the skies
d56When north winds their trumpets blow
d57When the earth is parched and dry
d58Within a manger peaceful lies
d59Work, for the night is coming, work through the morning hours
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