Sunday School Service Book and Hymnal

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
101God of Jesus, hear me nowHEILSBERGPage Scan
102Hark! the loving Saviour's voiceCHRISTUSPage Scan
103I think when I read that sweet story of oldSTORY OF OLDPage Scan
104Have ye look'd for my sheep in the desert[Have ye look'd for my sheep in the desert]Page Scan
105Behold the Prince of PeaceST. MICHAELPage Scan
106Feeble, helpless, how shall IFURNESSPage Scan
107Pleasant are Thy courts aboveST. GEORGEPage Scan
108Thou knowest, Lord, the weariness and sorrow[Thou knowest, Lord, the weariness and sorrow]Page Scan
109God will take care of youCUSTODIAPage Scan
110I hear a sweet voice ringing clearINNOCENCEPage Scan
111Hear ye not a voice from heavenCHANNINGPage Scan
112Lord, Thy Word abidethLOGOSPage Scan
113Whate'er my God ordains is rightCHORALPage Scan
114I thank Thee, Lord, that Thou hast madePROCTORPage Scan
115One thought I have, my ample creedFRAMINGHAMPage Scan
116The Lord is in His Holy Place[The Lord is in His Holy Place]Page Scan
117Oh, the Father's hands are helpingAUXILIUMPage Scan
118Hark, hark, my soul! thy Father's voice is callingVOX PATRISPage Scan
119As a bird in meadow fairNEWTONPage Scan
120Lord, Thy children guide and keepGUIDANCEPage Scan
121Higher, higher, will we climbEXCELSIORPage Scan
122Father, Thy boundless lovePRAYERPage Scan
123I know, O Father, all my lifeASPIRATIONPage Scan
124The child leans on its parent's breastPEACEPage Scan
125Deal gently with us, Lord!TENDERNESSPage Scan
126I need thy presence, Lord, each passing hourPAX DEIPage Scan
127One gift, my God, I seekRHODESPage Scan
128Sun of my soul, for ever nearHURSLEYPage Scan
129I little see, I little know[I little see, I little know]Page Scan
130Thou, Lord of life, whose tender careST. AGNESPage Scan
131More love, O God, to thee[More love, O God, to thee]Page Scan
132Nearer, my God, to TheePROPIOR DEOPage Scan
133Have mercy, O our Father!MISERICORDIAPage Scan
134O lead me, my Father, lead Thou, lest I stray[O lead me, my Father, lead Thou, lest I stray]Page Scan
135Father, we are young and weak[Father, we are young and weak]Page Scan
136There lives a voice within meVOX DEIPage Scan
137O'er the wide and restless ocean[O'er the wide and restless ocean]Page Scan
138Come, labor on! Come, labor on![Come, labor on!]Page Scan
139Little by little the time goes by[Little by little the time goes by]Page Scan
140Strive! yet I do not promise[Strive! yet I do not promise]Page Scan
141Life is not a fleeting shadow[Life is not a fleeting shadow]Page Scan
142Strong in the living GodTILDENPage Scan
143Gird Thou our souls, O God of might!NEW SOUTHPage Scan
144In hearts from sin delivered[In hearts from sin delivered]Page Scan
145Work, for the night is comingLABORPage Scan
146Life is onward,—use it[Life is onward,—use it]Page Scan
147Who is on the Lord's side?SOMINI MILITESPage Scan
148Onward, onward, though the region[Onward, onward, though the region]Page Scan
149One by one the sands are flowing[One by one the sands are flowing]Page Scan
150Speak gently! it is better farST. HUGHPage Scan
151Come friends! the world wants mending[Come friends! the world wants mending]Page Scan
152Come, brothers, let us go!FATHERLANDPage Scan
153Never lose the golden rule[Never lose the golden rule]Page Scan
154Rescue the perishing, bring home the wand'rersMISSIONARYPage Scan
155Speak the truth! for that is rightTRUTHPage Scan
156There are lonely hearts to cherishHELPFULNESSPage Scan
157Be not swift to take offense[Be not swift to take offense]Page Scan
158Raise a glad and grateful songCHARITYPage Scan
159Lord, what off'rings shall we bring[Lord, what off'rings shall we bring]Page Scan
160See the rivers flowing Downward to the seaGIVINGPage Scan
161The world is bright and fair, we know[The world is bright and fair, we know]Page Scan
162It singeth low in ev'ry heart[It singeth low in ev'ry heart]Page Scan
163Ev'ry morn the red sun Rises warm and brightBETTER LANDPage Scan
164Father, to Thee we look in all our sorrowCOMFORTPage Scan
165O Paradise! O Paradise![O Paradise! O Paradise!]Page Scan
166One sweetly solemn thought[One sweetly solemn thought]Page Scan
167O Father! by Thy holy willIN MEMORIAMPage Scan
168"For ever with the Lord!"["For ever with the Lord!"]Page Scan
169Abide with me! fast falls the eventide[Abide with me! fast falls the eventide]Page Scan
170O God! our help in ages pastMELODYPage Scan
171We are but pilgrims here, Heav'n is our home[We are but pilgrims here, Heav'n is our home]Page Scan
172What is birdie doing[What is birdie doing]Page Scan
173What can little ones like meFERRIERPage Scan
174The fields are all white, And the reapers are fewHARVESTPage Scan
175Little hands, be free in giving[Little hands, be free in giving]Page Scan
176God of heav'n, O hear us singing![God of heav'n, O hear us singing!]Page Scan
177To and fro! to and fro![To and fro! to and fro!]Page Scan
178The ever changing seasons In silence come and goSEASONSPage Scan
179Come, Christian youths and maidensCOMMEMORATIONPage Scan
180The world itself keeps Easter Day[The world itself keeps Easter Day]Page Scan
181Ye happy bells of Easter Day![Ye happy bells of Easter Day!]Page Scan
182The buds are bursting on the trees[The buds are bursting on the trees]Page Scan
183Sweetly are the birds singing[Sweetly are the birds singing]Page Scan
184Down in the valley[Down in the valley]Page Scan
185Come forth, and bring your garlands![Come forth, and bring your garlands!]Page Scan
186Here, Lord, we offer Thee all that is fairestOFFERTORYPage Scan
187God bless our native land!COLUMBIAPage Scan
188From land to land, to realms afarMEMORIALPage Scan
189In the glorious days of harvestRUTHPage Scan
190Singing, the reapers homeward come[Singing, the reapers homeward come]Page Scan
191Once more the lib'ral year laughs outTHANKSGIVINGPage Scan
192We plough the fertile meadows[We plough the fertile meadows]Page Scan
193The corn is ripe for reaping[The corn is ripe for reaping]Page Scan
194Ring, ring the bells, the joyful bells[Ring, ring the bells, the joyful bells]Page Scan
195Ring, Christmas bells, ring merrily[Ring, Christmas bells, ring merrily]Page Scan
196Carol, carol, Christians![Carol, carol, Christians!]Page Scan
197All my heart this night rejoices[All my heart this night rejoices]Page Scan
198O little town of BethlehemBETHLEHEMPage Scan

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