Ernest N. Edwards

Short Name: Ernest N. Edwards
Full Name: Edwards, Ernest N. does not have biographical information about this person.

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As here I struggle alongErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
As here I travel alongErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
As I go day by day over life's rugged wayErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
Bells of heaven will chimeErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
Dear Lord, I'm o'ershadowed by troublesErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
Down here we have home coming days and friendships dear renewErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
Going up the glory roadErnest N. Edwards (Author)3
Hail to the name of the LordErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
Here I struggle on both day and night, in this old worldErnest N. Edwards (Author)3
Here in my secret place, humbly I bowErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
Here we have sorrow, our souls opprest [oppressed]Ernest N. Edwards (Author)2
How we'll sing in heaven when we reach our homeErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
Humble I would beErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
I am going home to be with JesusErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
I am going home to heaven on that morning fairErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
I am going over to that happy landErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
I am going to a city just across the Jordan RiverErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
I am happy, rejoicing on the way to heavenErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
I am so happy here belowErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
I am trusting Jesus while here belowErnest N. Edwards (Author)4
I'm happy now along my wayErnest N. Edwards (Author)3
I'm sailing above this world of care, I'm bound for the glory land so fairErnest N. Edwards (Author)English4
In this world, this world of pain and careErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
Jesus is leading me o'er the tideErnest N. Edwards (Author)3
My mother no longer can see on this earthErnest N. Edwards (Author)3
My soul is rejoicing every dayErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
My soul shall have a mansion fairErnest N. Edwards (Author)3
O my Lord, here I am Lord, as poor, lonesome sinnerErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
On that glad morning afterwhileE. N. E. (Author)English2
Our father has gone from this old world belowErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
Over the sea, a home so fairE. N. E. (Author (Chorus))English1
Some day I'm moving up to heavenErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
Some glad happy morning when this life is endedErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
Somewhere out yonder in spaceErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
Sorrows bend me lowErnest N. Edwards (Author)4
Talking with my Lord each dayErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
The shadows of night are passing awayErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
There's a train for glory landErnest N. Edwards (Author)3
There's gonna' be a happy timeErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
Upon the glory side, heaven aboveErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
Well, I know my Jesus livethErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
Well, now who is the LordErnest N. Edwards (Author)3
What a day that day will beErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
When I am sad and lonelyErnest N. Edwards (Author)English1
When I am troubled in spiritErnest N. Edwards (Author)4
When I get yonder to that home of the soulErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
When Jesus shall come to earth some morningErnest N. Edwards (Author)3
When my cares and troubles bring me grief and woeErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
When my soul at last is carried to the home beyond the skyE. N. E. (Author)3
When riding aloft on the wings of God's loveErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
When we get yonder love will grow fonderErnest N. Edwards (Author)3
When you are troubled, downhearted and blueErnest N. Edwards (Author)2
While riding aloft on the wings of God's loveE. N. E. (Author)2
While traveling through God's wonderful air, in the blue sky up there somewhereErnest N. Edwards (Author)English3
You gotta shout it, brotherErnest N. Edwards (Author)English2
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