Nathaniel Carlson

Short Name: Nathaniel Carlson
Full Name: Carlson, Nathaniel, 1879-1957
Birth Year: 1879
Death Year: 1957

Born: Ap­ril 17, 1879, Go­then­burg, Swe­den.
Died: Au­gust 2, 1957, Min­ne­a­po­lis, Min­ne­so­ta.

Carlson was ed­u­cat­ed at the Free Church Bi­ble School, Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois, and North­west Bi­ble Coll­ege, Storm Lake, Io­wa. He served as a pas­tor in the Evan­gel­ic­al Free Church, and ed­it­ed the Chi­ca­go­blad­et. The au­thor of ma­ny orig­in­al hymns and trans­la­tions, his works in­clude:

Songs of Trust and Tri­umph (three edi­tions, 1929-32)

Texts by Nathaniel Carlson (50)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Above the storms and strife of timeNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
Are you discouraged, are you distressedNathaniel Carlson (Author)English1
As we travel onward to our home aboveNathaniel Carlson (Author)3
Behold we go up to JerusalemNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
Bright morning will follow the darkest nightNathaniel Carlson (Author)3
Christ, the Lord is risen, sing for joy my soulNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
Come sing a song of our SaviorNathaniel Carlson (Author)1
Consecrated to thy serviceNathaniel Carlson (Author)3
Down in the vale mid the fragrance of liliesNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
Down in the valley among the sweet grassesNathaniel Carlson (Author)English1
Grande amor, sublime, eternoNathaniel Carlson (Translator (English))Spanish3
Happy in Christ by faith todayNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
Have you wandered away From your mother's GodNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
Here I'm a pilgrim, a guest and a strangerNathaniel Carlson (Author)3
Here in this world there is changeNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
Hilltops may fall and the mountains be shakenNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
Home, home, home, to God's JerusalemNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
I am listening for the trumpet of the morningNathaniel Carlson (Author)3
I am saved, and now my heart is full of gladnessNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
I have found a Friend and GuideNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
I have found the Rose of SharonNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
I wandered far away from God (Carlson)Nathaniel Carlson (Author)2
If, like the dove, on its pinionsNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
Let me sing of the precious blood of JesusNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
Like a sudden flash of lightningNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
Love divine, so great and wondrousNathaniel Carlson (Translator)English37
Maranatha, Maranatha, Let the message goNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
My life to Christ shall be yieldedNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
Name of Jesus, precious everNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
Nearer yet, dear Master, unto theeNathaniel Carlson (Author)1
O happy day when I shall seeNathaniel Carlson (Author)3
O thou mighty Rock of AgesNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
O thou sweet king of harmonyNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
O why should I weep when I haveNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
Please, now pay attentionNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
Praise the Lord with joyful songNathaniel Carlson (Author)1
Praise the Lord with joyfull songNathaniel Carlson (Author)1
Send word to him, whose name is JesusNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
Sing the gospel story of JesusNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
Skies are darkeningNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
Sweet is the promise of the LordNathaniel Carlson (Author)3
Swift as a dream doth the time fleet awayNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
The paradise of Eden passed awayNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
There are riches in heaven, yes, riches untoldNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
Thy worthiness is all our songNathaniel Carlson (Author)English3
Whatever trials may attendNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
When Jesus, weary from the wayNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
With heavenly rejoicing we onward goNathaniel Carlson (Author)3
Would you real JoyNathaniel Carlson (Author)2
You need the blessed SaviorNathaniel Carlson (Author)4
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