Harry D. Clarke

Short Name: Harry D. Clarke
Full Name: Clarke, Harry D.
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At the heart's door the Savior's waitingHarry D. Clarke (Author)4
Awake, O church of Christ, awakeHarry D. Clarke (Author)4
Come into my heart, blessed Jesus, Come into my heart, I prayHarry D. Clarke (Author)30
Come into my heart, Lord JesusH. D. C. (Author)2
He laid down His life for His sheepHarry D. Clarke (Author)3
His glory, His gloryH. D. C. (Author)2
Honor, glory, unto the King of all agesHarry D. Clarke (Author)3
I am saved from sin, I have peace within (Clarke)Harry D. Clarke (Author)2
I will make you fishers of menHarry D. Clarke (Author)22
I'm waiting for the Lord to comeH. D. C. (Author)2
Into my heartHarry D. Clarke (Author)42
Jesus is nearer to me each each dayHarry D. Clarke (Author)2
Jesus, my Redeemer, from thy throne aboveH. D. Clarke (Author)1
Look up ye saints your Lord returnethHarry D. Clarke (Author)3
Looking in the face of Jesus Wondrous beauty there I seeHarry D. Clarke (Author)7
My soul is on the wing to realmsHarry D. Clarke (Author)3
My yoke is easy, my burden is lightHarry D. Clarke (Author)2
O hear what Jesus said to me, They're all taken awayHarry D. Clarke (Author)6
O how I love him, O how I love himHarry D. Clarke (Author)3
Throw open the door of your heart todayH. D. C. (Author)4
Open wide your heart to JesusHarry D. Clarke (Author)2
Praise the Lord, he liftedHarry D. Clarke (Author)2
Shout hallelujah, with the hosts of heavenHarry D. Clarke (Author)2
Sweep over my soulHarry D. Clarke (Author)3
The Savior is calling is calling for youHarry D. Clarke (Author)3
They were in the upper chamberHarry D. Clarke (Author)5
This world for Christ we now must winHarry D. Clarke (Author)2
Through my sin and sorrow, Lord, I can see thy faceHarry D. Clarke (Author)4
To thee, great God, our FatherHarry D. Clarke (Author)2
Whatever the cross may beH. D. C. (Author)3
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