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Henry Alline

Short Name: Henry Alline
Full Name: Alline, Henry, 1748-1784
Birth Year: 1748
Death Year: 1784

Alline, Henry. (Newport, Rhode Island, January 14, 1748--January 28, 1784, Northampton, New Hampshire). Congregationalist/"New Light". In 1760 his family took up land near Hampden, Nova Scotia, far from any school or church; hence the spiritual experience which, in 1775, impelled him to begin preaching found him with the drive and magnetism, but without the solid grounding, of a Wesley or a Whitefield. His stress on the "new light," and the revival meetings which he conducted all over Nova Scotia had no connection with the American Revolution beyond coincidence in time; yet that was enough to alarm the authorities. He had sermons, tracts, and probably sheets of hymns printed at Halifax before the peace treaty of 1783 allowed him to cross the newly-drawn boundary safely; but tuberculosis felled him before he could go far. Rev. David McClure, in whose house he died, extracted verses from his manuscripts and published them (Boston, 1786) as Hymns and Spiritual Songs. These were used by Alline's Nova Scotia converts while, and after, they drifted into the Baptist orbit, as well as by the converts his associates went on to make in the United States, who eventually emerged as the Free-Will Baptists.

See: Bumsted, J.M. (1971). Henry Alline, 1748-1784.

--Hugh D. McKellar, DNAH Archives

Alline, Henry [Allen], born at Newport, R. I., June 14, 1748, was some time a minister at Falmouth, Nova Scotia, and died at North Hill, N.S., Feb. 7, 1784. Alline, whose name is sometimes spelt Alten, is said to have founded a sect of “Allenites," who maintained that Adam and Eve before the fall had no corporeal bodies, and denied the resurrection of the body. These peculiar views may have a place in his prose works, but they cannot be traced in his 487 Hymns and Spiritual Songs, in five books, of which the 3rd ed., now rare, was published at Dover and Boston, U.S.A., 1797, and another at Stoningtonport, Conn., 1802. Of these hymns 37 are found in Smith and Jones's Hymns for the Use of Christians, 1805, and some in later books of that body. The best of these hymns, "Amazing sight, the Saviour stands," from the first edition of Hymns and Spiritual Songs (1790?), is preserved in Hatfield's Church Hymn Book, 1872, No. 569, where it is given anonymously from Nettleton's Village Hymns, also in the Baptist Praise Book, and others. Alline's hymns are unknown to the English collections. [Rev. F. M. Bird, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Wikipedia Biography

Henry Alline (pronounced Allen) (June 14, 1748 – February 2, 1784) minister, evangelist, and writer, who became known as "The Apostle of Nova Scotia". Born at Newport, Rhode Island. He became a New England Planter and served as an itinerant preacher throughout Maritime Canada and Northeastern New England from 1776 to 1784. His ministry coincided with the second Great Awakening period and he became the leader of the New Light movement in the Maritimes. Later in life he caught the attention of renowned theologian John Wesley. Alline is Canada's most prolific Eighteenth-century writer. His Journal is considered a classic of North American spiritualism and he is Canada's first great Protestant and one of its most important theological writers. He died at age 35 and is buried at North Hampton,

Texts by Henry Alline (26)sort descendingAsInstances
Adieu to earth with all your joyAlline (Author)2
All hail, thou lovely Lamb of GodHenry Alline (Author)2
Amazing sight, the Savior standsHenry Alline (Author)57
As near to Calvary I passHenry Alline (Author)33
Awake, arise, ye stupid soulsHenry Alline (Author)2
Awake my soul, with pleasure singAlline (Author)2
Behold the friend of sinners diesAlline (Author)2
Hard heart of mine! - O that the LordAlline (Author)2
Hear, O ye careless sinners, hearHenry Alline (Author)2
How oft unthinking sailorsHenry Alline (Author)2
I wander like a captive slaveHenry Alline (Author)2
Now can my soul in God rejoiceAlline (Author)2
O am I born to dieHenry Alline (Author)11
O, could my soul this morning riseHenry Alline (Author)9
O how distressing was the sceneAlline (Author)2
O what a wretched sinner, LordHenry Alline (Author)12
O what a wretched thingHenry Alline (Author)2
Pilgrims, with pleasure let us partHenry Alline (Author)26
Shout all ye armies of the skyAlline (Author)2
Ten thousand praises to thy nameAlline (Author)2
The Prince of peace is come, And clothed himself in clayHenry Alline (Author)9
To praise the bleeding LambAlline (Author)2
To thee alone, O God, I callHenry Alline (Author)2
To thee, O God, I callHenry Alline (Author)2
Turn, turn, unhappy souls, returnHenry Alline (Author)2
Vain world, vain world, I bid adieuHenry Alline (Author)17

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