Dan Damon

Dan Damon
Short Name: Dan Damon
Full Name: Damon, Dan, 1955-
Birth Year: 1955

Daniel Charles Damon (b. 1955) is an internationally published writer of hymn texts and tunes and is Associate Editor of Hymnody for Hope Publishing Company, Carol Stream, Illinois. Damon is also a jazz pianist and has played in many hotels and clubs in the San Francisco Bay area. He holds degrees from Greenville College, Greenville, Illinois (BME, 1977) and Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, California (MDiv, 1987). He is an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church in the San Francisco Bay area and a life member of the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada.

Several single-author collections of Damon's hymns have been published: Faith Will Sing (Carol Stream, 1993), The Sound of Welcome (Carol Stream, 1998), To the Thirsty World (Nashville, 2002), Fields of Mercy (Carol Stream, 2007), and Garden of Joy (Carol Stream, 2011). He collaborated with text writer Gracia Grindal in A Treasury of Faith: Lectionary Hymns Series A (Colfax. 2012). Damon's hymns have been included in several major hymnals and supplements. He has also written hymn translations from Vietnamese, Portuguese, and Shona languages, and, with Patrick Matsikenyiri, edited Njalo, A Collection of 16 Hymns in the African Tradition (Nashville, 1996). He has released three recordings of hymns, carols, and traditional songs, and a solo piano recording of jazz standards (available at www.damonstuneshop.com).

Damon has presented his work at national conferences of the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada and the Fellowship of United Methodists in Music and Worship Arts. He is a contributor to the Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology.

In 2016, Damon was made a Fellow of the hymn Society, the highest honor The Hymn Society can confer.

Dan Damon

Texts by Dan Damon (72)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A babe was born, a little oneDan Damon (Author)English2
A blood red rose reminds us stillDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
A rabbi sat against a wallDan Damon (Author)English2
A woman stood accusedDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
All people need a homeDan Damon (Author)English2
An evergreen is like a prayerDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
As at Pentecost you cameDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
As children, we may learn to loveDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
Ashraf, Ashraf, city of sufferingDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
Asking for a cup of waterDan Damon (Author)4
Beside the great cathedralsDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
[Blessed Is the One]Dan Damon (Author)English2
By grace we grasp a thread of hopeDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
Can you see the living ChristDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
[Dear Jesus, as God's Love Expressed]Dan Damon (Author)English2
Deus chama a gente pra'um momento novo (In this new moment we can hear God calling)Dan Damon (Translator (English))English, Portuguese, Spanish2
Elijah bent and touched the earthDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
Eternal Christ, you ruleDan Damon (Author)3
Fair wind and the sky is clearDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
Give thanks for wolf and birdDaniel Charles Damon (Author)2
God, help the weary travelers who follow their starDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
God of every tribe, every languageDan Damon (Author)English2
God shapes and forms us from the dustDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
God, we praise you for the womenDaniel Charles Damon (Author)2
God, when rain uncovers what it cannot wash awayDan Damon (Author)2
God, you are like a place rememberedDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
Guide my canoe, Spirit WindDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
He will never let go my handDaniel Charles Damon (Author (sts. 2-3))English2
Hope of the Earth: your blessings are abusedDan Damon (Author)English2
I have called you by your name, you are mine (Tu sais...je t'ai apppelé par ton nom)Daniel Charles Damon (Author)English, French3
I saw an angel in the roadDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
I will not always walk this earthDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
[If I Take the Wings of the Morning] (Damon)Dan Damon (Author)English2
If we run from youDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
In the stillness of this hourDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
Jesus calls us to follow himDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
Jesus laughed out loud Dan Damon (Author)English2
Jesus, live in usDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
Jesus, Partner, Lover, Friend, fill me with your Spirit's firesDaniel Charles Damon (Author)3
Jesus, we come to the tableDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
Jesus, you fill our hearts with your loveDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
Justice like a river, flowing to the seaDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
Lead us to still watersDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
like a child love would sendDan Damon (Author)English7
Like a flowing streamDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
Living Christ, bring us loveDaniel Charles Damon (Author)2
Love knocks and waits for us to hearDaniel Charles Damon, 1955- (Author)English3
Love us into fullnessDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
Mercy, peace, and love be yoursDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
My child is a flowerDaniel Charles Damon (Author)Chinese, English2
Namuranza, nzamuranza (Glory to God, glory to God, glory to God, There is no one)Dan Damon (Translator)English, Xitswa2
Ngarikudzwe zuva iro anomuka Dan Damon (Translator (English))English, Shona3
Night of peaceDaniel Charles Damon, b. 1955 (Author)English2
Not with Naked EyeDaniel Charles Damon, 1955- (Author)English3
Open hearts and open doorsDan Damon (Author)English2
Out of joy and out of needDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
Planter of gardens, Sender of rainDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
Pray for the wilderness, vanishing fastDan Damon (Author)English3
Prayer is the cry of the heart to a mysteryDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
Remember the Rock that bore youDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
Samuel, Samuel, I am callingDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
Shadow and SubstanceDan Damon (Author)English4
Speak to a tattooed manDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
Strong, Gentle ChildrenDan Damon (Author)English3
The bread and the wine are hereDaniel Charles Damon (Author)2
There's no one in this world like Jesus (Hakuna wakaita sa Jesu)Daniel Charles Damon (Translator)English, Shona3
This is my body Naked before youDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
Together we serve, united by loveDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English4
True faith needs no defenceDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
Welcome, Jesus, you are welcomeDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English2
When listening prophets dare to speakDan Damon (Author)English2
Woman, weeping in the gardenDaniel Charles Damon (Author)English3
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