Alfredo Colom

Short Name: Alfredo Colom
Full Name: Colom, Alfredo, 1904-1971
Birth Year: 1904
Death Year: 1971

Alfredo Colom was a prolific songwriter from Guatemala. He held public office, but ruined his life with alcohol and was considering suicide when an indigenous Guatemalan Christian gave him a New Testament. Eventually he surrendered his life to Christ serving in music and evangelism on the radio and in travels throughout Central and South America.

Footnote from Singing the New Testament, hymn #36

Texts by Alfredo Colom (14)sort descendingAsInstances
A la victoria Jesús nos llamaAlfredo Colom M. (Author)2
Bleeding hands of Jesus, crucified for meAlfredo Colom M. (Author)3
¡Cuán felices fuimosAlfredo Colom M. (Author)2
"De tu cántaro dame, dame tú de beber" (The Samaritan woman drawing water that day)Alfredo Colom (Author)3
Los que con lágrimas sembraronAlfredo Colom M. (Author)2
Los que esperan en JehováAlfredo Colom M. (Author)2
Manos cariñosas, manos de JesúsAlfredo Colom M. Arm. (Author)2
¿Para qué pecar si soy salvo, si ya tengo tanta luz?Alfredo Colom M. (Author)2
Por la mañana dirigimos la alabanza (At early dawn we sing a song of adoration)Alfredo Colom M. (Author)2
Por la mañana yo dirijo mi alabanzaAlfredo Colom M. (Author)3
Proclamad, juventud redimidaAlfredo Colom M. (Author)2
"Venid, amados míos," Jesús les dijoAlfredo Colom M. (Author)2
Weary marching, weary marching up the Calvary roadM. Alfredo Colom (Author)3
Yo no quiero pecarAlfredo Colom M. (Author)2
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