The Voice of Praise: a collection of hymns for the use of the Methodist Church

Publisher: James Robison, Pittsburgh, Penn., 1873
Denomination: Methodist Protestant Church
Language: English
Notes: Hymns, Chants (C) and Doxologies (D) are numbered separately
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1The Spirit breathes upon the wordTextPage Scan
2Behold the morning sunTextPage Scan
3Let everlasting glories crownTextPage Scan
4Thy word, almighty LordTextPage Scan
5Upon the gospel's sacred pageTextPage Scan
6The heavens declare thy glory, Lord!TextPage Scan
7This book of books I'd rather ownTextPage Scan
8Mark the soft-falling snowTextPage Scan
9Thy law is perfect, Lord of lightTextPage Scan
10I love the volume of thy wordTextPage Scan
11God, in the gospel of his SonTextPage Scan
12Father of mercies, in thy WordTextPage Scan
13Holy Bible! book divine! Precious treasure! thou art mineTextPage Scan
14How precious is the book divineTextPage Scan
15Come, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspireTextPage Scan
16Blessed Bible! how I love it!TextPage Scan
17Rejoice, ye righteous, in the LordTextPage Scan
18Behold, the lofty skyTextPage Scan
19There is a God--all nature speaksTextPage Scan
20My God, how wonderful thou artTextPage Scan
21Early, my God, without delayTextPage Scan
22Nature, with solemn accent criesTextPage Scan
23There's not a tint that paints the roseTextPage Scan
24Almighty Maker, God, How wondrous is thy name!TextPage Scan
25The spacious firmament on highTextPage Scan
26I sing of God--the world he madeTextPage Scan
27We need not soar above the skiesTextPage Scan
28The Spirit moved upon the wavesTextPage Scan
29Great First of beings! mighty LordTextPage Scan
30Eternal God! almighty causeTextPage Scan
31When God--neglected or deniedTextPage Scan
32Some seraph, lend your heavenly tongueTextPage Scan
33Great God! how infinite art thou!TextPage Scan
34Ere mountains reared their forms sublimeTextPage Scan
35Infinite leagues beyond the skyTextPage Scan
36Thou didst, O mighty God, existTextPage Scan
37This, this is the God we adoreTextPage Scan
38Through endless years thou art the sameTextPage Scan
39When Israel out of Egypt cameTextPage Scan
40Great Former of this various frame!TextPage Scan
41God is a name my soul adoresTextPage Scan
42God is a Spirit, just and wiseTextPage Scan
43Thou art, O God! a Spirit pureTextPage Scan
44What is our God, or what his nameTextPage Scan
45Shall foolish, weak, short sighted manTextPage Scan
46Father, to thee my soul I liftTextPage Scan
47Great is the Lord! what tongue can frameTextPage Scan
48O God, thou bottomless abyss!TextPage Scan
49Sing to the Lord Jehovah's nameTextPage Scan
50'Twas God who fixed the rolling spheresTextPage Scan
51The Lord--how fearful is his name!TextPage Scan
52A VOICE in every gale, A tongue in every flowerTextPage Scan
53Come, O my soul, in sacred laysTextPage Scan
54Lord of all being, throned afarTextPage Scan
55They who seek the throne of graceTextPage Scan
56There's not a place in earth's vast roundTextPage Scan
57God of almighty power, How glorious are thy ways!TextPage Scan
58In all my vast concerns with theeTextPage Scan
59Father of spirits, nature's GodTextPage Scan
60Eternal Wisdom, thee we praiseTextPage Scan
61FATHER of all, whose powerful voiceTextPage Scan
62Awake, my tongue! thy tribute bringTextPage Scan
63God is love, his mercy brightensTextPage Scan
64Oh, who is it like the Mighty OneTextPage Scan
65Great God! thy penetrating eyeTextPage Scan
66Almighty God, thy piercing eyeTextPage Scan
67Father of all, omniscient MindTextPage Scan
68Lord, all I am is known to theeTextPage Scan
69The truth of God shall still endureTextPage Scan
70Now let the feeble all be strongTextPage Scan
71The promises I singTextPage Scan
72My never-ceasing song shall showTextPage Scan
73Begin, my soul, some heavenly themeTextPage Scan
74God is our refuge and defense In trouble our unfailing aidTextPage Scan
75When forth from Egypt's trembling strandTextPage Scan
76See how the mounting sunTextPage Scan
77How are thy servants blest, O Lord!TextPage Scan
78Dear Father, to Thy mercy seat, My soul for shelter fliesTextPage Scan
79Can truth divine fulfillment fail?TextPage Scan
80Round the Lord in glory seatedTextPage Scan
81Mighty One, before whose faceTextPage Scan
82God, in the high and holy placeTextPage Scan
83Let every tongue thy goodness speakTextPage Scan
84Thy goodness is my refuge, Lord!TextPage Scan
85Ye humble souls, approach your GodTextPage Scan
86Lord! thou art good: all nature showsTextPage Scan
87Ye nations round the earth, rejoiceTextPage Scan
88Thy ceaseless, unexhausted loveTextPage Scan
89Blest be our everlasting LordTextPage Scan
90The rising light adorningTextPage Scan
91Lord, with glowing heart I'd praise theeTextPage Scan
92Come, ye that know and fear the LordTextPage Scan
93Thou grace divine, encircling allTextPage Scan
94Oh, for a shout of joyTextPage Scan
95O love of God, how strong and true!TextPage Scan
96Earth, with her ten thousand flowersTextPage Scan
97Let us with a joyful mindTextPage Scan
98Oh! render thanks to God aboveTextPage Scan
99Heralds of creation! cryTextPage Scan
100Give to our God immortal praise!TextPage Scan

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