H. T. Burleigh

H. T. Burleigh
Harry T. Burleigh
Short Name: H. T. Burleigh
Full Name: Burleigh, H. T. (Harry Thacker), 1866-1949
Birth Year: 1866
Death Year: 1949

Wikipedia Biography

Henry Thacker "Harry" Burleigh (December 2, 1866 – September 12, 1949), a baritone, was an African-American classical composer, arranger, and professional singer. He was the first black composer to be instrumental in the development of a characteristically American music and he helped to make black music available to classically trained artists both by introducing them to the music and by arranging the music in a more classical form.

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ALSTONHenry Thacker Burleigh, 1866- (Composer)2
MCKEEHarry T. Burleigh (Arranged)70

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