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Louis F. Benson

Louis F. Benson
Short Name: Louis F. Benson
Full Name: Benson, Louis F. (Louis FitzGerald), 1855-1930
Birth Year: 1855
Death Year: 1930

Benson, Louis FitzGerald, D.D., was born at Philadelphia, Penn., July 22, 1855, and educated at the University of Penn. He was admitted to the Bar in 1877, and practised until 1884. After a course of theological studies he was ordained by the Presbytery of Philadelphia North, in 1888. His pastorate of the Church of the Redeemer, Germantown, Phila., extended from his ordination in 1888 to 1894, when he resigned and devoted himself to literary and Church work at Philadelphia. He edited the series of Hymnals authorised for use by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., as follows:—
(1) The Hymnal, Phila., 1895; (2) The Chapel Hymnal, 1898; and (3) The School Hymnal, 1899.
Dr. Benson's hymnological writings are somewhat extensive. They include:—
(1) Hymns and Verses (original and translations), 1897; (2) The Best Church Hymns, 1898; (3) The Best Hymns, 1898; (4) Studies of Familiar Hymns, 1903, &c.
Of his original hymns the following have come into American common use:—
I. In The Hymnal, 1895:—
1. O Christ, Who didst our tasks fulfil. For Schools and Colleges. Written in 1894.
2. O risen Christ, Who from Thy throne. For Installation of a Pastor. Written in 1894.
II. In The School Hymnal, 1899:—
3. A glory lit the wintry sky. Loneliness of Jesus. Written in 1897.
4. Happy town of Salem. Heaven.
5. Now the wintry days are o'er. Easter.
6. O sing a song of Bethlehem. Early Life of Jesus.
7. Open the door to the Saviour. Invitation.
8. Out of the skies, like angel eyes. Lullaby.
9. Who will teach me how to pray? Prayer. In Carey Bonner's Sunday School Hymnary, 1905:—
10. The sun is on the land and sea. Morning.
11. Our wilful hearts have gone astray. Penitence.
12. When I awake from slumber. Morning.
Of the above, Nos. 1-4, 10-12 are from Hymns and Verses, 1897. In the above collection by C. Bonner, Nos. 1, 4, and 6 are also found. Of Dr. Benson's translations from the Latin one only is in common use. See "Plaudite coeli, Rideat aether."
As a hymn writer Dr. Benson is not widely known, mainly through the recent publication of his verse. His hymns deserve attention, and will, no doubt, gain the public ear in due time; whilst his hymnological researches and publications are thorough and praiseworthy.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

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Texts by Louis F. Benson (46)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A glory lit the wintry skyRev. Louis Benson (Author)2
A King might miss the guiding starLouis F. Benson (Author)8
Ate, maka kiŋ towaṡteLouis F. Benson (Author)Dakota1
Brightly shine, ye heavensLouis FitzGerald Benson (Author)2
By roads that wound uphill and downLouis FitzGerald Benson (Author)English5
Cerca de la cruz llorandoL. F. Benson, 1855-1930 (Compilado por)Spanish2
Father, once more within thy houseLouis FitzGerald Benson (Author)2
For the bread which you have brokenLouis FitzGerald Benson (Author)English37
Forward, singing Glory to our Lord the KingLouis FitzGerald Benson (Author)5
From hands that would our land deflowerLouis F. Benson (Author)English4
Happy town of SalemRev. Louis F. Benson (Author)English8
Ho, kantu nun pri Betleĥem'Louis F. Benson (Author)Esperanto3
Holy Spirit, come, confirm usLouis F. Benson (Author (C))English1
How patiently they trodLouis FitzGerald Benson (Author)2
I name thy hallowed nameLouis FitzGerald Benson (Author)8
Let freemen's hearts grow bolderLouis FitzGerald Benson (Author)4
Mī-pau Chú Lí ūí goán lâi peh (For the bread which you have broken)Louis F. Benson (Author)English, Taiwanese2
Near the cross her vigil keepingLouis Fitzgerald Benson, 1855- (Adapter)English4
Near the cross her vigil keeping Stood the mother, worn with weepingLouis FitzGerald Benson (Author)5
Now the winter days are o'erRev. Louis F. Benson (Author)3
O Christ, who didst our tasks fulfilRev. Louis F. Benson (Author)English12
O holy one our prayers are doneLouis FitzGerald Benson (Author)2
O Love that lights the eastern skyLouis FitzGerald Benson (Author)4
O Master Teacher, teach us nowLouis Fitzgerald Benson (1855-1930) (Author (stanza 5))English1
O risen Christ, who from Thy throneLouis F. Benson (Author)English8
O sing a song of Bethlehem Of shepherds watching thereLouis Fitzgerald Benson, 1855-1930 (Author)English56
O splendor of God's glory bright, From light eternal bringing lightLouis F. Benson, 1855-1930 (Translator)English20
O thou who didst life's tasks fulfilLouis F. Benson (Author)4
O Thou whose feet have climbed life's hillRev. Louis F. Benson (Author)English41
O thou whose gracious presence blessedLouis FitzGerald Benson (Author)16
Open the door to the SaviorLouis FitzGerald Benson (Author)4
Our praises, Lord, Thou dost not needLouis FitzGerald Benson (Translator)English2
Our wilful hearts have gone astrayLouis FitzGerald Benson (Author)4
Out of the skies, like angel eyesLouis FitzGerald Benson (Author)2
Patient shepherds keeping watches of the nightLouis FitzGerald Benson (Author)2
Safely through another weekLouis FitzGerald Benson, 1855-1930 (Adapter)English3
Something every heart is lovingLouis F. Benson (Translator)English2
Still by constant love surroundedLouis FitzGerald Benson (Author)3
The lamps of heaven are burning stillLouis FitzGerald Benson (Author)3
The light of God is falling upon life's common wayLouis FitzGerald Benson (Author)39
The sun is on the land and seaLouis FitzGerald Benson (Author)English18
The sun is on the sea and shoreLouis F. Benson (Author)2
The winter night was dark and stillLouis FitzGerald Benson (Author)6
Un canto de Belén cantad, De pastores fieles tambiénLouis F. Benson (Author)Spanish2
When I awake from slumberLouis F. Benson (Author)3
Who will teach me how to prayRev. Louis F. Benson (Author)2

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