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E. C. Avis

Short Name: E. C. Avis
Full Name: Avis, E. C. (Edward C.)
Birth Year (est.): 1859
Death Year: 1933
Hymnary.org does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by E. C. Avis (254)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A living faith give me, O LordE. C. Avis (Author)4
A stranger is standing withoutE. C. Avis (Author)3
All the way to Calvary He went for meE. C. Avis (Author)3
All things, O God, thou didst createEdward C. Avis (Author)4
Almost decided, why still delayEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Are you worshiping the idolsEdward C. Avis (Author)2
As I paused by an open windowEdward C. Avis (Author)3
At the call of the roll upE. C. Avis (Author)2
Awake, awake, ye saints of GodEdward C. Avis (Author)4
Be about the Master's businessEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Be thou with me, O my SaviorE. C. Avis (Author)3
Be true to your conscienceE. C. Avis (Author)2
Be true unto Jesus, your SaviorE. C. Avis (Author)2
Behold, what wondrous love is this (Avis)E. C. Avis (Author)3
Blest Sabbath School, far more to meE. C. Avis (Author)2
Blest Spirit, hear my prayerE. C. A. (Author)2
Children of God we are marchingEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Closer, dear Lord, to theeE. C. Avis (Arranger)1
Come in the days of thy youthEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Come with thy sins to the fountain (Avis)E. C. Avis (Author)2
Comrades, hear the Captain's callEdward C. Avis (Author)4
Countless are the blessings God hasEdward C. Avis (Author)4
Dear friend, you've been halting twixt wrong and the rightEdward C. Avis (Author)4
Do not fear to face the foeE. C. Avis (Author)3
Don't go to the saloon tonight, papaE. C. Avis (Author)3
Earnestly, penitent, offerE. C. Avis (Author)2
Ever the sun is shiningE. C. Avis (Author)2
Far from thy fold, blest SaviorE. C. A. (Author)6
Father, I would do thy willEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Forward, Christian soldiers, in the ranksEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Forward, forward, every soldier, forwardE. C. A. (Author)3
Glorious message to all who will comeEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Glory be to God on high, For the gift of his own SonE. C. A. (Author)2
Go forth and work from morn till eveEdward C. Avis (Author)4
Go forward at the callE. C. Avis (Author)2
Go forward, Christian soldiers, keep up a valiant fightE. C. Avis (Author)2
Go work in the harvest of the LordEdward C. Avis (Author)11
Go work in the Master's vineyardE. C. Avis (Author)3
God, give us men who will standE. C. Avis (Author)2
God is counting, my friend, on youE. C. Avis (Author)2
Great is the work and still greaterEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Have you heard the wondrous story Of the risen SaviorEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Have you need of salvation from sinEdward C. Avis (Author)3
He knows it allEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Hear the voice today, speakingE. C. Avis (Author)2
Hear thou my prayer, O Savior of GalileeE. C. Avis (Author)2
Hear you a voice gently sayingEdward C. Avis (Author)3
Hear you not the coming of the youthful hostsEdward C. Avis (Author)4
Help to brighten up the worldE. C. Avis (Author)2
Ho, everyone that thirsteth, come, Gladly come, gladly comeE. C. Avis (Author)2
Ho, friends, lend a hand in the workEdward C. Avis (Author)4
Holy Spirit, breathe upon us as we gather here todayEdward C. Avis (Author)4
Holy Spirit breathe upon us, blessedEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Holy Spirit, Friend divineEdward C. Avis (Author)2
How blest is this book divineEdward C. Avis (Author)4
How can a boy be forgetful of motherE. C. Avis (Author)4
How great is the joy of salvationE. C. Avis (Author)2
Human life is like a steamshipE. C. Avis (Author)4
I am glad that ChristE. C. Avis (Author)2
I am longing, Savior, longing (Avis)Edward C. Avis (Author)3
I am saved by the graceEdward C. Avis (Author)English2
I am saved, the Lord has savedEdward C. Avis (Author)4
I am standing on the promises of JesusEdward C. Avis (Author)3
I came to Jesus and I was With all my guilt and woeE. C. A. (Author)3
I cannot always trace the way, That thou, O GodEdward C. Avis (Author)4
I dreamed and lo my heart was sadE. C. A. (Author)2
I find blessed peace in believingE. C. Avis (Author)2
I have a Savior who dwellethE. C. Avis (Author)3
I have heard a sweet, sweet, storyE. C. Avis (Author)2
I have read God's book with pleasureE. C. Avis (Author)2
I have sunlight in my soulE. C. Avis (Author)3
I know that Jesus for me diedEdward C. Avis (Author)4
I know that my Redeemer lives, And has prepared a place for meE. C. A. (Arranger)English1
I know that my redeemer liveth ever, and with himEdward C. Avis (Author)3
I remember well the cottageEdward C. Avis (Author)2
I was once a sinner lost, Doomed to take the bitter costEdward C. Avis (Author)4
I was once the chief of sinnersE. C. A. (Author)3
I was out on life's oceanEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Ich wandle auf dem schmalen PfadEdward C. Avis (Author)German1
If I were a sunbeam, I know what I would do (Avis)Edward C. Avis (Author)4
If such heavenly peace and comfortEdward C. Avis (Author)3
If the darkened world would see the lightEdward C. Avis (Author)2
If we knew the child with dimplesE. C. Avis (Author)2
If words of kindness you would speakE. C. A. (Author)4
If you only knew the SaviorE. C. Avis (Author)3
If you would be glad and happyEdward C. Avis (Author)2
If you would truly life's missionEdward C. Avis (Author)2
I'll be a worker for JesusE. C. Avis (Author)4
I'll do what you want me to do, blessed LordEdward C. Avis (Author)2
I'll ever keep telling the storyE. C. Avis (Author)2
I'm going home to glory in the good old gospel wayE. C. Avis (Author)3
In my distant happy homeE. C. Avis (Author)4
In realms of bliss beyond the skyE. C. Avis (Author)2
In the mansions of restEdward C. Avis (Author)3
In the service of the LordE. C. Avis (Author)2
In the time of conscious weaknessEdward C. Avis (Author)2
It was for me the Savior diedEdward C. Avis (Author)2
I've a Friend, a dear FriendE. C. Avis (Author)2
I've been told of a landEdward C. Avis (Author)3
I've no mother now to kiss meEdward C. Avis (Author)3
I've seen the skies aglow with lightEdward C. Avis (Author)4
Jesus can save little childrenEdward C. Avis (Author)3
Jesus is calling the wayward to comeEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Jesus is coming, tell the glad newsEdward C. Avis (Author)7
Jesus is my Savior, I haveE. C. Avis (Author)2
Jesus is my Shepherd, Where he leads I'll glady goE. C. A. (Author)4
Jesus knocking, see him standingEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Jesus, Savior, ever lead meE. C. Avis (Author)3
Jesus shall reign, go, tell it outE. C. Avis (Author)2
Joyously are we marching to ZionEdward C. Avis (Author)4
Keep telling out the old, old storyEdward C. Avis (Author)3
Kneeling at the cross with a contriteEdward C. Avis (Author)3
Lead me, thou light of the worldEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Leaning on Jesus, I find sweetest restEdward C. Avis (Author)3
Let in the sunshine of JesusEdward C. Avis (Author)3
Let me hear you tell of JesusEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Let me steal away to JesusE. C. Avis (Author)4
Let us arise and go forthE. C. Avis (Author)2
Lord, give me a heart that's cleanE. C. Avis (Author)3
Lord, I come, I wait no longer, Take me now with all my guiltE. C. Avis (Author)4
Make Christ King, o, wondrousEdward C. Avis (Author)2
May our lamps be trimmed and burningEdward C. Avis (Author)2
My Lord and Savior, as thou wiltEdward C. Avis (Author)3
My Savior hath redeemed meEdward C. Avis (Author)2
My Savior is pleading in gloryEdward C. Avis (Author)3
My soul is filled with joyE. C. Avis (Author)3
Near the cross, O blessed SaviorEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Nearer, my God, to thee, Nearer to thee, Sweetly the light has comeEdward C. Avis (Author)3
Nearer to thee, my Savior (Avis)Edward C. Avis (Author)2
Nearer to thee, Savior, draw meE. C. Avis (Author)3
Never are we weary of the grandE. C. Avis (Author)2
Never let go the SaviorE. C. Avis (Author)2
O God, how great thy love to usEdward C. Avis (Author)2
O good old way, how sweet thou artEdward C. Avis (Author)15
O Holy Spirit dove of heavenEdward C. Avis (Author)4
O Jesus, how my heart is longingEdward C. Avis (Author)3
O prodigal, come, I am waiting, Why tarryEdward C. Avis (Author)9
O sinner, would you know God's loveE. C. Avis (Author)4
O tell me the story of Jesus once moreE. C. Avis (Author)2
O that someone might my SaviorEdward C. Avis (Author)2
O the touches of his spiritEdward C. Avis (Author)2
O the wondrous love JesusEdward C. Avis (Author)2
O those wonderful, wonderful handsEdward C. Avis (Author)2
O we are Christian soldiersEdward C. Avis (Author)2
O we are youths now growing upEdward C. Avis (Author)2
O what a change in my life (Avis)E. C. Avis (Author)2
O when life's toil is overEdward C. Avis (Author)4
Oft when afflictions seem severeEdward C. Avis (Author)4
On the bright and golden shoreE. C. Avis (Author)English2
On the cross the Savior hangingE. C. A. (Author)4
Once was I lost in sinE. C. Avis (Author)English3
Onward and upward and forward for JesusE. C. Avis (Author)2
Our Father, we bless theeE. C. Avis (Author)4
Out in the byways go seek for the lostE. C. Avis (Author)2
Out in the darkness I wandered aloneE. C. A. (Author)11
Out o'er the dark watersE. C. Avis (Author)2
Out on the ocean a vesselEdward C. Avis (Author)4
Out on the street of a cityEdward C. Avis (Author)3
Praise him, praise him, Jesus our King and RedeemerEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Resting on the faithfulness of Christ our LordE. C. A. (Alterer)1
Saved, saved by grace through faithEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Savior, draw me close to TheeEdward C. Avis (Author)4
Seek today the LordEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Send the light of life to all mankindEdward C. Avis (Author)3
Shower thy blessings upon usEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Since my sins He pardoned, grace to me has givenE. C. Avis (Author)2
Sing praise to Christ, our KingEdward C. Avis (Author)3
Sinner, canst thou trust the SaviorE. C. Avis (Author)5
Some day the sun will shineE. C. Avis (Author)2
Sowing the seed in the morningEdward C. Avis (Author)4
Stand fast in the faith, and quit yourselves like menEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Stand up for Christ, young peopleEdward C. Avis (Author)3
Still undecided, Look to thy heart, Grieve not the SpiritE. C. A. (Author)English1
Suffer little children to come unto me, saidEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Tell again the old story of JesusEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Tell what the Lord has done for youE. C. A. (Author)13
Thanks we give to thee, O FatherE. C. Avis (Author)4
The battle of the agesE. C. Avis (Author)3
The bells of heaven are ringing (Avis)E. C. Avis (Author)3
The blood of Christ, once shedE. C. A. (Author)3
The day breaks upon meEdward C. Avis (Author)2
The day will dawn, I know not whenEdward C. Avis (Author)3
The Lord is my Rock and my Refuge completeE. C. A. (Author)3
The Master is calling todayEdward C. Avis (Author)3
The name of Christ to me has beenEdward C. Avis (Author)2
The promised land by faith I seeEdward C. Avis (Author)5
The sinner's only hope is ChristEdward C. Avis (Author)4
The trials that often have hindered my wayE. C. Avis (Author)7
The wonderful story of ChristE. C. Avis (Author)3
The world for Christ, the whole wide worldE. C. Avis (Author)2
There is peace, blessed peaceEdward C. Avis (Author)2
There is safety in abidingEdward C. Avis (Author)4
There is work for me to doEdward C. Avis (Author)5
There never was a Friend like JesusE. C. Avis (Author)3
There's a better day to comeE. C. A. (Author)2
There's a bright golden lightE. C. A. (Author)3
There's a land of wondrous beauty (Avis)Edward C. Avis (Author)2
There's an everlasting RockEdward C. Avis (Author)4
There's no one to help us like JesusEdward C. Avis (Author)2
There's One who is with meE. C. Avis (Author)2
To every nation, tribe and tongueE. C. Avis (Author)2
To make us efficient in service to theeEdward C. Avis (Author)2
To the Savior, O comeEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Today if you will hear his voice (Avis)Edward C. Avis (Author)2
Today the Savior calls to youEdward C. Avis (Author)4
True soldiers of the King are weE. C. Avis (Author)2
Trusting in the promisesE. C. Avis (Author)2
'Twas Naaman, the leperE. C. Avis (Author)2
'Twas wondrous grace that rescuedE. C. Avis (Author)2
'Twill be a great and glorious dayE. C. Avis (Author)2
Two little children were strolling one dayEdward C. Avis (Author)10
We are a band of happy, happy childrenE. C. Avis (Author)3
We are Christian soldiers marching onE. C. A. (Author)3
We are marching on to Zion To the cityEdward C. Avis (Author)4
We are workers, toiling up the wayE. C. A. (Author)2
We shall reach the glory landEdward C. Avis (Author)4
We welcome you, friends, at our meeting tonightE. C. A. (Author)2
Well wife, I've found the good old churchE. C. Avis (Author)2
We're in the fight, a causeE. C. Avis (Author)2
We're saved by the blood Of the one who was slainE. C. Avis (Author)2
What a friend have I in JesusEdward C. Avis (Author)3
What a promise God hath givenE. C. A. (Author)4
What though the storm clouds gatherE. C. Avis (Author)3
What wondrous love my Savior hadE. C. Avis (Author)2
When I found the SaviorE. C. Avis (Author)2
When I was lost in ways of sinEdward C. Avis (Author)4
When in that morn of morns I awakeEdward C. Avis (Author)2
When Jesus, the Savior, had pardonedEdward C. Avis (Author)4
When life's battle is fought and the victory wonE. C. A. (Author)3
When nature's voice is pleadingE. C. Avis (Author)3
When our meeting and our partingE. C. Avis (Author)3
When the day seems longEdward C. Avis (Author)2
When the old ship of Zion shall comeEdward C. Avis (Author)3
When the roll is called in heaven aboveEdward C. Avis (Author)6
When the Savior we obeyEdward C. Avis (Author)2
When the winds were fiercely blowingEdward C. Avis (Author)5
When trials and temptations assailE. C. Avis (Author)2
When we all meet at home in the morningEdward C. Avis (Author)English5
When we all get home to glory (Avis)Edward C. Avis (Author)2
When with earth's voices no moreEdward C. Avis (Author)4
Where he leads me I will goE. C. Avis (Author)3
Who shall enter heaven by the King's highwayEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Why God loved me so, I do not knowEdward C. Avis (Author)4
Why should I doubt, or be afraidE. C. Avis (Author)2
Why should you longer be idleEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Will a boy forget his motherE. C. Avis (Author)2
With a purpose firm and rightfulE. C. Avis (Author)3
Would you be happy o'er victory wonE. C. Avis (Author)2
Would you be happy the whole dayEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Would you know the secretEdward C. Avis (Author)2
Ye people who for JesusEdward C. Avis (Author)4
Ye saints of God, look up on highE. C. Avis (Author)3
You may do much goodE. C. Avis (Author)2
Your mother's in heaven tonightE. C. Avis (Author)3

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