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Jacques Berthier
Short Name: Jacques Berthier
Full Name: Berthier, Jacques, 1923-1994
Birth Year: 1923
Death Year: 1994

Jacques Berthier (27 June 1923 – 27 June 1994) was a French composer of liturgical music, best known for writing much of the music used at Taizé.

Hymnals by Jacques Berthier (4)sort descendingAsPublication Year
Cantos de TaizéJacques Berthier (Author)1986
Music from Taizé: Vol. IJacques Berthier (Author)1978
Music from Taizé: Vol. IIJacques Berthier (Author)1982
Songs & Prayers from TaizéJacques Berthier (Author)1991

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