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Wakan Cekiye Odowan: Hymns in Dakota and English for use in Niobrara Deanery

Published: 1946
Place of Publication: South Dakota
Denomination: Episcopal Church
Language: Dakota; English
Notes: This hymnal is text only.
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1Śicapi kin nipi kta e (Lo, he comes, with clouds descending)
2O u ye, O Emmanuel (O come, O come, Emmanuel)
3Hopi ye, mitakuye (Love of Jesus, all divine)
4Woyasu anpetu kin (Watchman, tell us of the night)
5Christ Jesus Anpao Wicḣpi kin (Saviour, again to thy dear Name we raise)
6Anpetu wan hi kta (The sun is sinking fast)
7Jesus Christ makata hi qa (To the Name of our salvation)
8Wakantanka niun kin He (On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cry)
9Ihopi ye, mitakuye (Joy to the world! the Lord is come)
10Jesus Wanikiye ḣca ce! (Hail to the morn when Christ is born!)
11Jesus, He Itancan (Carol, carol Christians)
12Wacinyayapi kin (O come, all ye faithful)
13Jesus Christ, wana nitonpi (Come, thou long-expected Jesus)
14A! Wankand dowanpi ce! (Hark! the herald angels sing)
15Hanhepi wakan kin! (Silent night, holy night)
16Eyanpahapi ye, Wotanin kin (Shout the glad tidings, exultantly sing)
17A! Wicaho kin naḣon po (Hark! what mean those holy voices)
18Ded omaka kte cin (A few more years shall roll)
19Jesus! He caje wakan! (Jesus! Name of wondrous love!)
20Wowiyuṡkin tanka ḣca wan (How wondrous fair is the glory)
21Kuwapi ye, Jesus Christ ed (Hail, thou once despised Jesus!)
22Wakantanka He onṡiundapi (Lead us, O Father, in the paths of peace)
23Wanikiya kin he dehand (Triumphant Son, lift thy head)
24Itancan, kta sdayapi (Hail to the Lord's Anointed)
25Waun kin,--woeye nind, qa (Just as I am, without one plea)
26Inyan Ohinniyan kin (Rock of ages, cleft for me)
27Ate Wakan kin Mawaṡte wanind (O worship the King, all glorious above!)
28Jesus onṡimada kin (Songs of thankfulness and praise)
29Woteḣi awakipa can (In the cross of Christ I glory)
30Jesus onṡimakida ye (Sweet the moments, rich in blessing)
31Mita-Wanikiya, Imacu ye (Nearer, my God, to thee)
32Christ Wanikiya, tohand (Saviour! when in dust to thee)
33Maka kin de iwamatuka ḣca (Weary of self, and laden with my sin)
34Christ, wikcemna topa can (Forty days and forty nights)
35Jesus wowitan kin (Glory be to Jesus)
36Jesus Christ ni qa ṭe cin (Take my life, and let it be)
37Ya yo! ya yo! Initancan! (Ride on! ride on in majesty!)
38Jesus Christ Wanikiya (For the brave of every race)
39Yuṡtanpi ce; Wanikiya ('Tis finished, so the Saviour cried)
40Can kin ed okatanpi (Bound upon the accursed tree)
41Ded Wakantanka Cinca (When our heads are bowed with woe)
42Wakantanka Cinhintku kin ("O who shall roll away the stone,")
43Jesus Christ wana kini (Jesus Christ is risen to-day)
44Hopo kiktapi ye (On wings of living light)
45Okicize wana yuṡtan (The strife is o'er, the battle done)
46Aliluya! Aliluya! Wokicize kin yuṡtan (Look, ye saints; the sight is glorious)
47Jesus ni! Wiconṭe kin (Jesus lives! thy terrors now)
48Najin! najin ce! Iye ḣca (He is risen, he is risen)
49Wankand idade cin (Crown him with many crowns)
50O Christ, wankand yaki (Thou art gone up on high)
51Minagi kin, inajin yo (Fight the good fight with all thy might)
52Woniya Wakan Niṡakowinpi kin (Hear us, thou that broodedst)
52-BO Sion wankantan waniṡipi kin (O Sion, haste, thy mission high fulfilling)
53O Woniya Wakan, u qa (Spirit of mercy, truth, and love)
54Opeunkitonpi kin He (Our blest Redeemer, ere he breathed)
55Abram wakanda qon (The God of Abraham praise)
55-BChrist taakicita (Onward, Christian soldiers)
56Wakantanka, Itancan kin (Father of all, whose love profound)
57O wakan, wakan, wakan, Itancan ḣce cin! (Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty!)
58Yamni ohinniyan kin (Pleasant are thy courts above)
59Wakantanka Ate Kin He yatanpi ye (Ye holy angels bright)
60Wakantanka, Ate, Nitaanpetu de (We love the place, O God)
61Tuwe nahanḣ wacinyanpi ṡni kin (God of the prophets! Bless the prophets' sons)
62Eyanpaha wakanpi kin (Lord, pour thy Spirit from on high)
63Wakantanka, maḣpiyata (O God, on high, in heavenly courts)
64O Paradise! O Paradise! Oyanke kin waṡte (O Paradise, O Paradise, Who doth not crave for rest?)
65Wakantanka Tamakoca wakan (For all the saints, who from their labours rest)
66Wicotakuye kin wakan (Let saints on earth in concert sing)
67Itancan kin waṡte (I love thy kingdom, Lord)
68Itancan Zion okiya (The Lord His help to Zion gives)
69Zion, wowitan kin ota (Glorious things of thee are spoken)
70Okodakiciye kin (The Church's one foundation)
71Jesus Nitowaonṡida (Jesus, thou Joy of loving hearts!)
72Optaye Jesus Tawa kin (Shepherd of souls, refresh and bless)
73Itancan, Woyute Wakan (My God, thy table now is spread)
74Wicani kta Aguyapi kin (Bread of the world, in mercy broken)
75Itancan miciṭa, Niye (According to thy gracious word)
75-AHere, O my Lord, I see thee face to face
75-BAnd now, O Father, mindful of the love
76Hokṡicopa wan Jesus ed (A little child the Saviour came)
77Wanikiya, Nitacanku (O Lord, and Master of us all)
78Owas inajin po (Soldiers of Christ, arise)
79Wanikiya kin He (The gentle Saviour calls us)
80Ho, Wicoḣan ṡica (Do no sinful action)
81O Ate, maḣpiya Ed ounyaya (Jesus, gentlest Saviour)
82O Wanikiya mitawa (Saviour, like a shepherd lead us)
83Jesus Christ Wanikiya, Taḣcaska Nitawa kin (Thine forever! God of love)
84O Ate, maḣpiya Ed wankand nanka (Now the day is over)
85Tuwa Wakan kin maka kin he kaga (Brightest and best of the sons of the morning)
86Ateunyanpi, Adam he (O North, with all thy vales of green)
87Sinai ḣe kin he ekta (For the beauty of the earth)
88Wakantanka wanjina ḣcin (When all thy mercies, O my God)
89Mitawanikiya kin (Go forward, Christian soldier)
90Anpetu de miçiconza (O happy day, that stays my choice)
91Wicaṡa qa Oknikde ko (Witness, ye men and angels; now)
92Jesus, minagi kin (O bless the Lord, my soul!)
93Mita Wakantanka, Nikiyena (More love to Thee, O Christ)
94Christ Jesus ed iṡtinmapi (Asleep in Jesus! blessed sleep!)
95Okokipe wiconṭe ko (O God, our help in ages past)
96O Jesus Christ, Koda wakan (Immortal Love, for ever full)

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