Jacob Ebert

Short Name: Jacob Ebert
Full Name: Ebert, Jacob, 1549-1614
Birth Year: 1549
Death Year: 1614

Ebert, Jacob, was born Jan. 26, 1549, at Sprottau, in Silesia. In the University of Frankfurt a. Oder he was successively Professor of Hebrew, of Ethics, and of Theology, and died there Feb. 5, 1614 (Koch, ii. 270-271; Bode, p. 62). One hymn by him has been translated —

Du Friedefürst, Herr Jesu Christ. [For Peace .] First published. in B. Gesius's Geistliche Deutsche Lieder, Frankfurt a. Oder, 1601, folio 197, in 7 st. of 7 1., entitled "In Time of War, a prayer for peace, D. Jacobus Ebertus," the D denoting that he was also Doctor of Theology. Thence in Wackernagel, v. p. 413, and in the Unverfälschter Liedersegen, 1851, No. 585. Sometimes erroneously ascribed to L. Helmbold. The only translation in common use is :—

Lord Jesu Christ, the Prince of Peace. A good translation, omitting st. iii., as No. 182, by Miss Winkworth in her Chorale Book for England, 1863. Her translations of st. i., ii., iv. form No. 153 in the Ohio Lutheran Hymnal, 1880.

Another translation is: "Lord Jesu, blessed Prince of Peace," by J. C. Jacobi, 1722, p. 121 (1732, p. 186), and thence as No. 311 in pt. i. of the Moravian Hymn Book, 1754. . [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

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