Anne Bronte

Anne Bronte
Short Name: Anne Bronte
Full Name: Bronte, Anne, 1819-1849
Birth Year: 1819
Death Year: 1849

Brönté, Anne, sister of Charlotte, and daughter of the Rev. Patrick Bronte, B.A., Vicar of Haworth, Yorkshire, born at Thornton, near Bradford, 1819; died May 28, 1849. Anne Brönté was joint author with her sisters of a small volume of Poems, 1846, and personally of Agnes Grey, 1847; and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, 1847, her nom de plume being Acton Bell. In 1851 a new edition of Wuthering Heights, by Ellis [Emily] Bell; and Agnes Grey, by Acton [Anne] Bell, was edited, with biographical notes, and selections from their papers by their sister, Charlotte Brönté. These selections consisted of poems and hymns by the two sisters. From those of Anne the following have come into common use:—
1. I hoped that with the brave and strong. Time of Sorrow. A hymn of much plaintive beauty, wrung from the writer by disappointment and affliction. It is in several collections, as Horder's Congregational Hymns, 1884, &c.
2. My God, 0 let me call Thee mine. Lent, Also very plaintive, but not so extensively in use. It is No. 291 in the Baptist Hymnal, 1879.
3. Oppressed with sin and woe. Confidence. The most popular, although not the best of her hymns. It is in many collections, both in Great Britain and America.
4. Spirit of truth, be Thou my Guide. Spirit of Truth. In a few hymnals, including Dr. Martineau's Hymns of Praise & Prayer , 1873.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Anne Bronte (8)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Believe not those who sayAnne Brontë, 1820-49 (Author)English65
Eternal Power, of earth and airAnne Brontë (Author)English2
I hoped that with the brave and strongAnne Bronte (Author)English4
Music I love--but ne'er a strainAnne Brontë (Author)English2
My God, O let me call Thee mineAnne Bronte (Author)English3
Oppressed with sin and woeAnne Bronte (Author)English9
Spirit of truth, be Thou my guideAnne Bronte, 1820-49 (Author)English5
While faith is with me I am blestAnne Bronte (Author)English3
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