Francis Bottome

Francis Bottome
Short Name: Francis Bottome
Full Name: Bottome, Francis, 1823-1894
Birth Year: 1823
Death Year: 1894

Bottome, F., S.T.D., was born in Derbyshire, England, May 26, 1823. In 1850, having removed to America, he entered the ministry of the Methodist Episcopalian Church; and in 1872 he received the degree of S.T.D. from Dickinson's College, Carlisle, Penn. In addition to assisting in the compilation of B. P. Smith's Gospel Hymns, London, 1872: Centenary Singer, 1869; Hound Lake, 1872, he has written:—
1. Come, Holy Ghost, all sacred fire. Invocation of the Holy Spirit. Appeared in R. P. Smith's Gospel Hymns, 1872. It is in several collections, including the Ohio Hymn Book of the Evangelical Association, 1881, No. 364.
2. Full salvation, full salvation. Joy of full Salvation. Written in 1871, and published in a collection by Dr. Cullis of Boston, 1873. Also in the Ohio Hymn Book, 1881, No. 384.
3. Love of Jesus, all divine. Love of Jesus. Written in 1872, and published in his Hound Lake, 1872. It is in several collections.
4. O bliss of the purified, bliss of the free. Sanctification. Written in 1869, and published in the Revivalist, and numerous hymn-books in America, including the Ohio Hymn Book as above, 1881, No. 477, &c.
His hymns, "Sweet rest in Jesus"; and "Oneness in Jesus," are also found in several collections for evangelistic services.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Francis Bottome (66)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
إمتحني يا إلهيFrancis Bottome (Author)Arabic1
All glory be to God aboveFrancis Bottome (Author)2
Arise, my soul, and sing To God, thy Savior KingFrancis Bottome (Author)3
Behold the lilies, how they growFrancis Bottome (Author)2
Beneath the glorious throne aboveFrancis Bottome (Author)8
Blessed Jesus, let thy presenceFrancis Bottome (Author)3
Christ is come, come to earth!Francis Bottome (Author)English2
Come enter, Lord, and take Thy restRev. F. Bottome (Author)English2
Come Holy Ghost, all sacred fireF. Bottome (Author)10
Come, let us to the feastFrancis Bottome (Author)2
Doquier el hombre estéFrank Bottome (Author)Spanish4
Erhebt den Jubelschor, laßt schallen ihn emporRev. F. Bottome (Author)German2
Full salvation, full salvation, lo, the fountain opened wideFrancis Bottome (Author)English19
Gentle Jesus, meek and lowly, Once a childFrancis Bottome (Author)2
Hail the blessed Easter morningFrancis Bottome, D. D. (Author)3
Hallelujah, hark the chorusFrancis Bottome (Author)2
Hallelujah, lo, the riverFrancis Bottome (Author)2
Hark, what mellow notes on highFrancis Bottome (Author)3
Holy dove, thy wings expandingFrancis Bottome (Author)3
Hopi ye, mitakuyeFrancis Bottome (Author)Dakota1
I am waiting for the SaviorRev. F. Bottome, D.D. (Author)1
I know, O Lord, thou dwellest notFrancis Bottome (Author)2
In the love that knows no waningFrancis Bottome (Author)5
Ke mele e mele ai no Iesu eRev. Frank Bottoms (Author)Hawaiian3
La nueva proclamad doquier que el hombre estéFrancis Bottome (Author)Spanish4
Let us sing of his love once againFrancis Bottome (Author)English12
Let us sing of the Lamb that was slainRev. F. Bottome (Author)3
Love of Jesus, all divineF. Bottome (Author)English23
O bliss of the pure onesF. Bottome (Arranger)1
O, bliss of the purified! bliss of the free!Francis Bottome (Author)English108
O djup of barmh'rtighetFrancis Bottome (Author)2
O Friede der Heiligen, himmlische Ruh'F. Bottome (Author)German2
O Glück der Erlösten! von Sünde ganz reinFrancis Bottome (Author)German3
O joy of the justified, joy of the freeF. Bottome (Author)3
O naade for hver, som blev renset og friFrancis Bottome (Author)2
O see the poor drunkard, so lost to all shameRev. F. Bottome, D. D. (Author)1
O sel'ge Erlösung! O heiliges Blut!Francis Bottome (Author)German1
O spread the tidings 'round, wherever man is foundFrancis Bottome (Author)English201
O, spred den nyhed omF. Bottome (Author)Norwegian2
O the voice of tender mercyFrancis Bottome (Author)5
O thou exalted Son of God High seated on Thy Father's throneDr. F. Bottome (Author)5
Precious Jesus, O to love TheeFrancis Bottome (Author)English8
O ye that are weary and laden of soulFrancis Bottome (Author)7
O love of God, thou ocean vastRev. F. Bottome, D.D. (Author)3
Our father's God to theeFrancis Bottome (Author)1
Praise ye the Lord, O sing aloudRev. F. Bottome, D.D. (Author)3
Precious Jesus, how I love theeFrancis Bottome (Author)4
Savior, now in highest gloryFrancis Bottome (Author)2
Search me, O God, my actions tryF. Bottome (Author)10
See, Lord, before thine altar bowedFrancis Bottome (Author)English4
Sing of his mighty loveFrancis Bottome (Author)English2
Speed thy coming, King of gloryFrancis Bottome (Author)2
Sufferer tossed in mental anguishRev. F. Bottome, D.D. (Author)2
The banner cross is waving highRev. F. Bottome (Author)5
The conflict is over, the tempest is pastRev. F. Bottome, D.D. (Author)English12
The Holy Ghost is comeRev. Dr. F. Bottome (Author)English5
The home is sad that once was gayRev. F. Bottome, D.D. (Author)1
The young, the loved, the beautifulFrancis Bottome (Author)6
Throw your banner "In His name"Francis Bottome (Author)English2
We are passing away, we are passing awayRev. F. Bottome (Author)5
We come with songs to hail the mornFrancis Bottome (Author)2
We gather, we gather, ourFrancis Bottome (Author)2
Welch Glück ist's, erlöst zu sein, Herr, durch dein BlutFrancis Bottome, 1823-1894 (Author)German2
Welcome, welcome, O RedeemerFrancis Bottome (Author)English2
Will it come, the day of GodFrancis Bottome (Author)English2
應當傳此喜信 (Yīngdāng chuán cǐ xǐxìn)Francis Bottome (Author)Chinese2

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