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TitleHymn Number
A babe in the manger
At Bethlehem#354
A Babe is born, all of a maid
A Babe Is Born#359
A Babe is born in Bethlehem
A Babe Is Born in Bethlehem#358
A baby once slept in a manger
The Little Lord Jesus#11282
A band of faithful reapers we
To The Harvest Field#12047
A band of herdsmen tarried late
A Band Of Herdsmen Tarried Late#355
A beautiful land by faith I see
That Beautiful Land#14401
A believer, free from care
A Believer, Free From Care#13342
A better day is coming
Coming By and By#356
A Bible Christian I will be
A Bible Christian#516
A blessing for you--will you take it?
Choose Ye Today#820
A Boy is born in Bethlehem
A Boy Is Born In Bethlehem#8373
A brighter dawn is breaking
A Brighter Dawn Is Breaking#629
A bud the Gardener gave me
My Bud in Heaven#4394
A call comes ringing from the throne
The King's Call#721
A call for loyal soldiers
As a Volunteer#270
A call to "loyal workers"
The Loyal Call#12690
A charge to keep I have
A Charge to Keep I Have#794
A child for us is born this day
A Child For Us Is Born This Day#8388
A Child is born in Bethlehem
A Child Is Born In Bethlehem#10692
A child is born—the birth proclaim
A Child Is Born – The Birth Proclaim#12286
A child this day is born
A Child This Day Is Born#812
A city awaits us we soon shall behold
Beautiful Homeland#511
A Cristo coronad
A Cristo Coronad#13592
A crowd fills the court of the temple
A Crowd Fills The Court Of The Temple#10103
A cry, a wild and piercing cry
The Right Shall Rule#7832
A cry, as of pain, again and again
A Cry, as of Pain#1103
A cry comes over the deep
On The Shoals#12806
A day, a day of glory
A Day, A Day of Glory!#1167
A debtor to mercy alone
A Debtor to Mercy Alone#1197
A Dios, naciones, dad loor
A Dios, Naciones, Dad Loor#13593
A dread and solemn hour
A Dread And Solemn Hour#10404
A dread hath come on me
A Dread Hath Come on Me#1267
A few more marchings weary
A Few More Marchings Weary#1505
A few more years shall roll
A Few More Years Shall Roll#1506
A fountain of life and of grace
A Fountain Of Life And Of Grace#12716
A friend have I who’s ever near
Whom Having Not Seen, I Love#10831
A friend I have called Jesus
It's Just Like His Great Love#3124
A friend of Jesus! O what bliss
Friendship with Jesus#1617
A garden I know and a grave newly made
In Joseph's Garden#14601
A glad message rings thro' the world today
The Work Must Go On#7623
A gladsome hymn of praise we sing
A Gladsome Hymn of Praise We Sing#1817
A glorious angel from Heaven came
Mummers' Carol#7833
A glorious day is dawning
A Glorious Day Is Dawning#1842
A glorious invitation
The Spirit And Bride Say Come#11349
A glory gilds the sacred page
A Glory Gilds the Sacred Page#1855
A Golgotán ered egy tisztító
A Golgotán Ered#14255
A goodly land mine eyes behold
The Canaan Land of Perfect Love#740
A goodly theme is mine
A Goodly Theme Is Mine#1969
A great and mighty wonder
A Great and Mighty Wonder#2019


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