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Grace Weiser Davis

Grace Weiser Davis
Short Name: Grace Weiser Davis
Full Name: Davis, Grace Weiser

Grace Weiser Davis USA 1860-1933? Born near York, PA, she married judge James Nixon Davis in 1889. They attended the Asbury United Methodist Church in York. She became a Methodist evangelist. In 1900 she moved to Jersey City, NJ. She compiled several works, including: “Gems of gospel songs” (1885), “Favorite gospel songs” (1894) with Elisha A. Hoffman, “Childhood conversions” (1897).

John Perry

Texts by Grace Weiser Davis (90)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
هللويا هللويا فرحا أقولGrace Weiser Davis (Author)Arabic1
After a while the trump will soundGrace Wieser Davis (Author)English4
All hail the power of Jesus, He sets the prisonersGrace Wieser Davis (Author)2
All is not lost, though passed beyond our sightG. W. D. (Author)English3
All the world for Jesus, Be this our earnest aimGrace Weiser Davis (Author)8
As our heavenly Father the sparrow's fall doth knowMrs. Grace Wieser Davis (Author)English9
"As thy day thy strength shall be;" Christ will not be far from theeGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English3
Awake, why art thou sleepingG. W. D. (Author)English2
Be ye steadfast, standing for the right!Grace Weiser Davis (Author)English2
Бүх дэлхий Есүсийнх (Bükh delkhii Yesüsiinkh)Grace Weiser Davis (Author)Mongolian2
Closer, still closer, This shall ever beGrace Wieser Davis (Author)2
Come Spirit with refining fireGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English2
Come to the precious gospel feastGrace Wieser Davis (Author)English4
Darkness now covers the face of the skiesG. W. D. (Alterer)English1
Do you know at this moment your sins are forgiven?G. W. D. (Author)English2
For God so loved the world, the world gone far astrayGrace Wieser Davis (Author)English3
For the steps that never come back I waitG. W. D. (Author)English2
Go and tell Jesus all thy deepest sinGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English3
Go ye into the world, the glad tidings proclaimGrace Weiser David (Author)English3
Good resolves won't save meG. W. D. (Author)English4
Hallelujah! hallelujah! I am glad to tellGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English1
He that winneth souls is wise, Strive one soul to winGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English4
Hide me, O my Savior, hide me From the tempter's darts and wilesGrace Wieser Davis (Author)English4
How dear to my heart are the fond recollections (Davis)Grace Wieser Davis (Author)English3
I am happy every day, I am happy all the wayMrs. Grace Weiser Davis (Author)English11
I am walking close to Jesus, walkingGrace Wieser Davis (Author)2
I asked the trees, with their foliage fairGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English2
I find my frame doth waste awayG. W. D. (Author)English2
I had wandered far in sinful waysGrace Wieser Davis (Author)English3
I heard the voice of Jesus say, "Come unto Me and rest"G. W. D. (Author (Chorus))English1
I sought the Lord, and He heard meGrace Wieser Davis (Author)English3
I wandered in darkness, my heart filled with sinGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English3
I will go to Jesus, for I know he died for meG. W. D. (Alterer)English1
If you're bound by chains of sinG. Davis (Author)2
In that city just in sightGrace Weiser Davis (Author)3
In the day and in the nightG. W. D. (Author)English3
In the shadow of thy wings I'm secureGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English3
"It is finished," so the Savior saidGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English2
I've a message of salvation from Christ the LordGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English3
Jesus came to save from sinG. W. D. (Author)English6
Jesus, Savior, Thou who art mineG. W. D. (Author)English5
Let my first thought be as I wake to prayGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English3
Let not your heart be troubled, neither be afraid (Davis)Grace Weiser Davis (Author)English2
Life's fitful storms God can stillGrace Weiser Davis (Author)2
Many seek for earthly gemsG. W. D. (Author)English3
My heart was full of deep unrestGrace Wieser Davis (Author)English4
My little one, dressed in snowy whiteGrace Wieser Davis (Author)English5
No danger can my soul affrightGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English5
Not my own! redeemed by JesusGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English2
O, a better day is dawningGrace Wieser Davis (Author)English4
O child of God, with Christ joint heirGrace Wieser Davis (Author)English3
O Lord, my heart is filled with sinGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English2
Once I walked in sinful waysGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English3
Pass me not, O tender Savior G. W. D. (Author)English4
Peace, troubled soul, thou need'st not fear, For God will lend an list'ning earG. W. D. (Author)English2
Seit ich Frieden fand in des Heilands WundenMrs. G. W. Davis (Author)German2
Shepherds heard the glad refrainGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English4
Since I lost my sins and I found my SaviorGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English81
Sleep well, beloved, and take thy restGrace Wieser Davis (Author)2
So great salvation from the depths of sinGrace Wieser Davis (Author)English3
Songs of rejoicing, Savior, we bringGrace Wieser Davis (Author)English3
Soul, watch and pray, the Master saidGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English3
Suffer children, said the SaviorGrace Wieser Davis (Author)2
The comforter is comeGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English2
The Lord stands knocking, sayingGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English3
There is a land, not far awayGrace Weiser Davis (Author)3
There shall be showers of blessings, Let them, dear Lord, now descendGrace Wieser Davis (Author)English5
There will be no dark valley when the Savior comesG. W. D. (Author)5
There's a city of light, where there cometh no nightGrace Wieser Davis (Author)2
There's a cross for you, there's a cross for meGrace Wieser Davis (Author)English3
There's a fountain for uncleannessGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English2
There's a hand stretched out in mercyGrace Wieser Davis (Author)English3
Though fiery darts assail, Jesus is near meGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English2
To the sinners' friend and SaviorGrace Weiser Davis (Author)2
'Twas a happy, happy day, When I first began to prayG. W. D. (Author)English3
'Twas a woman filled with sorrow and careGrace Wieser Davis (Author)English3
'Twas for love Jesus came from the skyGrace Weiser Davis (Author)3
Up and down this weary earth I've wanderedGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English4
We are bringing all the tithes to the storehouseGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English3
What shall it profit, how much will I gainG. W. D. (Author)English3
When a sinner how I criedGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English3
When burdened with sin, defiled with its stainGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English2
When Christ was born in Bethlehem, Uncrowned with royal diademGrace Wieser Davis (Author)English4
When did ever words as tenderGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English3
When he took my sins awayMrs. Grace Weiser Davis (Author)2
When Jesus left His home on high, He came to save meG. W. D. (Author)English3
When mingling with the worldly throngGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English3
When we get home how sweet 'twill beGrace Weiser Davis (Author)English4
Whom ye will serve this day, O chooseGrace Wieser Davis (Author)English4
Yes I have had trouble and sorrowGrace Wieser Davis (Author)English3
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