Katharyn Bacon

Katharyn Bacon
Short Name: Katharyn Bacon
Full Name: Bacon, Katharyn
Birth Year: 1884
Death Year: 1944

Katharyn Bacon was born in 1884 and lived in the hills of Tennessee. She liked books, flowers, garden and being close to nature. She was most likely married to George W. Bacon since a lot of her hymns appear in hymnals he edited.

Dianne Shapiro, from "The Singers and Their Songs: sketches of living gospel hymn writers" by Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Chicago: The Rodeheaver Company, 1916)

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A land without tears, a place of delightKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Across life's plain a callKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Adown the years, through joyKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Afar I was wandering, in sin and despairKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
All around you precious souls are dyingKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
All is well, all is well, whatsoeverKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
All the glory to God, 'tis through faith in his bloodKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
All the world to usKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Alone with my Savior, my sinsKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Although he was the Son of GodKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Although the world with cruel blowsKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Although you the Savior spurnKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Although you're far from ChristKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Amid the toils and cares of life, Above the roar of worldly strifeKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Another chance to you is givenKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Anywhere your blessed Lord mayKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
Are you living, daily living for the SaviorKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Are you trusting in Jesus who savedKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
Are you weary of the loadKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Are you weeping alone in anguish over a sorrow no friend can shareKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
As I follow in the footsteps of my blessed, risen LordKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
As I journey on my wayKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
As onward through life's field you goKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
As we journey here below, Oft we're bowed with grief and woeKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
As we part today, going on our wayKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
As we tread the narrow wayKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
As you're daily passing alongKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
At the blessed invitation of the glorious Son of GodKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
At the king's command, ringing sweet and clearKatharyn Bacon (Author)English4
At the trumpet's call we shallKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Away from the darkness to God's blessed lightKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Awed and stricken I standKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Be my guide, O blessed Savior, day by dayKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Beloved one, thy earthly work is finishedKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Beside thy form we stand todayKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Bless the Lord, O my soul, for through Him I am wholeKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Blessed, blessed Bible, God's own holy WordKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Bound with sin, in deep contritionKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Brother, dear, are you preparedKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
By the ties of friend and of brotherKatharyn Bacon (Author)English5
Call back the wandering oneKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Christ has saved my soul from sin and all its woesKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Christ is King, over hill and valley and upon the rolling seaKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Cleanse me, Jesus, from my sinKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Cleansed from every sin and follyKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Come home from the desert of sorrowKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Come to the fountain, weary, sinfulKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Dearest friends, I go from my native landKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Draw Thou near, O blessed SaviorKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Drifting with the tideKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
Dying unsaved from sin and its folliesKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Enter the ranks of the faithfulKatharyn Bacon (Author)English5
Enter the service of JesusKatharyn Bacon (Author)English3
Ere the morning lights the skiesKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Ever work, for Christ your LordKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Faithfully sowing, onward we're goingKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
Far away from the fold (Bacon)Katharyn Bacon (Author)2
Far beyond the gloomKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Far from Jesus who saves, tossed by turbulent wavesKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Father, I come in thy presence this dayKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Father in heaven, now [O] keep us todayKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
Father, unto thee I cryKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Fear thou not, O childKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
For my Savior's sakeKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
For our Savior working, not a duty shirkingKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
For the blessings of the dayKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
For the faithful of every nationKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Forward go, the Lord is callingKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
From his home of delightKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
From the many doubts and fears that once oppressed my soulKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Give the message of life to eachKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Glad thanksgiving we render to theeKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Gladness is reigning in my soulKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Glory, honor, unto Christ belongKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Go and sin no more, you are raised to lifeKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Go forth in the name of Jesus who cameKatharyn Bacon (Author)English5
Go forth to the fightKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
Gone, from earthly scenes with their pain and gloomKatharyn Bacon (Author)English3
Gone from our side, O blessed one so dearKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Gone to be with Jesus in the home aboveKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Happy little workers for the Lord aboveKatharyn Bacon (Author)English4
Hark, Jesus in mercy calls meKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
Hark, the bugle now is soundingKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
Hark! the bugle sounds "To arms!"Katharyn Bacon (Author)English3
Hark! the Savior’s voice I hearKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
He leadeth me, the Lord of lifeKatharyn Bacon (Author)English3
Hear the voice of Christ, your SaviorKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
His love is yours, why doubt or fearKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Hoist the banner of the SaviorKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
How precious the wonderful story of Jesus who came from aboveKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
I am anchored in my Savior's loveKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
I am coming, precious Lord, fullyKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
I am near the vale of shadowsKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
I am nearer home at each setting sunKatharyn Bacon (Author)English3
I am trusting Jesus only (Bacon)Katharyn Bacon (Author)2
I am trusting Jesus only, Nothing else have I besideKatharyn Bacon (Author)English1
I from death have passed, peace is mine at lastKatharyn Bacon (Author)English3
I go to him who is my allKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
I have gladness and peace in my trusting soulKatharyn Bacon (Author)English3
I love the Lord because he hears my voiceKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
I trust in thee for life and lightKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
I was satisfied in my sins to bideKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
I will sing you a song of that home of the blestBacon (Author)2
If God is near what joysKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
If I turn my Lord awayKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
If we're faithful to God, let us be of good cheerKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
If you trust in his graceKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
If you've turned to the LordKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
I'm replying every hourKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
I'm secure, my Lord has savedKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
In life's morning hoursKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
In my Savior I am rejoicingKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
In that wondrous [wonderful] judgment morningKatharyn Bacon (Author)4
In the battle for the rightKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
In the country so fair and brightKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
In the darkness I am lostKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
In the desert lone and drearyKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
In the love of my SaviorKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
In the Master's kingdom there is much to doKatharyn Bacon (Author)English3
In the morning of thy life, Ere the seeds of sin and strifeKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
In the name of our RedeemerKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
In the paths of evil many dear ones roamKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
In the pathway dark and dreary that your trembling feet must treadKatharyn Bacon (Author)English3
In the service of the Lord, let us workKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
In the upward way I am going onKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
In the waving harvest fieldKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
In working for Jesus blest peace is foundKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
It was for me that Jesus came, From joy and light aboveKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
I've been ransomed through the bloodKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
I've enlisted for my SaviorKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Jesus calls you todayKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Jesus hath sent from his kingdom a lightKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Jesus in mercy is calling youKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Jesus is daily guiding meKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Jesus is waiting, waiting to bless and receiveKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Jesus left his home on high, Came to earth that heKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Jesus left the power and glory of His throne in heaven aboveKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Jesus loves us is the storyKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Joy and peace are ours todayKatharyn Bacon (Author)English3
Joyfully on we're marchingKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Keep your light aglow, as onwardKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Keeping near the crossKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Knocking, 'tis the King and LordKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
Lead me ever in Thy truth, blest SaviorKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Let his praises ringKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Let the Lord be your guide, wandering oneKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Let there be light where darknessKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Living in darkness day by dayKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Living in strife each day, turning the Lord awayKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Lord, to thee we humbly comeKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Lost in sin and misery, gracious Lord, I come to TheeKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Lost one, turn to JesusKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Make your life a blessing, you'veKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Mansions of restKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Many souls in sin are lostKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Marching, marching day by dayKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Morning over the earth is breakingKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
My blessed Savior gave hisKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
My earthly work is endingKatharyn Bacon (Author)English3
Not alone, my Lord is with meKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
O be loyal to the bannerKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
O be saved from sinKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
O be true each day, walk the narrow wayKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
O come unto the hallowed crossKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
O give unto the Lord the glory due His precious nameKatharyn Bacon (Author)English3
O hear my prayer, receive me, Lord, todayKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
O help me, Lord, to do thy willKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
O how great the love of the FatherKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
O how happy we shall be in the city o'er the seaKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
O how precious is the promise (Bacon)Katharyn Bacon (Author)2
O I want the whole world to know himKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
O Jesus will save, His mercy is freeKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
O, join in the great rejoicingKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
O listen to JesusKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
O Lord, believing fully in thy sovereign powerKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
O Lord, I come unto Thy throneKatharyn Bacon (Author)English7
O, Lord of all, I look to theeKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
O Lost one, come unto the LordKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
O my friend, into darkness you're goingKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
O rejoice, O rejoice and before the risen Lord appearKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
O revive us today, blessedKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
O risen Lord, RedeemerKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
O save me, Lord, I humbly pleadKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
O sing for joy, Jehovah reignsKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
O! sinner, Jesus is waiting to bless todayKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
O sleep, thou precious loved one, sleepKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
O soul adrift and in despairKathryn Bacon (Author)English2
O the joy, when I have risenKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
O the time is drawing near when the Savior shall appearKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
O think of the SaviorKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
O what blessings shall be waiting for the ransomed of the LordKatharyn Bacon (Author)English3
O what shall it profit youKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
O why are you idle when millions are dyingKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
O why linger, sad and weary, on the mountains, dark and coldKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
O why tarry, weary wanderer, lost in darkness, doubt and sinKatharyn Bacon (Author)English3
Of Jesus I'm singing, and joyfullyKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
Oft in sadness hereKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
On Calvary's cross my RedeemerKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
On I go, singing a sweeter songKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
On the judgment day at the Lord's commandKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
On the sea of life our voyageKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
On to the victory we're going with our KingKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Onward 'gainst the foe, Christ, your Savior, callsKatharyn Bacon (Author)English4
Onward go for Jesus and the crossKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Onward, onward, long has JesusKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Our Savior has given a work to doKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Out in the darkness of evilKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
Out in the distance, lo! I hearKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Over the sea in regions of nightKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Overcome with sin and shameKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Peacefully sleep on the Savior's breast Katharyn Bacon (Author)English3
Praise him ever, the Savior and KingKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Praises to the Lamb once on CalvaryKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Put the armor on that with firmness you may standKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Rally now, one and allKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Renouncing home and throneKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Renouncing the worldKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Repentant and weary of sinKatharyn Bacon (Author)English3
Right shall conquer wrongKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Safe, safe beyond the portalsKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Salvation you're needing, the Savior is pleadingKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Savior, be near me, dangers are rifeKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Seek my face, the Master callethKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Seek the kingdom first, O be saved from sinKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Serve the Lord with a happy heartKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Shall we sing with the blest in the mansions of restKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Should I question, care or ponderKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Should the call come now from the Father's throneKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Silently sleep, loved one todayKatharyn Bacon (Author)English3
Since Jesus has pardoned and madeKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Since the hour that Christ in pity spokeKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Sinner, come to the LordKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Sinner, drifting on life's oceanKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Soldiers of the mighty KingKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
Solemn will be that hourKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Some other day, O, answer notKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Sometime we shall meet themKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Sweet be thy rest, loved one so blestKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
Sweetly sleep, O, friends so dearKatharyn Bacon (Author)English3
Take the Savior with you everKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Tell Jesus is our aimKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Thank the Lord for every blessing that He showers from aboveKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Thanks be to God my blessed choiceKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
The drunkard's home, O! what a place!Katharyn Bacon (Author)English2
The hour has come, we part todayKatharyn Bacon (Author)English4
The Lord is coming by and by (Bacon)Katharyn Bacon (Author)2
The Lord is pleading you to saveKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Thee I need, O, blessed SaviorKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
There are lost ones all around us of the future thinking notKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
There are many adriftKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
There is a home in heaven aboveKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
There is rest, there is restKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
There's a call your soul must answerKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
There's a city of beauty beyond the shoresKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
There's a Friend so tender and trueKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
There's a home fair and bright Just beyond mortal sightKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
There's a song in my soul, sinceKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
There's a stream flowing in peaceKatharyn Bacon (Author)English3
There's a voice that is sweetKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
There's a wonderful day coming soon to one and allKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
There's no time for delay, see the harvest is whiteKatharyn Bacon (Author)English4
There's praise and glad thanksgivingKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
There's redemption for the lostKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Though my earthly friends oft are faithless, vain, or fewKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Though oft by burdens sore oppressedKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Though afar in the desert I've wanderedKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Though dark clouds and tempests riseKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Though life's way is dark and wildKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
Though our hearts beat with joy and no sorrowsKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Though tempted oft to go astrayKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Though the battle rages fierceKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Though the cares of lifeKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Though the Redeemer's calling lost onesKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
Though the sorest ills of lifeKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Though the way be rough and drearyKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Though with grief our hearts are breakingKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
Though you've wandered from the tender shepherd's foldKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Through all the long and lonely yearsKatharyn Bacon (Author)English8
Through the blessings of salvation, from my bondage I am freeKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Through the valley of the shadow I am goingKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
Throughout the world is ringingKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
'Tis the time for us to singKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
To atone for all my sinKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
To be humble I am prayingKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
To that wondrous city yonderKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
To the bar of God on high we're going by and byKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
To the beautiful, waving harvestKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
To the earnest call of Jesus let us rallyKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
To the happy land on highKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
To the Lord who died for youKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
To the places lone and drearyKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
To the souls in despair every burden to shareKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
To the wonderful homeKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Under his wings I'll hideKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Unhappy soul, afar from homeKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Unto my Savior whose grace is me keepingKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Upon the sea of life, sailingKatharyn Bacon (Author)English3
Valiant little soldiers, strong in faith and loveKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Wanderer, so far in sin awayKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
We are busy for our KingKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
We are happy children, toiling for our KingKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
We are little toilers for the heavenly KingKatharyn Bacon (Author)English3
We are marching on to the gloryKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
We are on our way to heavenly mansions fair and brightKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
We are only children smallKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
We are sailing homeKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
We have come with smilingKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
We have enlisted in Christ's loyal bandKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
We shall meet some bright tomorrowKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
We will tarry at the crossKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Weary one, by sin oppressedKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Weary one, so far away from GodKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Weary pilgrims, labor on, for there is restKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Weary wanderer, Jesus callsKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
Weary wanderer, pause and hearKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Weary wanderer, while it is dayKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Welcome holy Sabbath dayKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Welcome, welcome, now we singKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
We're a band of little pilgrims.Toiling ever for the rightKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
We're a loyal Christian bandKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
We've enlisted with the King of KingsKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
What a wondrous time is comingKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
What have you done for ChristKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
What, O what will be your portionKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
Whatever may assail me in this earthly lifeKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
When I am far from friends and homeKatharyn Bacon (Author)English4
When I get home beyond the seaKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
When in heaven we shall meetKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
When life and all its opportunitiesKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
When our blessed Lord was bornKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
When the earth has passed awayKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
When the gospel of Jesus and its saving truths you've heardKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
When the Lord in love is gentlyKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
When the saved are called awayKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
When the waves madly roll overwhelmingKatharyn Bacon (Author)3
When we reach our home in the glory landKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
When you stand before the throneKatharyn Bacon (Author)English3
Whene'er the storms in fury sweepKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
While in darkness and dangerKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
While the Savior speaks to your erring heartKatharyn Bacon (Author)English3
While the Savior gently pleadsKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Who for our sins from heaven cameKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Why should I doubtKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Why walk alone oppressed by fearKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
Will you be saved, weary oneKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Will you come today from the desert wayKatharyn Bacon (Author)English3
Will you come, weary oneKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
With a faith that cannot be measuredKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
With a shout and the trump of GodKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
With eternal power and gloryKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
With the Lord, we'll win in the cause of rightKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
With the message of life and lightKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
With your voice, your love, and adorationKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Without Christ as our hopeKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
Wonderful peace is filling my soulKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
You are floating down the streamKatharyn Bacon (Author)English2
You must pay the price, if the holy laws of God you breakKatharyn Bacon (Author)English4
Your Savior knows the cross you bearKatharyn Bacon (Author)2
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