Irene Durfee

Short Name: Irene Durfee
Full Name: Durfee, Irene (See also Bilhorn, P. P.)

Pseudonym. See also : P. P. Bilhorn

Texts by Irene Durfee (33)sort descendingAsInstances
After the conflict all is overIrene Durfee (Author)3
Always remember your mother, my boyIrene Durfee (Author)2
Arise and shine, the light divineIrene Durfee (Author)2
At the sweet hour of prayerIrene Durfee (Author)2
Be brave and dare to stand aloneIrene Durfee (Author)2
By the love that came to be a friendIrene Durfee (Author)2
Do not neglect the dear loved ones at homeIrene Durfee (Author)2
Every day for Jesus I will gladly liveIrene Durfee (Author)2
Faithful remain to your SaviorIrene Durfee (Author)2
For us, in might came forth the mighty OneIrene Durfee (Author)3
From the cross where Jesus sufferedIrene Durfee (Author)2
Have you left the old home and a mother's careIrene Durfee (Author)3
I shall find sweet restIrene Durfee (Author)3
Just a precious promise that my mother loved to readIrene Durfee (Author)2
Marching orders from the greatIrene Durfee (Author)2
Never alone in this earthly wayIrene Durfee (Author)17
No soul is too sinful for Jesus to saveIrene Durfee (Author)2
O height and depth O length and breadthIrene Durfee (Author)3
O love surpassing human loveIrene Durfee (Author)3
O, worker for Jesus, launch out into the deepIrene Durfee (Author)2
On the waving banner of the church of GodIrene Durfee (Author)2
One of the sweet old chaptersIrene Durfee (Author)2
Someone is near to the kingdom todayIrene Durfee (Author)4
Thank God for the book he has givenIrene Durfee (Author)2
The glory of Israel is not the lawIrene Durfee (Author)1
There's a remnant in Isr'l, now, thank GodIrene Durfee (Author)2
To have and to hold for JesusIrene Durfee (Author)2
Triumphant in Jesus, the Crucified OneIrene Durfee (Author)2
We have his word of promise nowIrene Durfee (Author)2
Where Jesus is, there's gloryIrene Durfee (Author)2
Why, O why, need I ever fearIrene Durfee (Author)1
Would you find the highest pleasure on life's roadIrene Durfee (Author)2
You will find him if you trust himIrene Durfee (Author)5
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