Charles Walker Ray

Short Name: Charles Walker Ray
Full Name: Ray, Charles Walker, 1832-1917
Birth Year: 1832
Death Year: 1917

Rv Charles Walker Ray DD USA 1832-1917. Born at Otselic, NY, he became a Baptist minister. He was educated at Hamlton College, Clinton, NY. He earned his doctorate from Monongahela College, Jefferson, PA. That school closed in 1894. He pastored at North Stonington, CT, for a number of years. He also served at Plymouth, NY. He married Julia Tracy Sheffield, and they had a son, Arthur. He wrote a number of books and song books: “Grace Vernon Bussell, the heroine of western Australia” (1878); “Spicy breezes” (1883); “The day school crown” (1892); “The revival helper: a collection of songs for Christian work and worship” (1893); “Bright blossoms of song” (1895); “Zion’s delight” (1901); “The song of songs of the King and his bride-an interpretation” (1913); “The fallacies and vagaries of misinterpretation” (1914). He died at Philadelphia, PA.

John Perry

Texts by Charles Walker Ray (350)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A darling child lay dyingC. W. R. (Author)5
A few more days or fleeting yearsCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
A gracious form, Amidst the stormCharles Walker Ray (Author)English4
A helper of my SaviorCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
A helper of my Savior I'd beCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
A loved one has gone with the Savior to beCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
A song, a song to the crystal springRev. C. W. Ray, D.D. (Author)English2
Adrift on life's tempestuous seaC. W. Ray (Author)3
Ah the wrongs that might be rightedC. W. Ray (Author)English2
All glory to the Savior's name, For us once crucifiedC. W. Ray (Author)English2
All hail, all hail to ChristCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
All hail the bright and beautiful mornCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
All the wide world for our Savior and LordCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Alone! from heaven descendingC. W. Ray (Author)English2
America, land of sweet story and songC. W. Ray (Author)English3
An aged saint lay dyingCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
An open Bible for the world, For rich and poor, for great and smallC. W. R. (Author)English4
Art thou tempted and triedC. W. Ray (Author)English6
As a distant strain of musicC. W. Ray (Author)1
As the doves to their windows when dark grows the skyC. W. Ray (Author)English4
Beautiful eyes are the eyesCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Beautiful home, home of the blestCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Beautiful the dawningCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Behold the Lamb of Calvary, The bloody cross on which He diesC. W. Ray (Author)English8
Better, far better than mansions of easeC. W. R. (Author)2
Blessed Book and sacred boonCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Blessed Jesus, we adore theeCharles Walker Ray (Author)5
Blessed Savior, here we gatherCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Blessed Savior, to thy gloryC. W. R. (Author)2
Blest Redeemer, let the childrenCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Bravely go forth in defenseCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Bright blossoms of beautyCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Bright buttercups and daisiesCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
By Satan once a captive ledC. W. Ray (Author)1
By sweetest calm of wildest stormC. W. Ray (Author)2
Can a little, sinful childCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Can the mighty God above usCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Can you tell how many birdiesCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Closer than a brother is the Savior that we loveCharles Walker Ray (Author)English3
Come and join the royal bandCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Come weary sinner in thy woeCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Dark the night of bitter weepingC. W. R. (Author)3
Dear Jesus great ShepherdCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Dear Lord in dark GethsemaneC. W. Ray (Author)3
Dear Savior, guide my little feetCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Dear Savior, Redeemer, adorable LordC. W. Ray (Author)2
Dear Shepherd of Zion, it oft hath been toldCharles Walker Ray (Author)4
Do something, yes, somethingC. W. Ray (Author)4
Don't say it, don't say it, dear neighborCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Ever thrillingly sweet is the storyCharles Walker Ray (Author)4
Every springtime seems callingCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Faithful remain to thy Savior and KingCharles Walker Ray (Author)4
Farewell, farewell, the parting time has comeCharles Walker Ray (Author)English3
Father of mercies and of loveCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Floating across from the other sideCharles Walker Ray (Author)1
For heavenly heirs our Lord preparesCharles Walker Ray (Author)5
For the bud and the bloomCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
For thee, my soul, for thee, for theeCharles Walker Ray (Author)English2
From scenes of sorest needCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Gathering in the harvest for JesusC. W. R. (Author)English2
Gathering in the harvest, From valley, and hill and plainCharles Walker Ray (Author)English9
Go, ye children of lightCharles Walker Ray (Author)English11
Go ye to sad GethsemaneCharles Walker Ray (Author)English2
Grandly the people are risingCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Grant us, Lord, Thine own indwellingC. W. Ray (Author)English2
Father, while we this service closeC. W. Ray (Author)English4
Guard them and guide them, the dear little feetC. W. R. (Author)2
Hail, all hail, ye servants of the LordCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Hail with rejoicingsCharles Walker Ray (Author)4
Happy hurrah, for virtueCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Hast thou by burdens sore oppressedCharles Walker Ray (Author)English3
Have you heard the sweet story of Jesus King of gloryCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Hear the voice of entreatyCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Hear ye not the Savior calling, Gently calling after thee?C. W. R. (Author)English2
Heed ye not the lengthening shadowsCharles Walker Ray (Author)4
Heirs of God with Christ our KingCharles Walker Ray (Author)7
Here again with joyCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Here are two, only twoCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Holy Father, from the skiesCharles Walker Ray (Author)English4
Holy Savior, soverign LordCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Holy Spirit bless and guide meCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Hopefully, trustfully, Jesus, I would bowC. W. R. (Author)2
How changeful is life's wayC. W. Ray (Author)3
How may we hope life eternal to winCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
How shall I live that my lifeCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
How still was the night while the shepherds were dreamingC. W. Ray (Author)English3
How sweet the music of his NameCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
How wonderful, wonderful is the nameC. W. R. (Author)2
I am saved, and Jesus loves meCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
I am saved from the curse of transgressionCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
I am saved from the sin that enthralled meC. W. Ray (Author)English2
I gladly would be like a Christmas bellCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
I have found a sweet peaceC. W. Ray (Author)English2
I have had the sweetest dreamsCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
I have sweetest rest in JesusCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
I have two little hands, which the LordCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
I have two little hands, which the Lord hath givenCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
I love my blessed Savior, because he first loved meCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
I love my dear RedeemerCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
I soon shall reach the promised landCharles Walker Ray (Author)English3
I will bless the Lord who sought meC. W. Ray (Author)English2
I will praise thee, precious SaviorCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
I will sing of my Savior who suffered for meCharles Walker Ray (Author)English2
I will sing of the mercies of the Lord, All His goodness I will hasten to proclaimCharles Walker Ray (Author)English5
I would be a rosebud fairCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
I would be bright as the brightestCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
I'm redeemed by Jesus' bloodCharles Walker Ray (Author)English3
In chains at death's dark door I layCharles Walker Ray (Author)English2
In his wondrous love the Savior long agoCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
In Jesus I found a balm for every woundC. W. Ray (Author)English7
In my soul a flame is kindledC. W. R. (Author)3
In our Father's house, there are mansions brightCharles Walker Ray (Author)English6
In the gloomy garden of GethsemaneCharles Walker Ray (Author)5
In the palace of the kingCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
In the twilight grayC. W. R. (Author)English3
In the wilderness drearyC. W. Ray (Author)English3
Is it nothing to you that the curse of strong drinkC. W. Ray (Author)English3
It was the night beforeCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
It was through riches of His saving graceC. W. Ray (Author)English2
I've kindred and friends who are dearC. W. Ray (Author)English2
Jerusalem how fair and brightCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Jesus, Advocate with GodCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Jesus all my grief is sharing [bearing]C. W. Ray (Author)English17
Jesus at the door is pleadingCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Jesus, can a sinful childC. W. Ray (Author)2
Jesus evermore is calling, Gently calling "Follow Me!"Charles Walker Ray (Author)English7
Jesus, guide my little feetCharles Walker Ray (Author)5
Jesus, help a sinful childCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Jesus, I am but a childCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Jesus, I would follow theeC. W. R. (Author)5
Jesus is waiting, waiting in sorrowCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Jesus, my Savior, to Bethlehem came, Born in a manger to sorrow and shameC. W. R. (Alterer)English1
Jesus now is intercedingCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Jesus, our Savior, Sovereign HeadC. W. Ray (Author)English2
Jesus, Savior, I am waitingCharles Walker Ray (Author)English3
Jesus, Savior, tender ShepherdCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Jesus, Savior, am I thineC. W. Ray (Author)English2
Jesus, Savior, meek and lowlyC. W. R. (Author)3
Jesus tenderly is calling, Sinner, why, why delay?C. W. R. (Author)English2
Jesus, thou didst love the childrenCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Jesus, thou true and living BreadCharles Walker Ray (Author)English2
Jesus watches over meC. W. Ray (Author)3
Jesus wondrous love possessingCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Jesus yet is standing at the bolted doorC. W. Ray (Author)2
Jewels, bright beautifulCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Joy to the world, the Savior KingCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
King of kings and king of gloryCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Lead me, blessed SaviorCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Lead me, lead me, blessed SaviorCharles Walker Ray (Author)English2
Let ev'ry heart before the LordC. W. R. (Author)1
Let me walk with the angelsC. W. R. (Author)3
Let the children and the youthC. W. Ray (Author)1
Let the little lambs be fedCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Let us all together riseCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Let us sing of our blessed RedeemerCharles Walker Ray (Author)4
Let us sing to the Lord (Ray)Charles Walker Ray (Author)2
Let us work with our might, for the nightCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Let us work with our mightC. W. R. (Author)1
Listen, children, one and allCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Little bluebirds and robinsCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Little by little the time goes byC. W. R. (Author)English2
Little children drawing nearC. W. R. (Author)2
Little sunbeams in their brightnessRev. C. W. Ray, D. D. (Author)English6
Lo what wondrous light is fallingCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Long ago in days of oldC. W. Ray (Author)English2
Long ago the blest redeemerCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Look to Jesus trembling soulC. W. R. (Author)4
Lord, teach a little child to pray, To plead for mercy in Thy nameRev. C. W. Ray, D.D. (Author)English4
Lord, teach me how to liveCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Loyal to Jesus, our Savior and KingRev. C. W. Ray, D.D. (Author)English9
May fainting souls approach the Lord And ever welcome beCharles Walker Ray (Author)English4
Merrily silvery chimingCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Mighty to save from the foes that assail theeC. W. Ray (Author)1
Multitudes, we gaze in wonderCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
My Father, God, beneath whose rodCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
My Father is rich in houses and landsC. W. R. (Alterer)English1
My hands I would giveCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
My heart is sad and wearyC. W. Ray (Author)3
My house of clay, May fade awayCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
My little ears were madeCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
My Savior and my GodCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
My Savior and soul's DefenderC. W. Ray (Author)English2
My Savior God in Thee I liveC. W. Ray (Author)4
Night and day for many, many yearsCharles Walker Ray (Author)English6
No cup from any fountainCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Not an aching heart is yearningC. W. Ray (Author)English2
O, blessed day, when our dearCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
O blessed Master, hear meCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
O blessed morn that saw the Lord ariseC. W. Ray (Author)2
O blessed Redeemer how wonderful thy loveCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
O blissful day when from the skiesCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
O brother look to CalvaryCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
O Christ of God, thou living vineCharles Walker Ray (Author)English2
O cloudless land beyond life's seaCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
O day of days the brightestCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
O drink, drink, drink, but not the tempting wineCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
O Eden land, thy name so sweetCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
O for the wings of the bright early morningCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
O glory land, best glory landCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
O Jesus, mighty Savior, KingCharles Walker Ray (Author)4
O look not on the sparklling wineC. W. Ray (Author)2
O mother I am dying, and I cannot go aloneCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
O pray can you tell usCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
O Rock of refuge, Savior, FriendCharles Walker Ray (Author)4
O Savior true, In life's reviewC. W. Ray (Author)2
O sovereign and ascended LordC. W. Ray (Author)2
O there is a beautiful city, Whose walls are of jewels most rareC. W. R. (Author)English3
O what has Jesus done for me in proof of love divine?C. W. R. (Author)English4
O what wilt thou give as a token of loveCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
O whom will you meet in that cityCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
O why should we sighCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Of all the sweet stories that ever were toldCharles Walker Ray (Author)English4
Oft amidst the deepening shadowsC. W. Ray (Author)4
O, blessed day of sacred restC. W. Ray (Author)1
O who is it like Jesus by prophets foretoldC. W. R. (Author)5
On the other side of JordanCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Onward, ever onward hasteCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Our Father in heaven, we humbly would prayCharles Walker Ray (Author)English3
Our Savior God to Thee we RaiseCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Out on the wide, wide oceanC. W. R. (Author)English3
Pilgrims of earth, we are journeying homeCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Praise, praise the Lord, The dear Redeemer KingC. W. Ray (Author)English2
Precious is the Savior's promiseCharles Walker Ray (Author)4
Redeemed through Jesus' wondrous loveCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Redeemer of Zion, blest Savior of lost menC. W. Ray (Author)English3
Rejoice, rejoice, hosannas singC. W. Ray (Author)2
Rejoice, rejoice, the Lord most highCharles Walker Ray (Author)4
Rejoice, rejoice, the Lord shall comeC. W. Ray (Author)English2
Ring, ring, ring, ring, Sweetly, sweetly ringCharles Walker Ray (Author)English2
Running on errands for JesusCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Sadly we sing and with tremulous breathCharles Walker Ray (Author)English51
Saved, saved by the blood of the LambC. W. R. (Author)2
Savior advocate and friendC. W. Ray (Author)English5
Savior King, I would singC. W. R. (Author)5
Self condemned and unforgivenCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Shout, shout for joy, a brighter downCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Sinner, hast thou not a welcome for Jesus nowC. W. R. (Author)1
Some blessed day, down from on highC. W. Ray (Author)English2
Some blessed day, JesusCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Some day, but when I cannot tell, To toils and tears I'll bid farewellRev. C. W. Ray, D.D. (Author)English19
Something for Jesus, O that I could bringCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Speak kindly and gently whenever you grieveCharles Walker Ray (Author)English2
Spicy breezes of devotionC. W. Ray (Author)2
Standing by the riversideCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Star of Bethlehem, thy gloryC. W. R. (Author)3
Swiftly the years, with their hopes and fearsCharles Walker Ray (Author)English3
Take thy burden, onward hasteC. W. Ray (Author)1
Tears, tears, bitter tears may fallC. W. Ray, D.D. (Author)English5
Tenderly plead with the weak and the wrongCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
That from guilt I may bem, ever spotless and freeC. W. R. (Author)5
The accepted time has comeCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
The beautiful liliesCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
The Bible, the Bible, to wanderers givenC. W. R. (Author)1
The changes of fortune may alterCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
The harvest is ripe and soon will be perishingC. W. R. (Author)2
The keys of all kingdoms to Jesus belongCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
The King is in need of volunteersCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
The King of the dayCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
The King of Zion came to saveC. W. Ray (Author)2
The Kingdom of the Lord, Forever shall endureC. W. Ray (Author)English3
The Lord is my Shepherd, He loveth his sheepCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
The Lord is risen, the empty tombC. W. Ray (Author)English4
The morning is brightCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
The Savior is standing in grief at the doorCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
The Savior sought and found me, He found me, He found meRev. C. W. Ray (Author)English4
The soul who would find full release from his woesC. W. Ray (Author)English4
The sun must shine to give usCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
There are little crowns in heavenCharles Walker Ray (Author)5
There is hope for hearts now achingC. W. Ray (Author)English3
There is joy with the angels of heavenC. W. R. (Author)2
There is something to doCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
There shall come a gladsome dayCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
There's a fountain full and freeCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
There's a happy, happy dayCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
There's a wonderful, wonderful story of loveC. W. R. (Author)3
There's joy with the angelsCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
They shall shine, ever shineCharles Walker Ray (Author)English3
They're [They are] gathering homeward from every landC. W. R. (Alterer)English1
Thou who didst for sinners bleedCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Though clouds my way obscureCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Though earth and skies remove, by and byCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Though rugged and dreary my pathwayCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Through the gates of that city most beautifulC. W. Ray, D.D. (Author)English2
Through the great and crowded cityCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Tidings, blessed tidings, hear the gospel callCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
'Tis a dark and gloomy dayCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
'Tis a wonderful storyCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
'Tis not for pleasure duty callsCharles Walker Ray (Author)4
To God the Father, and the Son, And Spirit Three in OneCharles Walker Ray (Author)English2
To Jesus, our Savior, defenderCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
To redeem our sinful earthCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
To thee my heart is turningCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
To thy barred and bolted doorC. W. Ray (Author)English8
Wandering in the desert lonely [dreary]Charles Walker Ray (Author)English4
Warmest welcome we would give youCharles Walker Ray (Author)English3
We are calling to dutyCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
We are happy, just as happyCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
We are out on the ocean sailing, Homeward bound we sweetly glideC. W. Ray (Author)English1
We are soldiers in the army (Ray)Charles Walker Ray (Author)2
We are standing on the thresholdC. W. Ray (Author)2
We greet you with gladnessCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
We shall cross the restless tideC. W. R. (Author)2
We toil awhile in tears belowCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
We will stand for the rightCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Welcome the children in my nameCharles Walker Ray (Author)5
We'll sing of our Lord once crucifiedCharles Walker Ray (Author)English2
We'll sow for a harvestCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
We'll tell you the wayCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
What blest book to mortalsCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
What can the little childrenCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
What can the sinner's hardened hearth subdueCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
What can willing hands bringCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
What rapturous songs of gladnessC. W. Ray (Author)English2
What will you do with Jesus, The words how sad and sweetC. W. R. (Author (chorus) & arranger)English1
What wilt thou give as a token of loveCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Whate'er to me a cross may proveC. W. Ray (Author)English2
When hearts do ache with boding fearsC. W. R. (Author)3
When I pass death's chilling shadowsCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
When in robes of lightCharles Walker Ray (Author)4
When in weariness we journeyCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
When on the mountain's towering heightCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
When our hearts are sad and achingCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
When the golden summer sunbeamsCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
When the judgment day shall comeCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
When the righteous are crowned for their labors of loveC. W. Ray (Author)English3
When the sinner opprestC. W. R. (Author)3
When the stars with trembling aweCharles Walker Ray (Author)4
Where shall sin sick souls find a cureCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Wherever thoughts may wanderCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
While along life's road you journeyCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
While sailing over life's stormy seas, And storm clouds round me lowerC. W. Ray (Author)English4
Who may to Jesus unbosomCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Who shall sing of victoryCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Why in tears through the yearsCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Why were angels once descendingC. W. Hay (Author)3
Will you come, will you come to the Savior now pleadingCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Will you do what you can for the lost in sin?C. W. Ray (Author)English2
With us, Lord, forever dwellingC. W. Ray (Author)English2
Wonderful Savior, RedeemerC. W. R. (Author)2
Workers and willing workersCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Would you find the way to heaven, take the precious book divineCharles Walker Ray (Author)English2
Would you walk and talk with angelsCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Wouldst thou be saved from sin?Charles Walker Ray (Author)5
Wouldst thou share the Savior's blessingCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Write it on the grog shop doorCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Ye friends of the blessed RedeemerC. W. R. (Author)English6
Ye shall be my witnesses unto meCharles Walker Ray (Author)2
Ye shall be witnesses unto meCharles Walker Ray (Author)3
Yes, for me, for me He carethC. W. Ray (Author)English1
Zion's delight in her Savior RedeemerCharles Walker Ray (Author)2

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