A Selection of Psalms with occasional hymns (Charleston hymnal)

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P.IHow blest is he, who ne'er consentsText
P.IIWhen Heav'n, thy beauteous work on highText
P.IIITo celebrate thy praise, O Lord,Text
P.IVLord, who's the happy man that mayText
P.VI strive each action to approveText
P.VINo change of time shall ever shock Text
P.VIIYe worshippers of Jacob's GodText
P.VIIIThe Lord himself, the mighty LordText
P.IXThe spacious earth is all the Lord'sText
P.XI'll wash my hands in innocenceText
P.XII'll celebrate thy praises, LordText
P.XIIHe's blest, whose sins have pardon gain'dText
P.XIIILet all the just to God,with joyText
P.XIVThrough all the changing scenes of lifeText
P.XVAs pants the hart for cooling streamsText
P.XVIThe Lord hath spoke, the mighty GodText
P.XVIIHave mercy, Lord, on meText
P.XVIIIO God, my heart is fix'd, 'tis bentText
P.XIXTo bless thy chosen raceText
P.XXO Lord of Hosts, my King and GodText
P.XXITo my complaint, O Lord my GodText
P.XXIITo thee, my God and Saviour, IText
P.XXIIIWhat Seraph of celestial birthText
P.XXIVHe that has God his guardian madeText
P.XXVWith glory clad, with strength array'dText
P.XXVIO come, loud anthems let us singText
P.XXVIISing to the Lord a new-made songText
P.XXVIIIJehovah reigns, let all the earthText
P.XXIXSing to the Lord a new-made songText
P.XXXWith one consent, let all the earthText
P.XXXIMy soul, inspir'd with sacred loveText
P.XXXIIO render thanks to God aboveText
P.XXXIIIO God, my heart is fully bentText
P.XXXIVYe saints and servants of the LordText
P.XXXVWithin the gates of God's abodeText
P.XXXVIHow bless'd are they, who always keepText
P.XXXVIIHow vast must their advantage beText
P.XXXVIIITo God, the mighty LordText
P.XXXIXWhen we, our weary limbs to restText
P.XLThou Lord, by strictest search hast knownText
P.XLIThee I'll extol, my God and KingText
P.XLIIO praise the Lord, and thou my soulText
P.XLIIIO praise the Lord with hymns of joyText
P.XLIVYe boundless realms of joyText
P.XLVO praise ye the LordText
P.XLVIO praise the Lord in that blest placeText
H.IWhile shepherds watch'd their flocks by nightText
H.IIWhile Angels thus, O Lord! rejoiceText
H.IIIThe Lord is come: the heav'ns proclaimText
H.IVCome, let us all unite to praiseText
H.VWhilst tending on their fleecy careText
H.VIFrom whence these direful omens roundText
H.VIINow let our mournful song recordText
H.VIIIMy God, my God, why leav'st thou meText
H.IXHe dies, the friend of sinners diesText
H.XThe rising God forsakes the tombText
H.XISince Christ our Passover is slainText
H.XIIPlung'd in a gulph of dark despairText
H.XIIITo souls just perishing on the stormy deepText
H.XIVTo God, the universal KingText
H.XVErect your heads, eternal gatesText
H.XVIOur Lord is risen from the deadText
H.XVIIHe's come! let ev'ry knee be bentText
H.XVIIICome, Holy Spirit, Heav'nly DoveText
H.XIXO Lord, thy mercy, my sure hopeText
H.XXMy God, and is thy table spreadText
H.XXIAnd are we now brought near to GodText
H.XXIIWherewith shall I approach the LordText
H.XXIIIThe God of life, whose constant careText
H.XXIVRise, my soul, and stretch thy wingsText
H.XXVHappy the man, whose tender careText
H.XXVIThe soul that's fill'd with virtue's lightText
H.XXVIIBlest is the man, whose soft'ning heartText
H.XXVIIIFather of mercy! hear our pray'rText
H.XXIXO praise the Lord, our heav'nly KingText
H.XXXWhen all thy mercies, O my GodText
H.XXXIThe spacious firmament on highText
H.XXXIIThe Lord my pasture shall prepareText
H.XXXIIIAll-glorious God, what hymns of praiseText
H.XXXIVSalvation doth to God belongText
H.XXXVTo God, our never-failing strengthText
H.XXXVIBefore Jehovah's awful throneText
H.XXXVIIFrom all that dwell below the skiesText
H.XXXVIIIHappy the man, whose hopes relyText
H.XXXIXBegin the high celestial strainText
H.XLThou turnest man, O Lord to dustText
H.XLIHark, from the tomb a doleful sound!Text
H.XLIIHark! my gay friends, that solemn tollText
H.XLIIIBehold the path which mortals treadText
H.XLIVDeath calls our friends, our neighbours, henceText
H.XLVVital spark of heav'nly flame!Text
H.XLVIArise, my soul! with rapture rise!Text
H.XLVIIWith fervent hearts let all uniteText
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