Songs for the Sabbath School and Vestry: designed especially for the Sabbath school and concert. With original and selected music

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5The Saviour has been passing byPage Scan
6Strew the sweet flowersPage Scan
8I love the Lord who brought me throughPage Scan
9Come, ye that know and fear the LordPage Scan
10Oh where is little Brother gone?Page Scan
11Beautiful Zion, built abovePage Scan
12Soul! thou art a priceless gemPage Scan
14'Tis better, now, to seek the LordPage Scan
15Majestic sweetness sits enthronedPage Scan
16We love to go to Sabbath schoolPage Scan
17Far over the ocean, our teachers oft sayPage Scan
18My heavenly home is bright and fairPage Scan
19The flower that in the morning's dawnPage Scan
20All hail the power of Jesus' name!Page Scan
21Lord, I have made thy word my choicePage Scan
22When God's holy day is breakingPage Scan
23Oh where is little brother gonePage Scan
24Preserved by thine Almighty powerPage Scan
25Days, and weeks, and months, returningPage Scan
26Into her chamber, wentPage Scan
27When welcome spring returnedPage Scan
28The flowers are preachers, FrancesPage Scan
29Earth, sea, and sky, three minstrels, sungPage Scan
30When th'time of our earthly sojourning is o'erPage Scan
32An angel came as once I sleptPage Scan
33Out on an ocean all boundless, we ridePage Scan
34What sinners value I resignPage Scan
35Before the great Shepherd ascended on highPage Scan
36Grateful to me thine ointment, MaryPage Scan
37Go sow thy seed on the mountain's topPage Scan
38aOur Jesus, before he went homePage Scan
38bDear Pastor, and Teachers, and friendsPage Scan
39The Sabbath school's a place for prayerPage Scan
40To the wand'ring and the wearyPage Scan
41Upon the waters cast thy breadPage Scan
42The eye that saw me, blessed mePage Scan
43Come, beloved Teachers, tell usPage Scan
44There, in her cradle coffinPage Scan
46Your harps, ye trembling saintsPage Scan
47As in the open field I strayedPage Scan
47bMother, I've been to see the flowerPage Scan
48Oh mother! tell me, If you canPage Scan
49O, do not be discouragedPage Scan
50By the still waters, there I saw a happy throngPage Scan
51My soul be on thy guardPage Scan
52We bid thee welcome, Sabbath morn!Page Scan
53Come, children, and join in our festival songPage Scan
54We're th' lambs of the flock, and no danger we fearPage Scan
55Awake, my soul, in joyful laysPage Scan
56Tomorrow, Lord, is thinePage Scan
57How beauteous are their feetPage Scan
58The breath of prayer hath fragrancyPage Scan
59Awaked by Sinai's awful soundPage Scan
60I'll awake at dawn on the Sabbath dayPage Scan
61aDeep in the wood, where nonePage Scan
61bA little while, saith yonder sunPage Scan
62Lovest thou me, thou erring one?Page Scan
64Joyfully, joyfully, onward we movePage Scan
65Oh, the Sabbath school's a refugePage Scan
66I am wretched, poor, and needyPage Scan
67Come listen to my story, a story sad to singPage Scan
68I have a Father in the promised landPage Scan
69Full many a child whose life beganPage Scan
70Behold! behold! the Lamb of GodPage Scan
71I saw a child kneel downPage Scan
72I dreamed I had a little vinePage Scan
73The Sunday school, that blessed placePage Scan
74In the far better land of glory and lightPage Scan
76When I would be a ChristianPage Scan
77Who shall sing, if not the children?Page Scan
78Mary to her Saviour's tombPage Scan
79One thing is needful in this worldPage Scan
80The winter winds may meet and moanPage Scan
81Awake! awake! your bed forsakePage Scan
82I stood beside a little gravePage Scan
84Must Jesus bear the cross alonePage Scan
85Sweet land of rest! for thee I sighPage Scan
86A sweet little maiden awoke from her slumbersPage Scan
88Sabbath schools must have their concertPage Scan
90Upon a green and sunny bankPage Scan
91They tell us there's a city brightPage Scan
92Live on the field of battle!Page Scan
93I've got a little BiblePage Scan
94How sad a sight to seePage Scan
95I was once a thoughtless wandererPage Scan
96I was a wandering sheepPage Scan
97From every stormy wind that blowsPage Scan
98"Mercy, O thou son of David!"Page Scan
99My faith looks up to theePage Scan
100There is an hour of peaceful restPage Scan
101Who was in the manger laid?Page Scan
102I'm a pilgrim, and I'm a strangerPage Scan
103The morning light is breakingPage Scan
104O happy land! O happy land!Page Scan
105There is a happy land, Far, far awayPage Scan
106Little travellers ZionwardPage Scan
107aAm I coming, truly comingPage Scan
107bLittle drops of waterPage Scan
108Once was heard the song of childrenPage Scan
109The Sabbath sun was setting slowPage Scan

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