Zion's Delight: for revival meetings, prayer meetings, young people's meetings, and Sunday school

Editor: Chas. Walker Ray, D. D.
Publisher: Griffith & Rowland Press, Philadelphia, 1902
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number. Letters are added to hymns that start on the same page.
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2Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy GhostPage Scan
3Zion's delight in her Savior RedeemerPage Scan
4Up to the bountiful Giver of lifePage Scan
5I enter'd once a home of carePage Scan
6All the wide world for our Saviour and LordPage Scan
7Jesus, still lead onPage Scan
8Out on the wide, wide oceanPage Scan
9There is a voice of the tenderest lovePage Scan
10Welcome the children in my namePage Scan
11The Harvest is ripe and soon will be perishingPage Scan
12Workers and willing workersPage Scan
13There is a Rock in a weary landPage Scan
14That from guilt I may be Ever spotless and freePage Scan
15O Thou that hear'st the pray'r of faithPage Scan
16Jesus now is intercedingPage Scan
17To the cross of Christ, my SaviourPage Scan
18Rescue the perishing, Care for the dyingPage Scan
19There are days of toil in the sowing timePage Scan
20Call'd to the feast by the King are wePage Scan
21We shall cross the restless tidePage Scan
22All my doubts I give to JesusPage Scan
23There's a bright and Golden LightPage Scan
24O, the gospel story tellPage Scan
25Should the Death-Angel knock at thy chamberPage Scan
26Sowing in the morning, sowing seeds of kindnessPage Scan
27When on the mountain's tow'ring heightPage Scan
28They're gathering homeward from ev'ry landPage Scan
29When, streaming from the eastern skiesPage Scan
30Dark the night of bitter weepingPage Scan
31Oft amidst the deep'ning shadowsPage Scan
32"How far, how far to the City of Gold?"["How far, how far to the City of Gold?"]Page Scan
33Shall we meet beyond the riverPage Scan
34As a distant strain of musicPage Scan
35Today the Saviour callsPage Scan
36Who, who are these beside the chilly wavePage Scan
37Through the gates of that city most beautifulPage Scan
38An open Bible for the worldPage Scan
39Joyfully, joyfully, onward I movePage Scan
40On the Jericho road there is service todayPage Scan
41Saviour, Advocate, and FriendPage Scan
42In a world so full of weepingPage Scan
43In the cross of Christ I gloryPage Scan
44My Saviour and my GodPage Scan
45We'll gather the children of want and sinPage Scan
46Heirs of God with Christ our KingPage Scan
47O Saviour true In life's reviewPage Scan
48Gathering in the Harvest for JesusPage Scan
49"Forever with the Lord!"Page Scan
50Come, sinner, behold what Jesus hath dnePage Scan
51Of all the sweet stories that ever were toldPage Scan
52When in robes of lightPage Scan
54In the battle of life we'll go forthPage Scan
56I am longing for the gath'ring of the ransomed over therePage Scan
58Go, ye Children of lightPage Scan
59aI love to think of heavenPage Scan
59bCome, we that love the LordPage Scan
60Praise, praise the LordPage Scan
61There is seed of truth to sowPage Scan
62Hast thou, by burdens sore oppress'dPage Scan
63Will you anchor hold in the storms of lifePage Scan
64Twilight is stealing over the seaPage Scan
65Oh why should we sighPage Scan
66It may not be on the mountain's heightPage Scan
67What a fellowship, what a joy divinePage Scan
68The Kingdom of the LordPage Scan
70Jesus all my grief is sharingPage Scan
71How sweet the music of His namePage Scan
72There shall come a gladsome dayPage Scan
73O promise sweet! He leadeth mePage Scan
74When light divine had touched the hillsPage Scan
75To each pilgrim here benightedPage Scan
76My Savior God in thee I livePage Scan
77The Lord into His garden comesPage Scan
78Meek and lowly, Pure and holyPage Scan
79Sadly we sing, and with tremulous breathPage Scan
80Pilgrims of earth we are journeying homePage Scan
81The half never yet has been toldPage Scan
82Jesus, my Saviour, to Bethlehem camePage Scan
83My Father hath riches in houses and landsPage Scan
84In Jesus I found, A balm for ev'ry woundPage Scan
85Beautiful Zion, built abovePage Scan
86When I pass death's chilling shadowsPage Scan
87In the Christian's home in gloryPage Scan
88Have you been redeemed from sin?Page Scan
89He knows the bitter, weary wayPage Scan
90Some day, but when I cannot tellPage Scan
91O do not be weary, but ever pursuePage Scan
92There is a beautiful worldPage Scan
93When a sinner comes, as a sinner mayPage Scan
94As the doves to their windows when dark grow the skyPage Scan
96O ye children of God, Ye redeemed thro' the bloodPage Scan
97Tho' we have not touch'd His handsPage Scan
98O let me but look to JesusPage Scan
99Jesus Saviour, meek and lowlyPage Scan
100On to victory, On to victoryPage Scan
101Praise God from whom all blessings flowPage Scan
102Oh, who is this that comethPage Scan
103Sailor on the ocean sailing, sailingPage Scan
104I have sweetest rest in JesusPage Scan
105Holy Spirit, faithful GuidePage Scan

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