The Sacred Trio: comprising Redemption Songs, Showers of Blessing, The Joyful Sound (Word ed.)

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203Oh, why thus stand with reluctant feetPage Scan
204With trembling contrition I sought for the gatePage Scan
205O North, with all thy vales of green!Page Scan
206We are going forth to conquerPage Scan
207Oh, wake, for the day is pallingPage Scan
208Carry me tenderly, Jesus, my SaviourPage Scan
209We shall walk the realms of gloryPage Scan
210Children of the kingdom, while we journey herePage Scan
211Take the hand thy Saviour gives theePage Scan
212Soldiers for Jesus, rise and awayPage Scan
213Outside the gate, and yet so near the fountainPage Scan
214No other now but JesusPage Scan
215How oft in holy conversePage Scan
216Thou art a Rock in a thirsty landPage Scan
217As we believe in the gospel wayPage Scan
218My soul for the Saviour is waitingPage Scan
219All is ready, the Master saidPage Scan
220Here in the house of the LordPage Scan
221Worthy to be praised is God my FatherPage Scan
222My faith, inspired with rapture, singsPage Scan
223Jesus, Saviour, comfort mePage Scan
224Praise God on the throne of his powerPage Scan
225Lord, with all my heart I praise theePage Scan
226There is joy among the angelsPage Scan
227Oh, the time is flying fastPage Scan
228I will not doubt my Saviour's lovePage Scan
229Come to Jesus, trembling sinnerPage Scan
230Have you had a kindness shown?Page Scan
231Far, far from home, an exile on the deepPage Scan
232Praise him for his gloryPage Scan
233Steps are before me, dear SaviourPage Scan
234Our Fatherland, thy name so dearPage Scan
235Fresh springs so holy, all needed powerPage Scan
236The heavenly Father calls for theePage Scan
237Oh, how blessed is the servicePage Scan
238There's a place for me at the Saviour's crossPage Scan
239Oh, what utter weakness fills this soul of mine!Page Scan
240From yonder cross what beams divinePage Scan
241Jesus loves me, fondly loves mePage Scan
242Unfold in beauty, flowers of springPage Scan
243The world was like a stormy nightPage Scan
244Oh, praise his name forever!Page Scan
245Stepping-stones to JesusPage Scan
246I entered once a home of carePage Scan
247Dear Saviour, each trail but brings me to theePage Scan
248I have heard of a land, of a beautiful landPage Scan
249Holy Spirit, Teacher thou!Page Scan
250The past we never can undoPage Scan
251For the blessings that we sharePage Scan
252O give thanks unto the LordPage Scan
253Work, oh, work, for JesusPage Scan
254Oh, why do you linger yet longer?Page Scan
255There's sunshine in my soul to-dayPage Scan
256I will go, I will go, To the Saviour I'll goPage Scan
257Come and sit at Jesus' feetPage Scan
258In the way cast up for the ransomedPage Scan
259The Bible was given That lost men may knowPage Scan
260Riches unsearchable, riches untoldPage Scan
261There is rest, sweet rest, at the Master's feetPage Scan
262Oh, let us love our brothersPage Scan
263My soul shouts for glory to the Son of GodPage Scan
264'Tis mine to walk in the narrow wayPage Scan
265Have you something good to tell usPage Scan
266Little sunbeams in their brightnessPage Scan
267Trust not the path before theePage Scan
268Are you building your foundationPage Scan
269In the storm of life, in the waves of sinPage Scan
270Oh, be joyful in the LordPage Scan
271Jesus saves me; blest assurancePage Scan
272I have a song I love to singPage Scan
273I know not what a day may bringPage Scan
274O sing the power of love divinePage Scan
275More about Jesus would I knowPage Scan
276Thy will to me, O GodPage Scan
277We praise thee, our FatherPage Scan
278Alas! how long have I refusedPage Scan
279Draw me, O Lord, with the cords of thy lovePage Scan
280Come, oh, come to JesusPage Scan
281Scattering the seed, the precious, precious seedPage Scan
282How can we fail if the Saviour upholds usPage Scan
283When our Saviour in his gloryPage Scan
284There's a great day coming, a great day comingPage Scan
285Return, O ye lost ones, for why will ye strayPage Scan
286Our Sunday-school, how sweet, how dearPage Scan
287Praise the Lord! ye heav'ns, adore himPage Scan
288Waiting by the waysidePage Scan
289There is healing at the fountainPage Scan
290Oh, the Lord is rich in mercyPage Scan
291Open your heart to JesusPage Scan
292Jesus is the light, the wayPage Scan
293Oh, the deep, unfathomed oceanPage Scan
294A sinner lost, and yet I camePage Scan
295At the cross I've laid my burdenPage Scan
296Land ahead! a light is gleamingPage Scan
297Looking to Jesus, bright Star of the dayPage Scan
298The temperance cause is moving onPage Scan
299Shoulder to shoulder, pressing on with prayerPage Scan
300A bugle note of triumphPage Scan
301Oh, we are young soldiers for JesusPage Scan
302Jesus is waiting his grace to bestowPage Scan

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