James Allen

Short Name: James Allen
Full Name: Allen, James, 1734-1804
Birth Year: 1734
Death Year: 1804

Allen, James, born at Gayle, Wensleydale, Yorkshire, June 24, 1734, and educated with a view to taking Holy Orders, first with two clergymen at different times, and then for one year at St. John's Coll., Cambridge. Leaving the University in 1752 he became a follower of Benjamin Ingham, the founder of the sect of the Inghamites, but subsequently joined himself to the Sandemanians; and finally built a chapel on his estate at Gayle, and ministered therein to the time of his death; died 31st Oct., 1804. He published a small volume, Christian Songs, containing 17 hymns, and was the editor and a principal contributor to the Kendal Hymn Book, 1757, and Appendix to the 2nd edition, 1761.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by James Allen (11)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
榮耀歸於我主,天地齊來歡呼 (Róngyào guīyú wǒ zhǔ, tiāndì qí lái huānhū)James O. Allen (Author)Chinese2
Dulces momentos, consoladoresJames Allen, 1734-1804 (Author)Spanish5
Glorias cantad a DiosJames Allen, 1734-1804 (Author)Spanish2
Glory to God on high! Let heaven and earth replyJames Allen (Author)English211
God is Love: His mercy brightensJ. Allen (Author)English3
Hear, O Jesus my complaintsJames Allen (Author)4
Jesus, our risen KingJames Allen (Author)English7
Join all the human raceJames Allen (Author)4
Our souls with inmost shameJames Allen (Author)4
Sweet the moments, rich in blessingRev. James Allen (Author)English137
We, O Jesus, claim thy special careJames Allen (Author)4

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