G. M. Bills

Short Name: G. M. Bills
Full Name: Bills, G. M.
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Texts by G. M. Bills (32)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All the paths I lately trodG. M. Bills (Author)English2
As swift and silent the moments glideG. M. Bills (Author)English2
At the mercy seat I lingerG. M. Bills (Author)English3
Cast your burdens all on JesusG. M. Bills (Author)English2
Clinging to Jesus alone is sweetG. M. Bills (Author)English2
Confess the Christ, believing oneG. M. Bills (Author)English5
Cual nocturno y dulce sonG. M. Bills (Author)Spanish2
Do you seek for a friend who is always the sameG. M. Bills, 20th Century (Author)English3
Erlöste Seel' bekenn' den HerrnG. M. Bills (Author)German1
Hin nach Zions Toren die Erlösten wallenG. M. Bills (Author)German1
I cannot forget the hour when the Lord of life and powerG. M. Bills (Author)English3
I will evermore repeat the wondrous storyG. M. Bills (Author)English3
Jesus satisfies my soul, for I am savedG. M. Bills (Author)English3
Keep in line with Jesus, if you love the SaviorG. M. Bills (Author)English2
Like a chime of silver bells In the darkness ringingG. M. Bills (Author)English23
Listen to the wondrous story, of a better world aboveG. M. Bills (Author)English2
Marching forth to meet the BridegroomG. M. Bills (Author)English2
Safe in the life boat I joyfully rideG. M. Bills (Author)English2
Some mortals may wonder how heaven can bendG. M. Bills (Author)English2
The hour is fast approachingG. M. Bills (Author)English2
Those who remember the infinite nameG. M. Bills (Author)English2
To the haven of our dreamsG. M. Bills (Author)English2
To thy royal gates the ransomed are returningG. M. Bills (Author)English2
Trauend dir, dem Heiland, der mich hat befreitG. M. Bills (Author)German1
Trusting in the Savior who has ransomed meG. M. Bills (Author)English9
Vägen, som jag vandrat harG. M. Bills (Author)Swedish3
Wenn der Heiland einst die Seinen ruftG. M. Bills (Author)German1
When I read the wondrous story of redeeming graceG. M. Bills (Author)English2
When the bridegroom calleth from the skiesG. M. Bills (Author)English4
When the seeds that I have scatteredG. M. Bills (Author)English2
Who is this who for our sorrowsG. M. Bills (Author)English4
Would you shine for JesusG. M. Bills (Author)English7
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