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Marion W. Easterling

Marion W. Easterling
Short Name: Marion W. Easterling
Full Name: Easterling, Marion W.
Birth Year: 1910
Death Year: 1989

Born: March 12, 1910, Clanton, Alabama.
Died: December 10, 1989, Birmingham, Alabama.
Buried: Martin Memorial Cemetery, Clanton, Alabama.

Marion W. Easterling, composed over 300 southern gospel songs. He received his music education in various singing schools, being taught by Ocie Lee DeVaughan, Dad Speer and others. In 1938, he was the youngest composer to sign a five year contract with the Stamps-Baxter Publishing Company. He has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for his long career as the programmer for the WKLF Radio stations's gospel program "America's Favorites". The program began in December 1947 and continued for 39 years, during which time, he broadcast over 20,000 shows.

Texts by Marion W. Easterling (62)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Behold a land of joy and blissM. W. E. (Author)English2
Christ the Lord has been a precious friendMarion W. Easterling (Author)2
Come on, ye reapers, to the harvest fieldMarion W. Easterling (Author)2
Earthly life is but a spanMarion W. Easterling (Author)2
Far above the din I'll be listening in some happy morning bright and fairMarion W. Easterling (Author)English2
For many years I've traveled hereMarion W. Easterling (Author)2
Goodbye to pleasures of sin, fair heaven I want to winM. W. E. (Author)English2
Here I stand beside death's chilly waters waiting for my final callM. W. E. (Author (chorus))English5
Here I travel a rough thorny roadM. W. E. (Author)English2
I climbed up the mountain and looked over the Jordan wideMarion W. Easterling (Author)English2
I dare not walk alone the pathMarion W. Easterling (Author)3
I find no joy in living here in this sinful landMarion W. Easterling (Author)English2
I have just a short while, on my pilgrimage hereMarion W. Easterling (Author (Chorus))English2
I may not own a mansionMarion W. Easterling (Author)English4
I was lost in sin, the Savior took me inMarion W. Easterling (Author)English2
I will press along, sing a happy songMarion W. Easterling (Author)2
I will take my flight somedayMarion W. Easterling (Author)English4
If you will live for ChristMarion W. Easterling (Author)2
I'm getting ready to join the happy numberM. W. E. (Author (Chorus))English1
In the Bible we read how they treated my LordMarion W. Easterling (Author)English3
In this vale of trouble and sorrowM. W. E. (Author)English5
I've a home of jeweled splendorM. W. E. (Author (Chorus))English2
I've been listening in on the radioM. W. E. (Author)English3
I've been wadin' through the deepMarion W. Easterling (Author)2
Jesus lifted my soul from the tempter's controlMarion W. Easterling (Author)3
Live the life, live the life, live the lifeMarion W. Easterling (Author)English2
Many lives are lost every night and dayM. W. E. (Author)English2
My boat will sail over the river some dayM. W. E. (Author (Chorus))English2
My heart is sad, my soul is wearyMarion W. Easterling (Author)English5
My heart was made sad, such sorrow I hadM. W. E. (Author)English5
Nobody knows the trouble I see, Nobody knows the trouble I seeM. W. E. (Author)English2
Sometimes I'm up, sometimes I'm down, O yes, Lord!Marion W. Easterling (Author)English1
Often we read in God's holy wordM. W. E. (Author (Chorus))English2
On the cross of Calvary, Jesus died to set me free (Easterling)Marion W. Easterling (Author)English2
Once from my Savior I wanderedMarion W. Easterling (Author)2
Once I was sinking deep in sin, the Savior sweetlyMarion W. Easterling (Author)3
Seems that Christians are somewhat confusedMarion W. Easterling (Author)2
Shining every day, all along the wayMarion W. Easterling (Author)13
Some day my soul shall take its flightM. W. E. (Author)English2
Testify for Jesus, of His love so full and freeM. W. E. (Author)English2
Won't it be a happy morning over the seaM. W. E. (Author)English4
The angels came down and took mother awayMarion W. Easterling (Author)English2
The flowers that flourish and blossomM. W. E. (Author)English3
The pleasures of this worldMarion W. Easterling (Author)2
There is a city grand somewhere on a distant strandM. W. E. (Author)English2
There's a garden up in heavenMarion W. Easterling (Author)English3
There's a picture that I often seeMarion W. Easterling (Author)English2
There's a valley dark and drearMarion W. Easterling (Author)English2
Well, I'm saved and sanctified, And He's keeping me aliveM. W. E. (Author)English3
What a glad thought some wonderful morning, I shall hear Gabriel's trumpet soundMarion W. Easterling (Author)English4
What a glad time waiting over yonder in that bright home beyond the skyMarion W. Easterling (Author)English2
When battles are all over, victory wonM. W. E. (Author)English2
When I reach that happy homeMarion W. Easterling (Author)English2
When I saw that I was lost in darkness I began to prayM. W. E. (Author)English2
When I was wandering in the pathways of sinM. W. E. (Author)English2
When my labor here is done and I see life's evening sunM. W. E. (Author)English3
When the way seems dark and longM. W. E. (Author)English19
When you see the shadows fallingM. W. E. (Author)English2
While traveling over life's rugged way, I want to do my best each dayM. W. E. (Author)English2
With a love sweet and fond, I am looking beyondMarion W. Easterling (Author)2
Wonderful gladness is now filling my soulMarion W. Easterling (Author)2
You may hear some people say they're saved by graceM. W. E. (Author)English2
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