Zion's Praises (1st ed.)

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1One day when fell the Spirit's whisperPage Scan
2Conquering now and still to conquerPage Scan
3I know that my Redeemer livethPage Scan
4When we walk with the Lord In the light of His WordPage Scan
5Tenderly, tenderly, lead Thou me onPage Scan
6Come, tell the story of His lovePage Scan
7Come, learn of the Meek and LowlyPage Scan
8How many times, discouragedPage Scan
9Hear us, O Savior, while we prayPage Scan
10Jesus, my Savior, Keep me ever near Thy sidePage Scan
11Savior, lead me, lest I strayPage Scan
12Upon the great highways thou standest wearyPage Scan
13Jesus is the Friend to trustPage Scan
14What fruit have you gathered for JesusPage Scan
15I am list'ning for His footfallPage Scan
16O city of the Jasper wallPage Scan
17We're marching on to gloryPage Scan
18Had we only sunshine all the year aroundPage Scan
19Anywhere with Jesus I can safely goPage Scan
20There's no love to me like the love of JesusPage Scan
21With a steadfast faith together let us walkPage Scan
22Scattering precious seed by the waysidePage Scan
23"God is love," the snow-flakes whisperPage Scan
24I've found a Friend in JesusPage Scan
25As thro' life you journeyPage Scan
26Holy, holy, holy is the Lord!Page Scan
27Tell me the story of JesusPage Scan
28It may not be on the mountain's height, or over the stormy seaPage Scan
29"Give me thy heart," says the Father abovePage Scan
30We know not the time when He comethPage Scan
31Little children, come and learnPage Scan
32When we meet safe at home in the morningPage Scan
33The day is breaking, the world is awakingPage Scan
34When my life work is ended, and I cross the swelling tidePage Scan
35We've a glorious hope to cheer us as we wend our homeward wayPage Scan
36I have heard the sweetest storyPage Scan
37Come, ye that love the Lord Page Scan
38At the sounding of the trumpet, when the saints are gathered homePage Scan
39'Twas so long, and long agoPage Scan
40O the bitter pain and sorrowPage Scan
41Sweet are the promises of the early springPage Scan
42Rich and golden blessings are always on the wingPage Scan
43My Father is rich in houses and landsPage Scan
44All along life's pathway, Toilers you will meetPage Scan
45I hear, I hear from far abovePage Scan
46Each cooing dove, and sighing boughPage Scan
47Softly and tenderly Jesus is callingPage Scan
48It was spoken for the MasterPage Scan
49Our friends on earth we meet with pleasurePage Scan
50Into Thy presence blestPage Scan
51I would be a little sunbeamPage Scan
52At the '"Beautiful Gate" of the templePage Scan
53For air and sunshine pure and sweetPage Scan
54Come close to the Savior, Thy loving RedeemerPage Scan
55"Suffer little children," Jesus saidPage Scan
56A band of true and valiant soldiersPage Scan
57When I ope my eyes at morningPage Scan
58God will take care of you, be not afraidPage Scan
59There are many today who are wand'ring awayPage Scan
60When I walk thro' the valley of shadow and gloomPage Scan
61There is a home where we may dwellPage Scan
62Lo! a mighty army now assemblingPage Scan
63Silv'ry star, precious starPage Scan
64On the brow of night there shines a silver starPage Scan
65Christian, wake, be up and doingPage Scan
66Will your anchor hold in the storms of lifePage Scan
67The dear old story of a Savior's lovePage Scan
68My heart's a tuneful harp when Christ abides within[My heart's a tuneful harp when Christ abides within]Page Scan
69Dear is the hope that the gospel revealsPage Scan
70When the storm in its fury on Galilee fell Page Scan
71Stand up, stand up for JesusPage Scan
72He that overcometh is promised in the wordPage Scan
73Lead me, O my Savior, lead mePage Scan
74In the day of sunlight, in the twilight dimPage Scan
75Fresh from the throne of gloryPage Scan
76The sun is shining somewherePage Scan
77Jesus is the light, the wayPage Scan
78The saints shall wear robes as the liliesPage Scan
79Dare to be right, dare to be true!Page Scan
80Yield not to temptaionPage Scan
81I may not know the reason whyPage Scan
82Catch the sunshine! tho' it flickersPage Scan
83This is the motto we all would obeyPage Scan
84There's many a stone along life's roadPage Scan
85List to the song, beautiful songPage Scan
86Through the rosy gates of summerPage Scan
87Praise ye the Lord! 'tis good to raisePage Scan
88Dear to the heart of the ShepherdPage Scan
89Welcome happy Sunday, Day of days the bestPage Scan
90O give us a parting blessingPage Scan
91Little eyes, little eyes, Softly close in worship nowPage Scan
92My soul has found abiding restPage Scan
93Alone with Jesus, I would bePage Scan
94A ruler once came to Jesus by nightPage Scan
95Today, tomorrow, evermorePage Scan
96Never be discouraged, trust the Father's wordPage Scan
97To Him whose care prolongs our daysPage Scan
98Christians, wake, no longer sleepPage Scan
99Earnest workers for the MasterPage Scan
100Trying to walk in the steps of the SaviorPage Scan

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