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Harry D. Clarke

Short Name: Harry D. Clarke
Full Name: Clarke, Harry D.
Birth Year: 1888
Death Year: 1957

Orphaned at an early age, Clarke ran away from the orphanage and worked at sea for almost 10 years. He eventually moved to London, then to America. He attended the Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, Illinois, then went into composing, music publishing, and evangelism. He served as song leader for Harry vom Bruch and Billy Sunday, being so impressed by Sunday that he established the Billy Sunday Memorial Chapel in Sioux City, Iowa (where he served as pastor until 1945). Clarke also worked in the evangelism field in Garards Fort, Pennsylvania, and South Milford, Indiana.

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Texts by Harry D. Clarke (56)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
إلى قلبي - إلى قلبيHarry D. Clarke (Author)Arabic1
At the heart's door the Savior's waitingHarry D. Clarke (Author)4
Awake, O church of Christ, awakeHarry D. Clarke (Author)English5
Breathe on me, breathe on me, Holy Spirit, breathe on meHarry D. Clarke (Author)English2
Come into my heart, blessed Jesus, Come into my heart, I prayH. D. C. (Author)English29
Come into my heart, Lord JesusHarry D. Clarke (Author)English2
Dios cuida de tiHarry D. Clarke (Author)Spanish1
El cuida de ti, El cuida de ti, En solo en nombreHarry D. Clarke (Author)Spanish1
Entra Jesús, entra JesúsHarry D. Clarke (b.1888) (Author)Spanish2
God has blotted them out, I'm happy and glad and freeHarry D. Clarke (Author (v2))English1
Have you felt the touch of the nail pierced hand (Clarke)H. D. C. (Author)English2
He careth for you, He careth for you (Clarke)H. D. C. (Author)English3
He hath everlasting lifeHarry D. Clarke (Author)English2
He intercedes for me, He intercedes for meH. D. C. (Author)English2
He laid down His life for His sheepHarry D. Clarke (Author)English3
His glory, His gloryH. D. C. (Author)English3
Honor, glory, unto the King of all agesHarry D. Clarke (Author)3
I am saved from sin, I have peace within, Praise the Lord, He lifted meHarry D. Clarke (Author)English2
I will make you fishers of menH. D. C. (Author)English26
I will meet you at the feet of JesusHarry D. Clarke (Author)English2
I'm on my way home, My heavenly homeHarry D. Clarke (Author)English2
I'm waiting for the Lord to comeHarry D. Clarke (Author)English2
Into my heart, into my heartH. D. C. (Author)English57
Jesus is nearer to me each dayH. D. C. (Author)English2
Jesus is the children's Friend, Jesus is the children's FriendHarry D. Clarke (Author)English2
Jesus is the same, Bless His holy nameHarry D. Clarke (Author)English2
Jesus, Jesus dearer than all, than allHarry D. Clarke (Author)English2
Jesus, my Redeemer, from thy throne aboveH. D. Clarke (Author)1
Jesus satisfies, Jesus satisfies, All my needs He doth supplyH. D. C. (Author)English2
John Three Sixteen, That's the verse for meHarry D. Clarke (Author)English2
來進入我心,親愛耶穌 (Lái jìnrù wǒ xīn, qīn'ài yēsū)Harry D. Clarke (Author)Chinese2
Let go and let God have His wonderful wayH. D. C. (Author)English3
Let the joy flow into your heartHarry D. Clarke (Author)English2
Look up ye saints your Lord returnethHarry D. Clarke (Author)3
Looking in the face of Jesus Wondrous beauty there I seeHarry D. Clarke (Author)7
Pause at His feet for a moment of prayerHarry D. Clarke (Author)English3
My yoke is easy, my burden is lightHarry D. Clarke (Author)2
O hear what Jesus said to me, They're all taken awayHarry D. Clarke (Author)6
O how I love him, O how I love himHarry D. Clarke (Author)3
Throw open the door of your heart todayH. D. C. (Author)5
Open wide your heart to JesusHarry D. Clarke (Author)2
Pescadores de hombres seréisHarry D. Clarke (Author)Spanish2
Pescadores yo os haréHarry D. Clarke (Author)Spanish2
Praise the Lord, he liftedHarry D. Clarke (Author)2
Saved! I'm saved! Glory to GodH. D. C. (Author)English2
Shout hallelujah, with the hosts of heavenHarry D. Clarke (Author)2
Sweep over my soul, Sweep over my soul, Come, gracious SpiritHarry D. Clarke, 1888-1957 (Author)English6
The Savior is calling is calling for youHarry D. Clarke (Author)3
There is One who loved me truly, There is One who loved so wellH. D. C. (Author)English2
They were in the upper chamberHarry D. Clarke (Author)5
This world for Christ we now must winHarry D. Clarke (Author)2
Through my sin and sorrow, Lord, I can see thy faceHarry D. Clarke (Author)4
To thee, great God, our FatherHarry D. Clarke (Author)2
Whatever the cross may beHarry D. Clarke (Author)English3
Whosoever includeth meHarry D. Clarke (Author)English2
Yes, I love Jesus, Yes, I love HimH. D. C. (Author)English2
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