Henry Alford

Henry Alford
Short Name: Henry Alford
Full Name: Alford, Henry, 1810-1871
Birth Year: 1810
Death Year: 1871

Alford, Henry, D.D., son of  the Rev. Henry Alford, Rector of Aston Sandford, b. at 25 Alfred Place, Bedford Row, London, Oct. 7, 1810, and educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, graduating in honours, in 1832. In 1833 he was ordained to the Curacy of Ampton. Subsequently he held the Vicarage of Wymeswold, 1835-1853,--the Incumbency of Quebec Chapel, London, 1853-1857; and the Deanery of Canterbury, 1857 to his death, which took. place  at  Canterbury, Jan. 12, 1871.  In addition he held several important appointments, including that of a Fellow of Trinity, and the Hulsean Lectureship, 1841-2. His literary labours extended to every department of literature, but his noblest undertaking was his edition of the Greek Testament, the result of 20 years' labour.    His hymnological and poetical works, given below, were numerous, and included the compiling of collections, the composition of original hymns, and translations from other languages.    As a hymn-writer he added little to his literary reputation. The rhythm of his hymns is musical, but the poetry is neither striking, nor the thought original.   They are evangelical in their teaching,   but somewhat cold  and  conventional. They vary greatly in merit, the most popular being "Come, ye thankful  people, come," "In token that thou  shalt  not fear," and "Forward be our watchword." His collections, the Psalms and Hymns of 1844, and the Year of Praise, 1867, have not achieved a marked success.  His poetical and hymnological works include—

    (1) Hymns in the Christian Observer and the Christian Guardian, 1830. (2) Poems and Poetical Fragments (no name), Cambridge, J.   J.  Deighton, 1833.  (3) The School of the Heart, and other Poems, Cambridge, Pitt Press, 1835. (4) Hymns for the Sundays and Festivals throughout the Year, &c.,Lond., Longman ft Co., 1836. (5) Psalms and Hymns, adapted for the Sundays and Holidays throughout the year, &c, Lond., Rivington, 1844. (6) Poetical Works, 2 vols., Lond., Rivington, 1845. (7) Select Poetical Works, London, Rivington, 1851. (8) An American ed. of his Poems, Boston, Ticknor, Reed & Field, 1853(9) Passing away, and Life's Answer, poems in Macmillan's Magazine, 1863. (10) Evening Hexameters, in Good Words, 1864. (11) On Church Hymn Books, in the Contemporary Review, 1866. (12) Year of Praise, London, A. Strahan, 1867. (13) Poetical Works, 1868. (14) The Lord's Prayer, 1869. (15) Prose Hymns, 1844. (16) Abbot of Muchelnaye, 1841. (17) Hymns in British Magazine, 1832.   (18) A translation of Cantemus cuncti, q.v.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)
Alford, Henry, p. 39, ii. The following additional hymns by Dean Alford are in common use:—
1. Herald in the wilderness. St. John Baptist. (1867.)
2. Let the Church of God rejoice. SS. Simon and Jude. (1844, but not in his Psalms & Hymns of that year.)
3. Not in anything we do. Sexagesima. (1867.)
4. O Thou at Whose divine command. Sexagesima. (1844.)
5. 0 why on death so bent? Lent. (1867.)
6. Of all the honours man may wear. St. Andrew's Day. (1867.)
7. Our year of grace is wearing to a close. Close of the Year. (1867.)
8. Saviour, Thy Father's promise send. Whit-sunday. (1844.)
9. Since we kept the Saviour's birth. 1st Sunday after Trinity. (1867.)
10. Thou that art the Father's Word. Epiphany. (1844.)
11. Thou who on that wondrous journey. Quinquagesima. (1867.)
12. Through Israel's coasts in times of old. 2nd Sunday after Epiphany. (1867.)
13. Thy blood, O Christ, hath made our peace. Circumcision . (1814.)
14. When in the Lord Jehovah's name. For Sunday Schools. (1844.)
All these hymns are in Dean Alford's Year of Praise, 1867, and the dates are those of their earliest publication, so far as we have been able to trace the same.

--Excerpts from John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

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Henry Alford (7 October 1810 – 12 January 1871) was an English churchman, theologian, textual critic, scholar, poet, hymnodist, and writer.

Texts by Henry Alford (62)sort descendingAsInstances
All the world is God's own fieldHenry Alford (Author)2
As to his earthly parents' homeHenry Alford (Author)3
Be true to every inmost thoughtHenry Alford (Author)6
Blessed are they whose hearts are pureHenry Alford (Author)1
Brightly did the light DivineHenry Alford (Author)2
Come, ye thankful people, comeHenry Alford (Author)557
Day of anger that dread dayHenry Alford (Author)12
Earth is passed away and goneHenry Alford (Author)10
Elevemos al CreadorHenry Alford (Author)3
Far o'er yon horizonRev. Henry Alford, 18180-1871 (Author)19
Forth to the land of promise boundRev. Henry Alford, 1810-1871 (Author)17
Forward be our watchword, Hearts and voices joinedHenry Alford (Author)277
Forward, flock of JesusHenry Alford (1810-1871) (Author)2
Glory of thy Father's faceAlford (Author)2
God is our refuge and defense Our shield His dread OmnipotenceHenry Alford (Author)3
God is our refuge and our strength, When trouble's hour is nearAlford (Author)5
God's great harvest home draws nearHenry Alford, 1810-1871 (Author)2
Hark, through the courts of heavenHenry Alford (Author)6
Herald, in the wildernessHenry Alford (Author)1
I know not if or dark or brightDean of Canterbury (Author)13
In token that thou shalt not fearHenry Alford (Author)31
Jehovah He Wakaŋ ektaHenry Alford (Author)1
Jesus, our Lord, who tempted wastHenry Alford (Author)2
Let us all in concert singRev. Dr. Henry Alford (Translator)5
Lo the feast is spread todayRev. Henry Alford (Author)9
Lo the storms of life are breakingHenry Alford (Author)10
Lord, what a change within us one short hourDean Alford (Author)1
My bark is wafted to the strandDean Alford (Author)4
Not in any thing we doHenry Alford (Author)3
O Savior, precious Savior (Alford)Henry Alford (Author)2
O thou, at whose dear name we bendHenry Alford (Author)2
O thou, at whose divine commandAlford (Author)5
O thou who hast thy servants taughtHenry Alford (Author)36
Our year of grace is wearing to its closeHenry Alford (Author)3
Praise be to God on high, The triumph hour is nearHenry Alford (Author)1
Rejoice, rejoice, believers! And let your lights appearHenry Alford (Author)1
Savior of them that trust in TheeAlford (Author)3
Savior, Thy father's promise sendAlford (Author)2
Set thy house in orderRev. Henry Alford, 1810-1871 (Author)4
Since we kept the Savior's birthHenry Alford (Author)2
Speak, for thy servant heareth, Thus give us grace, O LordHenry Alford (Author)4
Speak thou the truth, let others fenceHenry Alford (Author)3
Take, O Lord, my faithless heartRev. Henry Alford, 1810-1871 (Author)4
Ten thousand times ten thousand, In sparkling raiment brightHenry Alford (Author)361
The calm of blessed nightHenry Alford (Author)2
The first sad hours of shameHenry Alford (Author)1
The great Apostle, called by graceHenry Alford (Author)1
The highest and the holiest placeDean Henry Alford (Author)4
The lovely form of God's own churchHenry Alford (Author)4
Thou didst toil my soul to gainHenry Alford (Author)2
Thou, Savior, who thyself didst giveHenry Alford (Author)1
Thou that art the Father's WordHenry Alford (Author)4
Thou, Who on that wondrous journeyDean Alford (Author)15
Through Israel's coasts, in times of oldHenry Alford (Author)3
Thy blood, O Christ, hath made our peaceHenry Alford (Author)3
Ti Tusind' Gang ti Tusind'Henry Alford (Author)2
Till he come, O let the wordsHenry Alford (Author)4
We walk by faith, and not by sightHenry Alford. 1810-1871 (Author)59
When Christ, the Lord, would come on earthHenry Alford (Author)2
When in the Lord Jehovah's NameH. Alford (Author)15
Zehn tausendmal zehn tausend, in kleidern hell undHenry Alford (Author)2
Zehntausendmal ZehntausendHenry Alford (Author)3

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