The Tidal Wave

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d1A better time will soon appear
d2A great reform, the time is near
d3A song, a song to the bubbling spring
d4Ask ye [me] what great thing I know
d5Away, away the tempting bowl
d6Cheer up sad hearts, 'tis not all dark
d7Chide mildly the erring
d8Cold water, cold water, the great and bounteous giver
d9Come boys and girls, and sing with me
d10Come, give us a hand in the temperance cause
d11Come join our noble temperance band
d12Come, join the blessed temperance cause
d13Dare to be [do] right, dare to be true
d14Father, hear thy children cry
d15From bitter tears of wailing
d16Get ready for the jubilee
d17Go forward, right forward, the sea will divide
d18Hand not the cup to me
d19Hear the temperance call, freemen
d20How beautiful the rain when it twinkles to [on] the plain
d21Hurrah, for sparkling water
d22I am persuaded now, Lord, I relent
d23If your hand's on the plow, hold on, hold on
d24Intemperance, like a raging flood
d25Lo a mighty host is rising now
d26Look not upon the wine with its ruby glow
d27Mine ears have caught the footfalls
d28O brother, dear brother, stay with me tonight
d29O ring the merry bells
d30O rouse ye, Christian women
d31O sad is the heart of the lone one
d32O touch it not, for deep within
d33On to the conquest, sin stalks abroad
d34Press nobly on as God has called
d35Rise and heed the temperance call
d36Round the spring, laugh and sing
d37Shall we be ever drunkards
d38Sign the pledge now, sign it
d39Sign tonight, sign tonight
d40Strike, O strike for victory
d41The battle cry is sounding, We hear it from afar
d42The crystal fount is flowing free
d43The flowers drink their morning draught
d44The joyful day will surely come
d45The light of truth is breaking
d46The temperance cause is calling
d47The temperance hosts are marching on
d48The tidal wave is flowing on
d49There is some good for each one to do
d50There is work, there is work for the children of God
d51There's a demon in the glass
d52There's a gate that is open to all
d53There's an evil in the land
d54Up, the voice from heaven is sounding
d55We must work and pray together
d56Well we know the cup that glitters
d57We've made up our mind
d58What means the notes that the breezes bear along
d59When the burden of toil presses hard
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