Thomas S. Cobb

Short Name: Thomas S. Cobb
Full Name: Cobb, Thomas S., 1876-1942
Birth Year: 1876
Death Year: 1942

Thomas S. Cobb (1876-1942), a native Texan, was educated in much the same circles as [Austin] Taylor, and received his music diploma from the Western Normal and College of Music in Dallas. He taught singing schools across Texas and the bordering states, and was particularly noted for the "Cobb Quartet" made up of his four daughters. He was recruited to Firm Foundation by Showalter in 1935.(Finley, 122ff.) Cobb edited only four hymnals for Firm Foundation before his death in 1942, but among these was the significant New Wonderful Songs (1933); at 296 hymns it was part of the trend toward more substantial publications.

Prior to his work with Firm Foundation, Cobb edited hymnals for the Quartet Music Company of Fort Worth, Texas. A search of shows that he was involved with at least 7 books for this publisher, going back as far as the 1890s when it was called the "Quartette Company." One of these earlier works From the Cross to the Crown (1921?) was subtitled, "Scriptural Songs," and was co-edited with Elder T. B. Clark and T. B. Mosley, one of the most well-known singing school teachers among the Churches of Christ in the southeastern U.S. Mosley was also known as a staunch doctrinal conservative. This gives some idea of the bona fides Cobb brought with him during the era of the "hymnal controversy" surrounding E. L. Jorgenson's Great Songs of the Church. Jorgenson was firmly in the premillennial camp, and was an editor of Word and Work, the primary voice of this viewpoint within the Churches of Christ. Opponents of premillennialism objected to several hymns in Great Songs that supported this doctrine, or were at least questionable. (Most of these were removed or altered in the better-known "No. 2" edition).

Thomas S. Cobb passed from this life in 1942, shortly after the last of the pre-war Firm Foundation hymnals appeared.

Texts by Thomas S. Cobb (57)sort descendingAsInstances
At the meeting over yonderThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
Be ye strong in the faith, Christian friendsThomas S. Cobb (Author)3
Beautiful heaven, sweet homeThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
Behold the bright and morning starThomas S. Cobb (Author)3
By faith I see in heavenThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
Farther, stronger, in the love of JesusThomas S. Cobb (Author)4
Father, hear my soul's petitionThomas S. Cobb (Author)4
Follow Christ, he's the wayThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
Go out, old ship of Zion, goThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
Go ye Christian workers braveThomas S. Cobb (Author)3
Good deeds are golden treasuresThomas S. Cobb (Author)6
Hear the Savior's pleading callThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
Hear ye the words of Christ Jesus, they sayThomas S. Cobb (Author)3
How sweet 'twill be when we get homeThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
I'd like to live and work for JesusThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
If today should be your last dayThomas S. Cobb (Author)4
If you seek Jesus you must believeThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
I'm a child of God, what a wonderful thingThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
I'm all alone, a sad voice criesThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
I'm not ashamed of the gospelThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
I've a joy I feel and knowThomas S. Cobb (Author)4
Jesus gave his life for me, By his bloodThomas S. Cobb (Author)3
Jesus is more than this world to meThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
Jesus shed his blood for meThomas S. Cobb (Author)1
Lead some soul to Jesus Cobb, T SThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
Many are outside the kingdomThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
Many loved ones have IThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
O I love my dear Savior and trust him each dayThomas S. Cobb (Author)4
O sinner far from Christ and salvationThomas S. Cobb (Author)3
On the Rock of ages, I shall not be movedThomas S. Cobb (Author)3
Once I wandered, lost in darkness and despairThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
Once the sun refused to shine at mid dayThomas S. Cobb (Author)3
Preach the gospel of salvationThomas S. Cobb (Author)3
Someone is calling you from aboveThomas S. Cobb (Author)3
Soon election day will be on handThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
The hands that were nailed to Calvary's treeThomas S. Cobb (Author)3
The Savior is coming from glory land fairThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
There is one who loves me, loves me tenderlyThomas S. Cobb (Author)3
There is work, work, workThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
There's a beautiful home, where no ages are knownThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
There's a day not far awayThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
There's a home and a crown prepared for meThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
There's from sin a sweet releaseThomas S. Cobb (Author)4
'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus (Cobb)Thomas S. Cobb (Author)3
To the fount of life, the ever flowing springThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
We are a band of young ChristiansThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
We are traveling now in the narrow wayThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
We may not have the power nor the eloquence of PaulThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
We read that leprous Naaman's cleansingThomas S. Cobb (Author)3
We will walk in the lightThomas S. Cobb (Author)3
We've enlisted in the army, of the SaviorThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
Who is it speaking to you tonightThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
Who will go and work todayThomas S. Cobb (Author)3
Why did Jehovah send his SonThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
Without hope of God I was down in sinThomas S. Cobb (Author)8
Won't you say goodbye to the old lifeThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
You have heard the blessed gospelThomas S. Cobb (Author)2
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