Jesse Randall Baxter Jr.

Jesse Randall Baxter Jr.
Short Name: Jesse Randall Baxter Jr.
Full Name: Baxter, Jesse Randall Jr., 1887-1960
Birth Year: 1887
Death Year: 1960

Jesse Randall (Pap) Baxter, Jr. (1887-1960)

Born: December 8, 1887, Lebanon, Alabama.
Died: January 21, 1960.

Baxter grew up in De­Kalb Coun­ty, Al­a­ba­ma. In 1926, he bought part of Vir­gil Stamps’ Gos­pel mu­sic firm, which be­came the Stamps-Bax­ter Mu­sic and Print­ing Com­pa­ny, one of the most suc­cess­ful Gos­pel mu­sic pub­lish­ers of the ear­ly 20th Century. Bax­ter ran the com­pa­ny’s Chat­ta­noo­ga, Ten­nes­see, of­fice un­til Stamps’ death in 1940, then moved to Dall­as, Tex­as, to run the main of­fice. Af­ter Bax­ter’s death, his Clarice ran the bus­i­ness un­til she died; it was then sold to Zon­der­van. Bax­ter was in­duct­ed in­to the South­ern Gos­pel Mu­sic As­so­ci­a­tion Hall of Fame in 1997.

After the Sun­rise
Farther Along
God Shall Wipe Away All Tears (© 1940)
He Bore It All
I Have Peace in My Soul
I Hold His Hand (© 1929)
I Love My Sav­ior, Too
I Want to Help Some Wea­ry Pil­grim
I’m Liv­ing in Ca­naan Now
Living Grace
Praise the Lamb of God
Something Hap­pens
Travel the Sun­lit Way
Try Je­sus
When He Blessed My Soul
When We Meet to Part No More

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A glad time is comingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
A song of praise will ring one dayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
A wilderness drear I'm traveling hereJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Afar from Christ, my blessed SaviorJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
After the storm cloudJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
All along the way I'm finding gloryJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
All around me every momentJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
All my care and sadnessJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
All the days are filled with sunshine as I walk the narrow wayJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
Although the way is sometimes drearyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Amid the bustle of this busy lifeJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
Are you burdened with a load of sinJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Are you doing your best for the Lord each dayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Are you reaping for the MasterJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
As a nation we've been prone to wanderJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
As a stranger I roam with no place to call homeJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
As I travel along on the highwayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
As I travel life's journey I am happy and freeJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
As I travel on life's roadJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
As I tread life's journeyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
As I tread life's roadJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
As Peter walked through old JerusalemJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
As we daily journey in this wilderness belowJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
As we daily look in the grandJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
As you daily travel on your journeyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
As you walk down the highway of lifeJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Awake and sing about his marvelous loveJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Back to the Bible let us goJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Be not misled there's victoryJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Be not troubled though the day seemsJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Beyond the stars we'll meet againJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Blessed hope drives away all the shadows todayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
But for love and mercyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
By faith I follow the wayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Cheer up, comrades, on the wayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Cheerful chimes are ever ringingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Christ is keeping my soul each dayJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Christ is my friendJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Christ is my Shepherd, I shall not fearJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Christ, our Lord, is coming back to earth againJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Christ the Savior brought salvationJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Christ the Savior is our Captain, and I know He'll never leave usJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Closely I'm clinging, praise to JesusJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Come and join the singing, while the bells are ringingJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Come to the Savior, win grace and favorJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Come to the Savior, win grace and favor He'll cleanse your sin-stained soulJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Dearly I love my RedeemerJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Don't build your house on sinking sandJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Down here I tread a rough and winding roadJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Each moment of time, every hour of timeJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Each moment of time is preciousJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Earth to me holds many a treasureJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Egypt was once my home, I was a slaveJesse Randall Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
Every day you live true serviceJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Every moment of the day traveling life's uneven wayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Every step on earth that I travelJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Everywhere we may go there is troubleJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Faith brings joy and gladnessJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Far from the shades of sadnessJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Father, I thank you for allJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
For his saving graceJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
For my dear Lord's sake, I'll not roamJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
For the blessings each day we are thankfulJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
For years my soul was hungry and longed for living breadJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
Free from pain and careJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Friends oft forsake meJ. R. Baxter (Author)6
From morning till evening I'm trusting a KingJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
Give me grace, dear LordJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Give me strength and courageJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Give us thankful hearts each dayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Gladly I am singing, cheeful is my odeJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Gladly I labor in the vineyard belowJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Gladly I sing the praise of ChristJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Go preach the word till all have heardJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Gone is the load of sin that bound me, I am glad and freeJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Gracious is the promise of my Lord and KingJ. R. B., Jr. (Author)3
Greatest joy it is to know that His blessings round me flowJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
Happy all the time, in his loveJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Happy am I along the journeyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Happy am I along the wayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Happy am I and cloudless the skyJ. R. Baxter (Author)5
Happy am I since the Savior came inJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Happy am I this road to treadJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Happy each day as I pressJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Happy each day glad praise I'm singingJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
Happy in Jesus, though burdens I bearJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Happy is the man who has found the SaviorJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Happy on the journey as I travel to that home aboveJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
Happy the journey along the narrow wayJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
Hark, I hear the echo of the glad tones pealingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Harps are ringing in a cloudless landJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Hay lugar en el reino de DiosJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
He floods my soul with gloryJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
He gave me a voiceJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Hear my humble plea, Shepherd divine, Give thy grace to meJ. R. Baxter (Author)4
Hear this story, wondrous gloryJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Heaven is my roof, earth is my floorJ. R. Baxter (Author)1
Help me live each dayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Here I have a place to restJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Here I join my friends in songJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Here I meet with disappointmentsJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Here in this valley of sorrow and sinJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
Here my stay on earth is transientJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Here we cannot know the meaningJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Here we have our trials and crossesJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
Here we have sorrow, pain, grief and careJ. R. B., Jr. (Author)1
Here we have trials to vex us each dayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Here we must me with vexing trialsJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
His life he gaveJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
His love means so much, so gentle His touchJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Hold on to Christ when clouds hang lowJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
How I love my Savior and KingJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)23
How to lose your burden let meJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I am anchored on the solid rockJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I am bound for that city eternalJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
I am dreaming of my childhoodJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
I am forgetting the sins of the pastJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
I am glad that you love my lordJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I am gladly singing praise to ChristJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I am going home, never more to roamJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I am going home to heaven whenJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I am going some day to a wonderful placeJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I am going up to heaven fairJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I am happy as on I goJ. R. Baxter (Author)5
I am happy because I found the SaviorJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I am happy every day as I travelJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I am happy every day since my burden rolledJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I am happy in his loveJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I am happy in the service of my blessed KingJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
I am happy, joyous praises singingJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
I am happy since my burdens rolled awayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I am happy that is why I'm singingJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
I am happy today as IJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I am happy today, thinkingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I am in the gospel fightJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I am just a pilgrim here but I have a homeJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
I am marching to a home beyondJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I am now a child of God since He saved my soulJ. R. B., Jr. (Author)2
I am on a journey through a land besetJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
I am singing, to him clingingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I am so glad he came and sought meJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
I am so glad he sought and found meJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
I am so glad since Jesus cameJ. R. Baxter (Author)5
I am so glad that God pointed the wayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I am so happy when I'm singing praisesJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I am thinking today of that home far awayJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
I am trusting in the promise, Of the Man of GalileeJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
I believe that God in heavenJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
I can feel the love coming from aboveJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
I cannot live my life aloneJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I can't tell you why salvation costJ. R. B., Jr. (Author)3
I do not know how long I'll waitJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I do not know the depth(s) of Jesus' loveJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I do not tread earth's pathJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
I go rejoicing, my gladness voicingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I have a home in that city aboveJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
I have a home, no more I'll roamJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I have a promised home awaitingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I have a road to travel hereJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I have a Savior by my sideJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I have a wonderful Savior walking with meJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
I have a wonderful Savior walking with meJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I have found my place through the Savior's graceJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I have found the greatest pleasureJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I have found the roadJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I have found the secretJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I have heard of a country where there never is a sighJ. R. B., Jr. (Author)2
I have Jesus to guide me while crossing o'er the dark foamJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)3
I have Jesus to share my sorrowJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
I have just a little while to lingerJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I have read about a placeJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I have turned from sin and I want to winJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I hold to the hand of my Savior and friendJ. R. Baxter (Author)7
I know my Lord is safely leading meJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
I know not why I cannot see before meJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I know that our Savior will hear usJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I looked in vain for solaceJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I love my Savior more each dayJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
I love to lift my voice in praises singingJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)3
I love to read the storyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I made a vow one day to ChristJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
I need thee, dear SaviorJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I now prepare for joys up thereJ. R. B, Jr. (Author)2
I shall ever recall how his voiceJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I shall love my Savior each hour I liveJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I trust in thee in sunshine or in rainJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I walk with the blessed Lord and Savior, trying hard to win His grace and favorJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
I want to be found robed and readyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I want to be found watching when he comesJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
I want to be found worthy to be calledJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I want to be ready when Jesus shall callJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I want to praise my Lord and SaviorJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I want to serve my blessed SaviorJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I was bound by fetters strongJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I was groping in darknessJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I was lost, in darkness on the downward roadJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I was lost in sin and shame, But the Blood has set me freeJ. R. B., Jr. (Author)2
I was lost in sin and shame tillJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I was lost in sin, had no hope withinJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I was lost in sorrow's darkest nightJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I was lost on sin's dark mountainJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
I was steeped in sin and lostJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I was tossed by waves upon life's seaJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I would be ready for my taskJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
I would lift my voiceJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
I would sing with gladness amid earth's toil and strifeJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
I would still be lost in sinJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
If I believe that Jesus is the Son of GodJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
If the path ahead fills your heart with dreadJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
If this be the last song we'll singJ. R. Baxter (Author)4
If we serve the blessed LordJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
If you do your best each moment as you pass along life's wayJ. R. Baxter (Author)4
If you have a heavy load to carryJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
If you would have sweet peaceJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
If you would make the world brighterJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
If you would make the world brighter As o'er life'sJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I'll be waiting at the portalJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
I'll go home some dayJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
I'll meet you up in heavenJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I'll serve my dear Savior and heedJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I'll strive with a true endeavorJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I'm a pilgrim and a stranger in this wildernessJ. R. Baxter (Author)5
I'm a pilgrim and stranger in this lowland of sinJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
I'm bound for glory with the SaviorJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I'm finding sweet pleasureJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
I'm getting ready to joinJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I'm happy singing with joy bells ringingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I'm happy to followJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I'm just a pilgrim mid earth's sorrowJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I'm keeping the promise to Jesus my KingJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
I'm living in a place where troubleJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
I'm on my way to the land of dayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I'm on the glory way that leadsJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I'm pressing onward each dayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I'm singing praisesJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
I'm traveling homeward where cometh no nightJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I'm treading life's road and bearing my loadJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
I'm waiting the summonsJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I'm willing now to humbly bowJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
In everything you do or sayJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
In my heart a wondrous joyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
In my heart bells of joyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
In my heart the bells are ringing, Since the Lord has full controlJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
In my heart there blooms a flowerJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
In paths of sin I entered inJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
In that land of peace and gladnessJ. R. B. (Author)1
In the land above is a home of loveJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
In the name of Christ your LordJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
In this land of sorrowJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
In this vale of sorrow, friendsJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
In thy field I would wield sickles brave and trueJ. R. Baxter (Author)16
In waves of confusion my vesselJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
It seems God's chosen people mustJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
It thrills my soul to hear the songs of praiseJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
I've a mother who is growing oldJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I've started for home across the foamJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I've started for home, beyondJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
I've tasted the joy of full salvation from heaven's KingJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
Jesus brings joy to my soulJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Jesus calls to you, to him be trueJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Jesus came down from earthJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Jesus came down from his glory and throneJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Jesus came down from his glory, Just to redeem my lost soulJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Jesus came from his home aboveJ. R. Baxter (Author)18
Jesus came when I was lostJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)5
Jesus daily walks beside meJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Jesus drives away the cloudsJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Jesus has saved my soul, made clouds to backward rollJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Jesus is calling to youJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Jesus is coming from heaven aboveJ. R. Baxter (Author)4
Jesus is mine, SaviorJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Jesus is pleading with you todayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Jesus is the sinner's Friend, Ever just the sameJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Jesus is the solid Rock of agesJ. R. Baxter (Author)4
Jesus is with me each momentJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Jesus knows the road from earth to gloryJ. R. Baxter (Author)4
Jesus left the glory of that glad home aboveJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Jesus, Master, save meJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Jesus, my heavenly King, loves me, I knowJ. R. Baxter (Author)8
Jesus, my Savior, will show the roadJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Jesus never will forsake usJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Jesus patiently stands and knocksJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Jesus purchased meJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Jesus stands very nearJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Jesus went a heavenly mansion to prepareJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
Jesus went back homeJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Jesus went to heaven but is comingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Jesus will gladly make you happyJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Jesus will guide you, walking besideJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Joy it is bringing me onJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Joybells now are ringingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Joyful news I want to tell and sing to youJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Just look ahead and cease to treadJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
Just to touch His handJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Keep on gladly singing hereJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Keep the glad news rolling over land and seaJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Let glad hosannas be ringing todayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Let me labor till he calls meJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Let me lift my voiceJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Let me walk closer to my LordJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Let scoffers doubt, try some other routeJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Let us be faithful, praising our KingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Let us keep telling the storyJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Let us serve the Master each moment hereJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
Let's keep our joybells ever ringingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Life has been no bed of rosesJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Like Abraham from the plains of sinJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Like gentle showers feedJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Listen to my story, With the King of gloryJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
Listen to the story of a Savior's careJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Long the paths of sin my wayward feet have trodJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
Man was in darkness and hopelessJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Man was lost and dyingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Many are the promises for allJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Many strive to lay up treasureJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Many today think all our fathers were wrongJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Many war clouds arise, making darker the skiesJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Marching along the path to gloryJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Men have found the way, serving Christ todayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Men may doubt the story of the crossJ. R. Baxter (Author)4
My boat will sail o'er the river some dayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
My doubts are gone, I'm pressing onJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
My God is love, it never failsJ. R. Baxter (Author)4
My precious Savior suffered pain and agonyJ. R. Baxter (Author)15
My Savior came down from his gloryJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
My soul is glory boundJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
My soul was drifting far from the roadJ. R. Baxter (Author)6
No matter how loud you prayJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Nothing can harm meJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
O come and go with me to that eternal shoreJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
O how wonderful to tell the storyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
O I love my Savior more each passing hourJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
O let us work for JesusJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
O let your heart be gladJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
O the all important question must be settled while you liveJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
O the journey here sometimes seems drearyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
O the light of the cross leads out over the wayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
O the way grows brighter every day I liveJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
O what a joy and exultationJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Oft I am weary, the pathway seems drearyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Oft I sit in meditation, thinkingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Oft in our youth we are prone to be weakJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Oft the ties that we cherish are brokenJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Oft when the shadows are gathering fastJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Often here we will climb a high mountainJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Often we note a changeJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Often you sing on the journeyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
On a sure foundation I am building nowJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
On Christ my friend I now dependJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
On life's ocean wide with a stormJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
On that morrow, SatisfiedJ. R. B., Jr. (Author)2
On the path of life to the setting sunJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Once I sought for perfect joyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Once I wandered in the paths of sinJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Once I was blinded by the folly of sinJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Once I was far from the SaviorJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Once I was sad, never felt gladJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Once my soul had driftedJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Once the path seemed drearyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
One day is now set apart each yearJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Only a pilgrim in a lowlandJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Onward I am pressing, seeking that blessingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Onward I journey with my RedeemerJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Out from the darkness of sinful nightJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Out of the east in days of oldJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Out yonder somewhere a soul is in needJ. R. Baxter (Author)1
Outside he stands and knocksJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Over in the glory land with angels we shall singJ. R. Baxter (Author)1
Over the mystical river todayJ. R. Baxter (Author)4
Past sorrow's cloud, life's sun shinesJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Peace divine is mine todayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Pilgrims for Jesus in a lowland of sinJ. R. Baxter (Author)7
Pilgrims tell the blessed storyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Praise the holy name of ChristJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Praise the Savior and KingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Praise to my great RedeemerJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Praises I'm voicing gladly rejoicingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Remember, soul, before too lateJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Riches and honor could never save my soulJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Round your soul are chains thatJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Shadows fall across our pathwayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Shadows may often comeJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Shadows will pass away, brighterJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Shunning the lowlands where temptations are rifeJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Sin clouds were over us, darkness before usJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Since I found the blessed SaviorJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Since I gave my heart to Jesus, I have found thatJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Since I have the blessed Savior walking by my sideJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Since Jesus took control and savedJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Since Jesus washed my sins away, I'm finding joyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Since salvation is freeJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Sing a song of hope and joyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Sing for Jesus, as you journeyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Sing praises to our Savior KingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Sing the praise of Jesus as you go alongJ. R. Baxter (Author)5
Sing unto God for he is the KingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
So many would hinder me hereJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
So often I think of heaven my homeJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
Some days are dark and dreary (Baxter)J. R. Baxter (Author)2
Some happy morning bright my soulJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Sometimes the way seems drearyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Sorrow oft bows us low causing despair and woeJ. R. B., Jr. (Author)1
Sorrow was in my lifeJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Sorrows surround us while treading life's roadJ. R. Baxter (Author)5
Storms may be sweeping me, Jesus is keeping meJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Sunshine of love comes from aboveJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Sweeter praises will ring to our Savior and KingJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Sweetest comfort is mineJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Sweetest flowers will be growing in the gardensJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Take the name of Jesus with you, Child of sorrow and of woeJ. R. Baxter (Author)1
Teach me to follow thee, O GodJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Tell me not this life is allJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Thankful voices let us raiseJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Thankful voices unto Jesus raiseJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
The blessed Lord of glory cameJ. R. Baxter (Author)4
The blessed Savior's voice is callingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
The byways of sin I've left behindJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
The fields are white, the harvest will soon be pastJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
The gates to that heavenly cityJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
The light of love is shiningJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
The Lord has prepared for usJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
The love of Christ still reachesJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
The night is coming, so I must work fasterJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
The pathway before me has dangersJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
The Savior came from glory land aboveJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
The Savior is calling, O list to his voiceJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
The Savior is tenderly callingJ. R. Baxter (Author)4
The Savior left his home in gloryJ. R. Baxter (Author)1
The world is full of doubt and gloomJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
There are blessings for youJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
There are many faithful workers voicing praise to God todayJ. R. Baxter (Author)4
There are paths just aheadJ. R. Baxter (Author)4
There are storms along this pilgrim wayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
There is a king whom the waves obeyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
There is a land not far away, Where roses bloomJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
There is a path that leads to GodJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
There is a rest for body and mindJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
There is a rift in the clouds aboveJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
There is coming a time when allJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
There is room in the kingdom of GodJ. R. Baxter (Author)5
There stood the Savior scourgedJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
There will come a blessed timeJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
There'll come a time of great rejoicingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
There's a golden city in the skyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
There's a happy home awaiting over yonderJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
There's a mansion built aboveJ. R. B., Jr. (Author)2
There's a rainbow of love that is pointing aboveJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
There's coming a dayJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)1
This dark world needs a song that's cheeryJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Though I bear a burden and carry here a crossJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
Though my possessions on this earth are fewJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
Though the clouds may oft hover over usJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
Though you grope in despair, no one seems to careJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
Those you love may forget youJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Though all other friends forsakeJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Though from the scenes of yore I now roamJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Though I must travel on and faceJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Though I never may know whyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Though I see not what's before meJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Though it seems others have more gladnessJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Though my friends may forsake meJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Though on earth I may not own a great possessionJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Though our trials oft dismayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Though rough may be the journeyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Though sorrows come my wayJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Though storms of doubt around me gather as I tread life's wayJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Though the earth was filled with sinJ. R. Baxter (Author)4
Though the road be rough and steepJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Though the Savior leaves the FatherJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Though the way be rough and steepJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Though trials come along the wayJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Though we are placed in the tombJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Though you are lost in sinJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Through gates that open I'll goJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Time is swiftly passing by (Baxter)J. R. Baxter (Author)2
Time is swiftly passing, the twilightJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
'Tis recorded in the BibleJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
To him clinging, praises gladlyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
To Jesus my Savior I clingJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
To the garden Jesus went, His disciples tooJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
To the hand of Jesus I am clingingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Too long I've waited for anotherJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Troubles I fear while travelingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
True love for you and meJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
'Twill be wonderful indeed to be his childJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
Unto the weary and troubled soulJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Wake up, reapers, see the harvestJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Walking with Jesus the beautiful wayJ. R. Baxter (Author)4
Warnings we find on the sea of lifeJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
We are a happy band traveling throughJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
We are happy singing onJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
We are on the highway, shunningJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
We are seeking for a city that will stand eternallyJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
We are traveling on the shining road to gloryJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
We have found the road to our eternal homeJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
We love to praise our SaviorJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
We meet to praise the KingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
We see the rainbow shiningJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
We shall sing with the saints in gloryJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
We were lost in sin and shameJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
We will follow Him thru the shadows dimJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
We'll join our voices in songs of praiseJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
We're on our way to mansionsJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
What a happy day that's coming by and byJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
What a singing over yonderJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
What a song we'll raise in happy praiseJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
What a wonderful feeling, just to know he is mineJ. R. Baxter (Author)4
What am I to point with prideJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)3
What could I do without JesusJ. R. B., Jr. (Author)31
When all the toils of this life are endedJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When all the world, enslaved by sinJ. R. Baxter (Author)7
When cares of life assail meJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When clouds of sorrow around your pathway rollJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When I near the portals of the New JerusalemJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
When I reach the golden shoreJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When I walk the streets of gloryJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When I was lost and bound by fettersJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When I was lost in darkest nightJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
When I was lost in sin and disgraceJ. R. Baxter (Author)4
When Jesus came down from hisJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When Jesus comes to earth from heavenJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When Jesus was treading the pathway of earthJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
When life here is overJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
When man was lost in sinJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When my Lord shall call meJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When my Savior left His home in heaven to rescue me from sinJ. R. B., Jr. (Author)3
When my soul was lost and inJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When my soul was lost inJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When my strength seemeth almost goneJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When my toiling is doneJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When my work on earth is ended and I'm crossing the foaJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When night shades are fallingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When our labors are o'erJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When our Lord shall call us homeJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When sorrows fall across the pathJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
When the clouds hang low on the path as you goJ. R. B., Jr. (Author)4
When the day is dreary and theJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When the days are drearJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When the final day is breakingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When the foes assail your soulJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When the golden morning shall dawnJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When the Lord the great Director stretchesJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When the Master walked in GalileeJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When the path is dreary men gropingJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When the path seems hard and longJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
When the road is rough and the wayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When the Savior calls on me others to leadJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
When the storms sweep o'er me on the journey hereJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
When the summons I hear from the Savior so dearJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When the veil is liftedJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When the waves of Jordan I seeJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When the way seemeth dim, look in faith unto HimJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When the way seems dim I remember himJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When the world was lost in sadnessJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
When the world was lost in sin and our dear Savior entered inJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
When we all have reached the portals of the New JerusalemJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
When we all reach the city of the New JerusalemJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When we come to cross the tideJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
When we reach that home and lay our burdens downJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)9
When we think we've done our best, stood the hardest testJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
When we tread the streets of glory J. R. Baxter (Author)2
When your heart is bleedingJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
While a pilgrim in a landJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
While I am here in a land besetJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
While I travel life's roadJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
While Jesus is tenderly pleading, Throw open the doorJ. R. Baxter (Author)4
While my Lord is passing byJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
While traveling o'er life's rugged wayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
While traveling on the road ofJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
While walking down life's rugged roadJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Whosoever will we hear the Master sayJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Why did my Savior leave His throneJ. R. Baxter, Jr. (Author)2
Wonderful the story, Jesus cameJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Work for Christ the LordJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
You are drifting on life's oceanJ. R. Baxter (Author)3
You are drifting with the tide, onward down the stream you glideJ. R. B., Jr. (Author)2
You can have a friend when the pathway is longJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
You have tried the path of worldly pleasureJ. R. Baxter (Author)10
You will cry for the rocks to fallJ. R. Baxter (Author)2
Zion's call sweetly rings overJ. R. Baxter (Author)3